NACBA Weekly Update
Apr. 12, 2013

Small is big for millennials
Associated Baptist Press
With today's trends toward pets you can fit into a purse and church experiences that offer more intimacy and socialization than the megachurch has traditionally provided, is it safe to ask ... is small the new big? The megachurch catered to lifestyles of the baby boomers and reflected cultural trends when people flocked to large shopping malls. Younger generations like the millennials, who triggered cultural phenomena like Starbucks and social media, gravitate toward intimacy and smallness.More

Defining the win: How job descriptions can improve employee performance
By Deborah Wipf
Go to any high school stadium on a Friday night during football season and you're likely to hear the roar of the crowd or the band playing the school song. If you walked into the stadium part-way through the game and asked "Who's winning?", you'd get a quick response. How could such a diverse group respond to a question with complete consistency? Easy — they all know the team with the most points wins, and they know how to locate the score. In the workplace, these indicators are a bit harder to find.More

Are you extending your liability for free?
By Bennett Cromer
Service contracts for copiers or fax machines, lease contracts for company vehicles, and rental contracts for office space all have their own wording variations and can expose your business in many different ways.More

Church building design trends in the 21st century
By Robert C. Foreman
Church architecture has undergone major changes in recent years. Among the rapidly growing evangelical churches, the look and style of the typical 21st century church building is trending toward something very different.More

Diagnostic questions for a church's health
The Christian Post
Church consultation is sometimes like a medical physical — we know we need it, but we don't like being poked and prodded. Nevertheless, a good consultation prods with some important questions.More

Charlotte's got a lot — including the NACBA National Conference
NACBA has slated some of the brightest and best speakers — knowledgeable, creative, innovative leaders in their fields — to share their wisdom and expertise with NACBA attendees at our July conference in Charlotte, N.C. From workshops on tax and legal updates to workshops on technology and social media advancements, the NACBA conference has experts in their fields providing training and information. Read what one attendee at last year's conference had to say.More

April showers bring May flowers — Let NACBA be your umbrella
"April Showers bring May flowers!" How many times have you heard this old and treasured rhyme? Don't get caught in the rain without a resource to help keep you comfortable. NACBA wants you to know we are here when you need administrative support to do your job with confidence. We'll be your umbrella and help keep you dry. A membership with NACBA provides up-to-date and informative communications for the administrative leaders in today's churches. More

TeleWeb: Church compensation accounting
Managing compensation for clergy and church staff requires special understanding of the unique rules, limitations and benefits of church employees. In this seminar on April 18, Elaine Sommerville, CPA, will clarify the accounting rules necessary to properly report and account for the unique employment position of congregations. More

Obama renews effort to limit charitable deduction
The Chronicle of Higher Education
President Barack Obama's budget for the 2014 fiscal year is likely to infuriate many charitable organizations with its renewed call to limit the value of deductions for charitable contributions. Nonprofit advocates, who have helped defeat Obama's previous attempts to limit tax savings on deductions — including those for charitable gifts — to 28 percent for the wealthiest taxpayers, were already gearing up to oppose the proposal.More

Are you extending your liability for free?
By Bennett Cromer
Your neighbor purchases a new vehicle but is concerned about the cost to insure it. Knowing that you are getting a multi-auto discount, he asks if you will add it to your policy. Would you? Entering into contracts may place you in a situation similar to the one above. Service contracts for copiers or fax machines, lease contracts for company vehicles, and rental contracts for office space all have their own wording variations and can expose your business in many different ways. More

Controls key to transparency
Church Executive
Establishing financial controls is fundamental to the success of any charitable organization. These controls serve as a framework for policies and procedures to assist the organization in achieving its goals, while ensuring its compliance with its fiduciary responsibilities. The fundamental areas that must be addressed to implement these controls include: organizational structure, job descriptions, financial reporting and budget controls.More

5 ways to do church communication on the cheap
Center for Church Communication
No church has dedicated an unlimited amount of funds to communications. In fact, most of us operate on what we consider a limited budget. This means we have to get creative about communicating with excellence. Here are the five ways to make a limited budget go as far as possible.More

Reach more volunteers
Lewis Center for Church Leadership
If the idea of recruiting volunteers has been a challenge in the past, you are not alone. But getting rid of the mindset of recruiting for a task and switching to the idea of inviting a team can help. Recruiting sounds like work; inviting is a privilege. People want to be needed. Even more than that, they want to spend their lives doing something significant. So don’t ask people to do a job; instead invite them to join you in changing the world.More

Maine bill would broaden church property tax exemption
Bangor Daily News
The Maine Legislature's Taxation Committee took testimony recently on a bill that would ensure cities and towns cannot charge property taxes on a church's parsonage. Current law allows towns to charge property taxes on the portion of a church property that is used as the residence for clergy, although the first $20,000 of that property's value is exempt.More

The main reason for declining church attendance: children's sports?
Sunday used to be a day reserved by many Christians for attending worship services, but new research indicates the extent to which American churches today are competing against myriad other activities. The biggest competition? Children's sports. According to a new study published in the Review of Religious Research, an examination of declining attendance at 16 congregations revealed that many pastors place the most blame on children's sports activities.More

Poll: Americans love the Bible but don't read it much
Religion News Service
More than half of Americans think the Bible has too little influence on a culture they see in moral decline, yet only 1 in 5 Americans reads the Bible on a regular basis, according to a new survey. More than three-quarters of Americans think the nation's morality is headed downhill, according to a new survey from American Bible Society.More

NC minorities remain worried after religion bill is pulled
Religion News Service
A resolution to allow North Carolina to defy the Constitution and establish a state-sanctioned religion may be dead in the state capitol, but minority faiths say there’s more than enough reason to remain nervous. Some worry about the implications the bill has for North Carolina, a majority Protestant state with growing Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist populations.More

Meetings: Inviting the right people
By C. Fredrick Crum
The same scenario occurs daily in every organization: Meetings are scheduled to discuss critical operations, and the wrong people are at the table. As with all premeeting planning, great thought must be taken to who should attend a meeting. Having the wrong people at the table not only wastes time, but it could have a disastrous impact on your organization. After the real purpose and clear goals of the meeting have been established, deciding who should attend the meeting is critical to the outcome. More

3 'dipstick' tests for every church leader
Church Central
The most important mandate for every new driver is to check your engine oil. You can avoid this smart practice, but you place yourself at the extreme risk of total burnout — or worse yet, burn-up. Here are three tests you can perform periodically to make sure you don't explode in mid-journey, taking you and everyone else with you.More

The deepest source of motivation
For decades, bosses have assumed that the best way to motivate workers is by promising financial gain and threatening financial loss. However, according to a recent article in the New York Times, research in organizational psychology strongly suggests that people are more innovative and more successful when motivated by a desire to help other people.More