NAC Weekly eNews
Mar. 6, 2013

Hot dogs: Food for Americans influenced by immigrants
The Huffington Post
Dr. Bruce Kraig, a professor of history at Roosevelt University in Chicago and author of not one but two books about hot dogs told Heritage Radio Network about his latest book, Man Bites Dog, an account of hot dog culture in America. It's fair to say that this makes him the foremost authority of hot dog history.More

2014 NAC Convention date change
NAC announced that the 2014 Annual Convention will now be held on July 15-18, 2014, at the Marriot Denver. The original dates were Aug. 5-8. The convention will follow the same format and span the same days of the week. More

NAC shipping program
NAC is pleased and excited to announce a new endorsed member benefit — the NAC Shipping Program. Through NAC's agreement with PartnerShip®, the company that developed and manages the program, NAC members who enroll in this free program save substantial dollars on every shipment — inbound, outbound, small, large and tradeshow. More

Welcome new members!
NAC is pleased to welcome new member:
Lou Petrich of ShowBiz Cinemas

Soda drink ban starts March 12; other cities contemplating bans
Counsel & Heal
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "soda ban" will go into effect on March 12, prohibiting the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. The ban is already inspiring other cities and states to discuss the possibility of further expanding the soda ban.More

Great American Bites: Fried hot dogs sizzle at Connecticut drive-in
USA Today
Connecticut is hot-dog mad and chock full of roadside stands, trailers and even a wiener-serving boat. Ten of these classics were featured in the fun food documentary A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour, which also noted that the Nutmeg State is the epicenter of a unique regional cuisine, the oil-fried hot dog. This preparation style is especially popular in southern Connecticut, with some spillover into New York and New Jersey, where Great American Bites last visited Rutt's Hut, another classic fried-dog dispensary.More

Hershey's provocateur-in-chief pushes the candy company to $10 billion
Michele Buck, SVP and Chief Growth Officer of The Hershey Co., is riding a sugar high. Over the last four years the iconic candy company, known for its Kisses, Reese's and Hershey's chocolate bars, has posted consistent gains in sales and net income. Now she's set the confectioner's sights on an even bigger goal: hitting the $10-billion revenue mark by 2017, a 50 percent increase over the $6.6 billion in revenues it posted last year. More

'Dinner and a Movie' takes off
The Wall Street Journal
There are moments, although fewer than you'd expect, when serving full meals and bar drinks to audiences seated in a movie theater seems like a less-than-spectacular idea. When the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, N.Y., was showing "Zero Dark Thirty," for example, "servers felt odd delivering Tater Tots during the waterboarding scene," says Nitehawk founder Matthew Viragh. More

Eating well should include the right choice of snacks
The Arizona Republic via USA Today
Americans are snacking more frequently than ever. And that can be a good thing for those who are making the correct choices, at least, most of the time. Competitive marketing by companies that sell healthful snacks, coupled with heightened consumer health consciousness, are pushing shoppers in the right direction. More

Flavor fusion fury intensifies
Candy Industry
What once was exotic is now nostalgic. And what's now exotic, well ... it's really exotic. Lemon-lime is just way too boring for candy flavors today. Expect to find blue honeysuckle berry (a cross between a blueberry and blackberry) and pawpaw (a mango and banana cross) flavors before you know it. More

Snack trends 2013: Health and indulgence square off
Food Processing
Snacks have come to occupy a premier place in the American diet that carries nearly as much weight as any of the "three squares" we allegedly structure our diets around. In many instances, "snacks" really should be thought of more as "substitute meals." But there's a schizophrenic effect to snacks — they fall on either side of healthy fill-ins and indulgent munch. More

Soda sellers prep for ban
The Wall Street Journal
Brother Jimmy's BBQ restaurants have ordered 1,000 smaller glasses. Movieworld Cinemas in Little Neck, Queens, is considering a deal for customers buying two sodas. And Midtown restaurant Zengo is proceeding cautiously with plans to offer bottle service at tables. Across New York City, restaurants, bars and movie theaters are bracing for the Bloomberg administration's ban on large sugary drinks, set to take effect on March 12.More