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Feb. 25, 2015

Nutrition panel calls for less sugar and eases cholesterol and fat restrictions
The New York Times
A nutrition advisory panel that helps shape the country's official dietary guidelines eased some of its previous restrictions on fat and cholesterol and recommended sharp new limits on the amount of added sugar that Americans should consume.More

NAC and NATO to present 'The How-To-Guide for Compliance With the FDA Menu Labeling Regulations' at CinemaCon
This panel will feature Dr. Claudine Kavanaugh of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and will discuss all aspects of the new regulations while providing real-world and practical solutions so that you may be able to comply effective Dec. 1. The session, moderated by Don Lear of The Hershey Company and Government Relations Committee Chair for NAC, takes place on Wednesday, April 22 from 3:30-4:45 p.m. during CinemaCon in Las Vegas.More

Mickey Warner Award 2015 Nominations Open
The National Association of Concessionaires is now seeking nominations for the 2015 Mickey Warner Award. Submissions are due by March 13, 2015. The Mickey Warner Award is bestowed upon an individual each year by NAC to recognize leadership and significant accomplishments in the non-theatre concession industry. The award honors the late Mickey Warner, the father of the NAC Concession Manager Certification Program and one of the greatest innovators and educators of the concessions industry. The 2015 award will be presented at the NAC Concession & Hospitality EXPO July 23 in Cincinnati. More

Al Lapidus/Variety Boys & Girls Club Scholarship Golf Classic
Make your travel plans to arrive early so you can join us for golf just prior to the start of the CinemaCon Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas. The 31st Annual Al Lapidus/Variety Boys & Girls Club Scholarship Golf Classic will be held on Monday, April 20, at the beautiful Bali Hai Golf Club just minutes from Caesars Palace! Bali Hai, a world-class course right on the strip, will allow for an earlier start time (7:00) and should afford golfer's the opportunity to get back to Caesars hours earlier to resume their activities, including trade show set-up, on the first day of the show. More

Booths on sale for 2015 Concession & Hospitality Expo
Join the top food and beverage leaders at THE International Concessions and Hospitality Marketplace. The Concession & Hospitality Expo will take place on July 21-24 at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati and the adjacent Duke Energy Convention Center. The 2015 Trade Show is at the Duke Energy Center right across the street from the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati and will be held on Wednesday, July 22 (1 – 4 p.m.) and Thursday, July 23 (2 – 4 p.m.) and is open to full and tabletop displays.More

CCM Class coming up April 15-18 in Memphis, Tennessee. Register now!
Education is at the core of NAC's mission, and no program more effectively meets that mission than the Concession Manager Certification Program. For 20 years this program has offered targeted, concessions-specific training that provides the tools and skills needed to manage a concessions program efficiently and profitably.More

Welcome new member
NAC is pleased to welcome new member:

Chris Leitz of Kernel Season's, LLCMore

Hungry customers buy more stuff (not just food)
Every consumer knows not to go to a grocery store when hungry because it invariably ends the same way – leaving the store with way more food than needed – when an empty stomach is in charge of the trip instead of a more rational mind. However, new behavioral science research published recently suggests that actually, it's not just more food that people buy when they are hungry – it's pretty much anything they can get their hands on.More

Campbell Soup outlines aggressive cost cuts, reorganization
The Wall Street Journal
Campbell Soup Co. announced plans to slash costs and retool its operations to make them more nimble, saying it needs to accelerate efforts to respond to changing consumer trends that are stifling the food industry's sales growth. More

4 ways to make content marketing more successful
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Content marketing has been gaining traction for years. It's one of the best and most effective ways to find, connect and convert potential customers. Plus, leads from content marketing are 13 percent cheaper. What is content marketing? It's exactly what it sounds like. Your brand consistently creates relevant content to attract a defined audience in hopes of converting them into customers. Here are four expert tips to see a jump in your traffic, leads and conversions. More

Can chocolate lower high blood pressure?
Daily Mail
A chunk or two of chocolate a day may reduce high blood pressure, according to U.S. researchers. They're testing this in a new trial involving 120 men and women with high blood pressure who are being given 10 grams of extra dark chocolate and a drink containing 2.5 grams of cocoa powder every day for two months. More

Goodbye potato chips, hello jicama chips?
The Washington Post
If you want a sneak peak at what might be the next big thing in food, AccelFoods is a good place to start. The early-stage investors identify and fund start-ups with an eye for the future. AccelFoods looks for growing markets and popular trends among millennials, such as healthy desserts, super foods, unique proteins and ethnic snacks.More

'Snack and beverage co-purchases beat peanut butter and jelly!' Frito-Lay CEO Tom Greco champions PepsiCo's 'Better Together' policy
Frito-Lay CEO Tom Greco insists snacks and beverages occupy common "demand spaces," and PepsiCo's "Better Together" approach gives it the scale to outpace its rivals at retail level.More

Nestle to remove artificial ingredients from candy bars
Chocolate lovers in the U.S. can kiss artificial flavors and colors in Butterfingers, Crunch and Baby Ruth bars goodbye, as Nestle aims to become the first U.S. candy-maker to remove such ingredients from its chocolate products. More