NACBA Weekly Update
Jan. 23, 2009

Challenges for Churches
from The Wichita Eagle
Many Wichita, Kan., churches are feeling the impact of the economic downturn. They are facing such challenges as a decline in tithing and a rise in the number of people coming to their doors for help. But as in other times of difficulty, church leaders say, they are also seeing some encouraging signs. More

Super Bowl Parties Legal, Says NFL
from OneNewsNow
In 2005, the National Football League (NFL) threatened churches with legal action for holding Super Bowl parties and charging admission. However, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently stated churches can now watch the Super Bowl live as long as they do not charge an attendance fee. More

Eight Questions to Ask before Starting New Ministries
from Church Central
In most cases it takes the starting of new ministries to attract new people and give them an opportunity for the love of Christ to be shown. But what ministry should you start? Here are eight questions to answer. More

Georgia Homeless Ministry Tends Their Feet, Dignity
from The Christian Post
Every Monday afternoon for the last year, the Rev. Bob Book and his wife, Holly, have transformed the Church of the Common Ground into a spa for the homeless. They scrub the feet of the city's forgotten, mirroring the act of Jesus washing his disciples' feet. The service, repeated at clinics and churches elsewhere, isn't simply symbolic — it helps stave off foot infections, which affect the homeless disproportionately and can lead to more serious health problems. More

Youth from Three Denominations Celebrate Unity at Disney
from the Associated Baptist Press
Youth from three Christian denominations spent Martin Luther King Day Weekend exploring commonalities of their respective faiths through worship, education and community-building activities. Nearly 2,500 students in grades 6-12, group leaders and chaperones traveled to Orlando, Fla., for the Jan. 16-19 event sponsored by The Presbyterian Church (USA), The Episcopal Church and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. More

Ministering to Youth
from the Bowling Green Daily News
Thirteen-year-old Seth Davis usually joins his peers on Sunday, but on Wednesday nights at Hillvue Heights Church in Bowling Green, Ky., he’s helping out in Club 56 - the church’s special place for fifth- and sixth-graders. Many churches are now taking a team approach to minister to congregations with focuses on different age groups. More

Churches Must Address Stewardship Problems Head-On
from Church Solutions
One of the main cancers we deal with is stewardship – or the lack thereof. The truth of the matter is that your membership is comprised of scores of people that are not good stewards. They attend your services, use your facilities and count as attendees, but they rarely pull their own weight in terms of dollars contributed. How should Christian leaders respond to stewardship issues? The following approaches are the most prevalent. More

Better Safe than Sued
from Ministry Today
To create a safe youth-ministry environment and lessen your risk for litigation due to injury, consider teaching and modeling these safety principles. They can help you to be prepared for youth ministry situations in the future. Here are 12 principles of safety every youth minister needs to know. More

90-Minutes-a-Day Care
Some hands-on care is essential for every pastor. There is a simple method for ministering personally to seven individuals in your congregation each day in a way that will have a great impact on your congregation. The author calls it "90-minutes-a-day care." More

Baptisms Alter Church's Culture
from the Baptist Press
An initiative to baptize "100 Souls in 100 Days" has spawned an atmosphere of evangelism at Blackshear Place Baptist Church that has become the Atlanta-area congregation's new culture. Lives have been changed, including a couple who had been addicted to methamphetamine and were searching for hope. Stumbling upon the sprawling church in Flowery Branch, Ga., they heard the Gospel message and prayed to receive Christ. More

After Sale, Church is in Transition with Smaller Membership
from The Ledger
Near the end of the last worship service Southside Baptist Church held in its sanctuary on McDonald Street in Lakeland, Fla., a slide show reminded the congregation of some moments from its 87-year history. About 150 people, many of them former members of Southside, gathered for the last time in the white wooden pews on Sunday. Capping years of declining attendance and agonizing reflections on its future, Southside Baptist last week sold its buildings and property. More

Benefits of Focused Online Search Plentiful for Church Business Professionals
from MultiView Inc.
The typical Internet user visits Google, Yahoo or MSN on a daily basis to find virtually anything they need. From research to shopping, these search engines have evolved into an important informational source for the average online consumer. Church business professionals searching for products and services that help them run their businesses are no different. NACBA’s Ultimate Guide to Church Suppliers service is designed to fit the specific buying needs of the church business professionals it serves. More