NACBA Weekly Update
Feb. 20, 2009

Reinventing Fellowship
from Youth Worker
The word fellowship just sounds old. For the "35 and over" crowd—an increasing demographic among youth ministry vets—it conjures up the sights and smells of a potluck dinner. Fortunately, we use better terms now: community, connecting, doing life together. Those are good words; but in its own way, each comes up short in expressing that special word we translate from the Greek New Testament koinonia. Maybe it’s time to revisit an old word. More

Churches Can Help in Tough Times
from the Baptist Press
Current economic conditions and the lack of employment opportunities in our country now have created many needy families. What can churches and friends do for these folks who suddenly find themselves without enough income to pay current bills, let alone maintain their current living standard? More

Video: 10 Tips for Using Facebook in Ministry
from MinistryCom
So you’re interested in using Facebook in ministry, but want the insider tips on how to do it right? Here is a quick MinistryCOM video with the answers. More

The Church in Cyberspace
from Ministry Today
The church's launch into cyberspace hasn't been scrubbed, but it has yet to really get off the ground. While Internet ministry is a far less embattled topic than it used to be, many churches and ministries that would like to begin such an effort find they are warring on many fronts: the lack of financial and human resources, philosophical differences and apathy. More

The Case for Nonprofits
from Your Church
More churches are extending their ministries to new communities and new people by forming separate 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. Schools, daycare centers, youth programs, housing initiatives, and a host of other church-based outreach programs now operate under their own nonprofit status. Some churches use a nonprofit as an umbrella organization for a teaching and equipping ministry or for mission work in other countries. Often, these separate organizations remain connected to their sponsoring church congregation in some way after they are formed. More

Raising Money for Nonprofits in Terrible Times
from Forbes
Nonprofits are in trouble just like profit-making businesses. According to the Bridgespan Group, a consulting firm, 75 percent of them have been hurt by the economic downturn. Most are battling not only declining revenue but also rising demand for their services. As a result, their fundraisers are having to come up with novel ways of bringing in cash. More

FCC to Churches: Don't Throw Out Your Wireless Mics – Yet
from the Associated Baptist Press
With the shift of the nation's broadcast communications from analog to digital, early indications were that wireless microphones might become outdated or even illegal. A Federal Communications Commission official said Feb. 17 that rules were still being written to address those issues, even though Feb. 17 was the original day the switch was to be made. Rules governing the digital channels that microphones would use will be finalized "soon," which he defined as "in the coming days and weeks." More

Encouraging Churches to Embrace Missional Movement
from the Western Recorder
The cultural climate for ministry has changed, and churches must change how they interact with their communities. More

Texas Church Drops Electricity for Month
from the Abilene Reporter News
Fortunately, the weather on the second Sunday of February was mild, so Jerry Hendrix, the pastor of Crosspoint Fellowship in Abilene, Texas, was comfortable in his khakis and blue polo -- even if the electricity wasn't on in the small church on Chimney Rock. However, it was overcast, which made it difficult for Hendrix to see his congregation. Hendrix wasn't complaining, though. It was all his idea. More

Co-Ed Staff Dynamics
from the Leadership Journal
The foundational premise in Mixed Ministry is that men and women should view each other as brothers and sisters in a spiritual family, and that this mindset will transform how the genders interact with each other in ministry settings. Yet many church leaders are afraid of mixed ministry. More

Copying the Bible by Hand, One Person per Verse
from the Chicago Tribune
Reading the Bible aloud start to finish takes about 77 hours. Writing by hand the entire holy book? Try six months. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the New International Version of the Bible, the publishing house Zondervan is inviting people across the U.S. to copy a verse in their own hand. The six-month Bible Across America tour is visiting 90 cities and will include contributions from all 50 states. When the tour ends next month in Dallas, more than 31,000 people will have written a verse. More