NACBA Weekly Update
April 29, 2011

Tornado stirs up unity
Associated Baptist Press
Eight days after a tornado demolished much of their campus, members of Elizabethtown Baptist Church in North Carolina were cleaning up and thanking God for the unity among churches and neighbors the tornado spawned. Ironically, church volunteers had spent the day April 16 spring cleaning their buildings and grounds and had left the area just 90 minutes before the tornado -- one of 25 that hit North Carolina that day, killing 24 people -- struck their church. It caused extensive damage to two educational buildings and the sanctuary, destroyed a drive through portico and bell tower and did some damage to the activities center, which will be the site of future worship services for the near future. More

Announcing Daily Promotions dedicated solely to the church business community
Are you looking for the latest exclusive promotions for the church business community direct from top suppliers within the industry? Do you ever wish you could find one spot that had the latest discounts, specials, and closeouts on products and services you purchase every day?

Announcing the launch of Daily Exclusive Promotions within the Ultimate Church Suppliers Guide. The amazing Daily Promotions within the Ultimate Church Suppliers Guide include everything church business administrators need, all with a special discount.

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NACBA TeleWeb: Mac Giving in a PC Offering Plate
Generational changes in congregational leadership affect every aspect of church life, including stewardship and giving. While most churches are still using the financial systems conceived by the Builder generation and promoted by the Boomers, how will the leadership of Generation X and Millennial generations change the way congregants give their time and money? This session will explore the new trends in church stewardship and discuss how the new shift can be nurtured in your congregation. Join us for our next NACBA TeleWeb, Mac Giving in a PC Offering Plate with Ruben Swint, Thursday, May 5 at 1:30 p.m. CST. More

The new media pioneers
Ministry Today Magazine
The emerging church is engaging a younger, mainstream audience. Are you? Strewn over websites, books and research studies these days is the ongoing debate surrounding the "emerging church." Is it too postmodern? Are its adherents ignoring absolute truth? Are they compromising Scripture? Are they too contemporary and accommodating to the culture? Interesting questions. Yet one of the issues few discuss is the impact media is having on the emerging movement, and how emerging pastors are using the media to impact the culture in new and innovative ways.More

10 ways to fail as a church leader
Nobody ever plans to fail at life. I've never met a single person who made it their life goal to be a loser, die young, and go through life all alone and depressed. Yet people do these things everyday. The lives of people we love are plagued with addictions, bitterness, shame, loneliness, depression, and maybe worst of all...regret. Here are 10 ways to fail.More

Video: Supreme Court tackles 'ministerial exception'
Your Church
Courts have generally recognized a rule known as the "ministerial exception" when it comes to employment lawsuits in churches. Because of the First Amendment, many judges have considered it inappropriate to rule in these disputes, especially when their rulings may influence who preaches from the pulpit. However, a case in Michigan involving the teacher of a Christian school--in which a federal court ruled the teacher's disability discrimination lawsuit couldn't proceed because of the ministerial exception--was appealed to the United States Supreme Court. Earlier this month, the Court accepted it. More

Church fills up tanks, hearts in time for Easter
For those that traveled by car this Easter weekend, gas was obviously essential to get there. But those road trips can become costly as the price of gas continues to climb. One Tennessee church opened its pocket and heart - hoping to help some who really need it just in time for an Easter celebration.More

Lack of Bible literacy is spotlighted
Baptist Press
Despite what would appear to be a Scripture saturation of biblical proportions, the "No. 1 predictor of spiritual maturity [according to a study by LifeWay Research] is reading the Bible on a daily basis [but] only 16 percent of churchgoers read the Bible daily and 25 percent of churchgoers don't read the Bible at all," George Guthrie said at the recent "Read the Bible for Life" conference at Union University in Jackson, Tenn. "This means that more than 50 percent of people who come through the doors of our churches on a regular basis only read their Bibles occasionally, perhaps one or two times per month, if at all," he said.More

Let them see
Christian Computing Magazine
As you watch the slides rolling by on your next Sunday presentation - think about the possibility of interacting with people in real time, or sharing information all via a simple little device that many have ready access to on a daily basis. That simple device is the latest iteration of smart phones that are equipped with cameras and that with the proper software could be capable of scanning what is called a “QR code.”More

Church...and gym?
Worship Facilities
What happens when your congregation keeps growing but construction costs are too high to properly build a new space? You get creative - by using what you’ve already got - and transforming it into something even better. Such was the case for Hollowell Church in Waynesboro, Pa., a rural community worship center that celebrated its first service in a newly transformed space last April-a remodeling project that dates back to 2005 when the church's leadership assembled a committee to investigate expansion. "We were looking toward outreach and building our congregation, and if you don't have anywhere for expansion, you're not going to do that," says Pastor Blaine Lougheed, Hollowell's pastoral team leader.More

8 tips for honoring your ministry assistant during Administrative Professionals Week
Ministry assistants (church secretaries) are vital to the work of you church, your ministry, and to the Kingdom of God. The following are eight tips for making Administrative Professionals Week extra special for the ministry assistants on your church staff.More

Operation Egg Drop: Helicopter tosses Easter eggs on field for eager kids
Colony Courier-Leader
Children screamed as the helicopter twirled around the goal posts and hovered over the football field. This was no Easter bunny. It had pilots for eyes and propeller blades for ears and a tail. But as it dropped thousands of candy-filled eggs for their taking, the kids didn't care how fluffy it was. The chopper spilled the eggs on the grass below, and the waiting children sprinted toward their colorful bounty, baskets in hand. Operation Egg Drop was underway. "Everyone's going through tough times," said Michael Banas, pastor of McKinney's Community Life Church (CLC) and host of the egg drop. "We just wanted to be a blessing to the community."More