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Sep. 10, 2014

Poolside cabanas, and 6 other things you never imagined at NFL stadiums
To convince football fans to keep paying top dollar for NFL tickets, stadiums are upping their game with amazing new amenities, including poolside cabanas and on-demand cheerleaders.More

NAC value — join or renew today
NAC membership is a value-added experience. Join or renew today and take advantage of all the exciting benefits NAC has to offer. More

Regional Seminar Series
There is an installment of the popular Regional Seminar Series coming up Sept. 24 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The NAC Regional Seminar Series returns with a series of one day educational programs designed for entry level managers, supervisors and those interested in concessions management. A perfect precursor to NAC's Concession Manager Certification Course. More

Members Area now open
The members area on is now open and ready for use. Currently the members area contains an up-to-date searchable NAC Membership Directory and back issues of NAC Weekly News. More features will be added in the future. This area also works great on your smartphone! Follow this link for more details and user instructions, or click on the members area tab on

Welcome new members
NAC is pleased to welcome new members:
Abdul Basit Jenkins of 5 Points Rest & Catering
Craig O'Connor of Golden Link, Inc.
Kavitha Reddy of Athens Movie Palace, sponsored by Tish Hardric, Great Western ProductsMore

Something unique, please... Offering treats the customer can't get at home
Film Journal International
The key to keeping the customer coming to the theatre is the experience. This starts with the movie. The product needs to bring in the audience and that is always abundantly clear. But even the product itself has healthy competition from the many delivery vehicles available to studios today. More

AT&T Stadium goes full flavor with new menu
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Dallas Cowboys fans will get to grub on several new upscale menu items this season. How about a Texas torta topped with a bacon-wrapped fried jalapeño? Maybe a plate of spicy surf-and-turf sushi rolls? Or may we suggest crispy chicken and waffles? They are among six new menu items available at AT&T Stadium this season. More

Hot Tamales candy adds spicy, tropical heat to the mix
Latin Post
Do you have an affection for confection? Apparently Sofia Vergara, the highest paid TV actress for the third consecutive year, pop icons Madonna, Mariah Carey and Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth do. Matthew J. Pye, Vice President, Trade Relations and Corporate Affairs for Just Born Quality Confections, which is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, shared his insights on the brand, its celebrity and box office appeal and how Latin-infused flavors are spilling over into the candy business in an exclusive interview with Latin Post.More

J.M. Smucker expands portfolio, closes Sahale Snacks, Inc.
With a change in consumer preferences, there is a huge demand for innovative snack products with unique flavors. Food manufacturer The J. M. Smucker Company is also keen on expanding its snacks portfolio and has recently completed the acquisition of Seattle-based Sahale Snacks, Inc. for an undisclosed amount from a private investment firm called Palladium Equity Partners, LLC. More

Mars issues chocolate candy bar recall
Mars Chocolate North America has issued a recall of some of its candy bars. The company announced a voluntary recall of its TWIX Brand Unwrapped Bites Stand Up Pouch with the code date 421BA4GA60. Approximately 25 cases of the stand-up pouches with that code may contain product containing peanuts and eggs, which are not listed on the ingredient label.More

Coca-Cola's newest gimmick — and our obsession with personalization
For some, searching for the one keychain at the Niagara Falls tourist shop that spelled out our name correctly — or if not correctly, at least phonetically — never failed to prove daunting. For others — named Heather or Jennifer or Mary — the problem was reversed. Their names were too common; their keychain appeared always to be out-of-stock. Perhaps that may have been the driving force behind 21st century marketing, where customization and personalization are everything. If you don't believe it, look at Coca-Cola's newest marketing gimmick, Share a Coke. More

How cotton candy was popularized by ... a dentist
Priceonomics via Gizmodo
Cotton candy, in all of its colorful, puffy glory, is one of those timeless treats capable of evoking childhood with one disintegrating bite. In fluffy pink bushels, it pervades fairgrounds and festivals. Held high above cheering crowds, it bobbles its way between rows at sporting events. In the presence of snarling circus lions, its airy, delicate fibers are stuffed, soothingly, into the mouths of terrified toddlers.More

Dare Foods rolls out peanut-free kids' snacks
Canadian snack firm Dare Foods has rolled out a series of peanut-free snacks to target the back-to-school season. More

The 'full' keys to leadership
By Betty Boyd
What is a leader's purpose? Does he or she sit in their office and let the team or organization run itself? What must a leader do to be fully engaged in being a leader? It starts with attitude. John Maxwell states, "...the attitude of a leader affects the atmosphere of the office." It is how you handle yourself and a situation.More