NACBA Weekly Update
Mar. 29, 2013

3 months into the New Year — How is your giving?
Worship Facilities
Time flies whether you are having fun or not. This year is now three months in. The question this post is entitled with is an apt one. How is your church's giving with three months down and nine to go? If you don't know, please stop reading this, find out and then come back. Knowing your trends allows you to make wise plans. A good stewardship plan will keep you in the black and fully fund all your missions and ministry for the year. It will also mean you get paid.More

Volunteers and the head/heart connection
By Deborah Wipf
Think of your top volunteers — those people who are committed, consistent and always willing to serve. What attracted them to serve at your church? Was it your sign-up sheet? Nah. Maybe it was your training process. Hmmm ... that doesn't seem right either. Even without knowing anything about your church, it’s a safe guess that your top volunteers started serving because they connected with another volunteer or with a particular program.More

How to know and avoid 10 retirement mistakes
By Joseph Singleton
We have heard for several years now about the enormous number of the baby boomer population in America who are turning 65 over the next 20 years. According to the AARP, that number is 8,000 every day.More

Leadership lessons from Lamentations?
By Debbie Stuart
Recently the Lord unexpectedly led me to a new leadership assignment. I had served on a church staff as the director of women's ministry for almost 20 years, and loved almost every minute of it.More

Senate Democrats call for limits on charitable deductions
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The federal budget plan released by Senate Democrats calls for new limits on how much wealthy taxpayers can lower their tax bills through itemized deductions, including those taken for charitable donations.More

You know what you need — Here's the place to find it
You know you need a break from the routine. You know you need to be refreshed. You know you need to learn more about the Affordable Care Act. You know you need to be a life-long learner. You know you need the friendship of fellow church administrative leaders facing the same issues as you. Since you know all of these things, now what? Come to Charlotte in July.

The NACBA National Conference is the event to provide you with all of the things you need to continue to do your ministry as a church administrative leader in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Take a look at the conference brochure to find out just exactly what you'll experience during our conference. Online registration is open.More

TeleWeb: Quality training
What is quality? A degree of excellence. Pride in your ministry. Satisfaction of working toward and achieving a goal. Are you being efficient and effective in the way you are doing things? Patricia Lotich will train you to improve the quality of your church at this April 4 TeleWeb.More

3 ways to communicate differently on Easter
This Sunday, we get the opportunity as a whole team to communicate differently on Easter. Easter is not a typical Sunday for more than just the message that you will be giving. For many families, Easter and Christmas time are the two Sundays of the year when they find themselves needing to be in your church building. So whether it is because of tradition, conviction or something more, you will have a different audience in your Easter service. So how are you going to reach this new audience? More

10 ways to make a big impact on a small budget
Outreach Magazine
Do big events have to mean big budgets? We talked to almost 30 church leaders who answered an emphatic "no." The same leaders affirmed that their events didn't break the bank and served as entry points to let unchurched men, women and children in their communities know about their weekly worship services and, in some cases, initiate a personal relationship with Jesus. How have these churches managed the monetary, yet brought in the masses? The solutions are numerous.More

What's next: It's the economy — or is it?
Managing Your Church
The recession has left its mark everywhere — on our friends, our families, our cities, our churches. We've heard the reports of foreclosure, layoffs and other cutbacks. In fact, the global financial crisis presents a ready scapegoat for failures of every kind. If a market segment struggles, blame the economy; if a church stumbles, same explanation. The truth is often a bit more complex. Looking a bit deeper into a specific situation, we might find church division, moral failure or simply bad leadership decisions as the root issue.More

2 huge reasons staff are thrown off or under the bus
Church Central
We all want to believe that we can stay in our jobs as long as we choose. It doesn't always work that way and the number of "necessary exits" for church program staff members is probably somewhere between 30 percent and 40 percent. Really? There are obvious causes in most instances — ineptness, moral failing, malfeasance, age — and the list, as they say, goes on and on. What about circumstances where none of those things have motivated the ouster?More

Montana church to celebrate Easter in resurrected church
Billings Gazette
It's appropriate that Billings Praise Center will hold its first official services in five years on Easter Sunday. "We've literally had to rebuild it spiritually and physically," said the Rev. David Morales, senior pastor of the Montana church. When Morales and his wife, Theresa, came to the church five years ago, a faulty roof had let water leak into the sanctuary, and the entire building was in disarray. The congregation had dwindled. So Morales closed the doors to the Assemblies of God church, with the idea that it would be rebuilt over time. With the help of outside partnerships and money, the church has been restored, community outreach ministries are in place and the church is officially ready to reopen its doors.More

Survey: 1 in 5 Americans undecided about Easter church attendance
LifeWay Research
Attending church on Easter Sunday is not a cut-and-dry decision for everyone — even for self-identified Christians. While similar numbers of Americans plan on attending (41 percent) as are not planning to attend (39 percent) an Easter worship service, 20 percent say they are undecided. This large group without Easter worship plans was identified in a survey conducted just two weeks before Easter. More

First ladies of the church see changing roles
The Daily Beast
For years, the wives of male senior pastors of America's churches — or "first ladies" in the parlance of many churches — found themselves in a very specific place on Sunday mornings, dressed in their worshipful best: the third pew on the left. But in large congregations and smaller churches across the country, the times are changing. The third-pew-ensconced pastor's wife has given way to a dynamic type of woman who juggles her own ministries, supports her husband, builds a church and manages a family, all at the same time. More

Keys to hiring contractors
Church Executive
When doing a project on your church property, hiring the right contractor is an important step to getting the job done well. Choosing a church volunteer to do the work may seem like the fiscally responsible thing to do, but one bad slip or poorly performed job could mean a major heartache for your church. Hiring a trained professional may cost more upfront, but it will definitely provide you peace of mind and help ensure your job is finished correctly. The key with an outside contractor is finding one that is trained, licensed and has good references.More

Digital philanthropy: What's new in nonprofit fundraising?
Online philanthropy is on the rise. Street canvassing and big galas, while still helpful to garner support for good causes, are no longer the fundraising methods on which nonprofits should focus. It's the Web — where anyone, anywhere, can donate with the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone screen — that really increases support on a grassroots level.More

Is search engine optimization an investment or an expense?
Christian Web Trends
VideoBrief Search engine optimization, or SEO, sounds like a good idea. After all, who wouldn’t want tons of visitors coming day and night to their site looking for exactly what they’re offering. But, of course, SEO isn’t free. Whether you hire someone or do it yourself there are costs involved, both money and time.More

Electronic giving: A matter of vision, not just convenience
Lewis Center for Church Leadership
In 2011, Pleasant Hope Baptist Church was experiencing a financial crunch. In addition to the turbulence associated with the national economic recession, the church’s discomfort was compounded by the fact that within a 13-month period, seven senior, stalwart members of the congregation died. Their giving represented 7.5 percent of the annual budget. Pleasant Hope continued to operate ministry at the same level as before their deaths, but eventually realized they could not. It became increasingly clear that something had to be done.More

Simple tweaks to improve your sound system
Center for Church Communication
Every church has a sound system, right? Even if you are a church plant, one of the first things you bought was probably a sound system. Though just because we have a sound system doesn't mean we know how to best utilize it, so let's look at some simple fixes to make our sound system really rock.More

How to know and avoid 10 retirement mistakes
By Joseph Singleton
We have heard for several years now about the enormous number of the baby boomer population turning 65 over the next 20 years. According to the AARP, that number is 8,000 every day. Some have called it the pig in a python. We have also heard that Social Security cannot provide for everyone, and there is concern how people will be able to afford to retire. We are living longer and dying more slowly. How can we avoid the mistakes that prevent us from retiring with dignity?More

How to create the perfect first day for an employee
American Express OPEN Forum
Your employees are your biggest resource and your greatest expenditure. From having a desk set up on their arrival, to a take-home gift for their spouse or significant other on the first day, wowing your employees on day one sets them up to help you wow your clients for the rest of their career.More