NAC Weekly eNews
Nov. 20, 2013

Trans fat ban seen threatening 4 million acres of soy
U.S. farmers may lose as much as 4 million acres of annual soybean production if regulators move too quickly to ban trans fats in processed food, according to the American Soybean Association. The Food and Drug Administration said it's on a "clear track" to banning partially hydrogenated oils, the main vehicle for trans fats, because of links to heart disease. About 8 million acres of soybean-oil demand already has been lost since concerns about trans fat began prompting food processors and restaurants to switch to healthier alternatives, said American Soybean Association President Danny Murphy.More

NAC names Tradex's Schneider as Regional Vice President
The National Association of Concessionaires (NAC) has announced that Linda Schneider, ECM, has joined the Board of Directors as Regional Vice President for Western Canada. Schneider currently serves as Director Food & Beverage for Tradex at the Abbotsford Trade & Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford, BC. More

NAC announces concessions Industry Data Initiative
In response to repeated inquiries for deeper information about the Concessions and Hospitality industry by members, industry, press, regulators and legislators, The National Association of Concessionaires (NAC) has announced the formation of an Industry Data Initiative and has named a steering committee to oversee the ongoing efforts which are expected to begin immediately. More

Special thank you
The NAC Board of Directors & NAC Staff wishes to thank Mr. Ken Whiting of Whiting's Food Concessions for a recent gift to the Educational Fund of the National Association of Concessionaires. The NAC Education Fund helps to offset costs and keep registration fees reasonable for NAC educational offerings, including the Concession Manager Certification courses, Regional Seminar Series, NAConline Training Center, and educational programming at the NAC Annual Convention. More

Welcome new members!
NAC is pleased to welcome new members:
Tim Brantley from Service Systems Associates
Jean Sheerin from Forest Preserve District of Cook County
Joanquin Barry from Forest Preserve District of Cook County
Kevin Baker from Interskate 91
Jason Kilgore from Simply Right, Inc.More

A 'Liquid Sunshine' refresh for Sunkist Soda
Packaging World
CBX, a brand agency based in New York City, recently collaborated with Dr Pepper Snapple Group to refresh the packaging graphics for Sunkist® Soda, the number-one orange soda brand. Introduced in 1978, Sunkist Soda was once known for its California style. More

Using Twitter to reach new customers
By Mayur Kisani
Most businesses think of Twitter as a promotional tool, a way to announce new products or to divert traffic to a website/blog. But it can also be used to reach new customers, and thus generate sales leads. The most important first step is to know what you want your tweets to accomplish. If you know your objective and your target audience, Twitter can be as effective for a small company as a large one.More

Spicy snack foods sending children to the emergency room, experts claim
Fox News
The manufacturers of Flamin' Hot Cheetos may jokingly tout their product as being "dangerously cheesy," but some doctors argue that the slogan may not be an exaggeration. Pediatricians are warning parents of the dangers of extremely spicy snacks – such as Cheetos and other chips – claiming these foods are sending numerous children to the emergency room each year, Medical Daily reported. More

Are you trading efficiency for productivity?
By Michael J. Berens
One of the basic principles of a free-market economy is that markets perform better when unhampered by government regulation or oversight. It turns out the same can be said for employees. A number of workplace research studies have shown that employees perform better, have higher levels of satisfaction, take fewer sick days and are more productive when they have a greater sense of control over their work and their work environment.More

McDonald's to test customized hamburgers
United Press International
U.S. fast food giant McDonald's said it would test customized burgers that include more than 20 toppings and sauces. The company is testing the concept at a renovated restaurant in Laguna Niguel, Calif., and at outlets in Illinois.More

Popcorn makers could face trans fat issue
Gulf Times
Microwave popcorn makers could face a long and difficult task ridding their snacks of trans fats, if a U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposal to ban the additives goes into effect. Just ask Orville Redenbacher. Redenbacher's, a division of ConAgra Foods Inc, spent six years changing its leading line of popcorn, company scientists said after the FDA made its proposal, which the government said would save 7,000 lives a year.More