NACBA Weekly Update
May. 3, 2013

Know your land use rights
Church Executive
Imagine that your executive leadership team decides to launch a new campus in another city. The leader of the church plant finds a clean, large parcel of land located in an easily accessible part of town. After an offer to purchase is submitted and accepted, the church is the proud owner of a new site and building. Then, one morning, the team leader arrives at the building to find a large, red sticker on the door. It reads: "Closed." The ominous sticker cites the church's failure to secure approved zoning.More

Time to kill your worship guide? 4 things to consider
By Mark MacDonald
It seems every day we hear stories of newspapers realizing the costs of their reporters, the paper or the printing are not worth it. Even with advertising revenues helping to pay their costs. So why do we think it's worth the church's expense to pay for bulletins? Actually, it's not really the "cost" that has created this dilemma. The real issue is the majority of people want to get their news in another way. Online.More

Let social media do good work for you
By Cindy Woudenberg
The amount of people using social media is on the rise, and it's going to continue to climb. It's essential to engage with these communities when building and maintaining connections for your business online. Here are some key items to consider.More

Be prepared before the sirens go off
By Deborah Wipf
Is your church prepared in case something bad happens? It could be a natural disaster, an accidental fire or a security threat. No one likes to consider these possibilities, but we live in a broken world where these events can occur anywhere and without warning.More

How to name your church ministries
Church Leaders
At some point, most church leaders are going to sit in a room and discuss what to name a ministry or a program in their churches. For many churches, the naming process is haphazard and unintentional, and the resulting hot mess of names only confirms the lack of coherent strategy.More

Early-bird deadline for NACBA conference is May 16
The NACBA National Conference in July in Charlotte, N.C., is the place to find the help you need for your church administration issues. There will be 80 workshops, four keynote speakers, 100 church suppliers, plus around 500 of your colleagues in church administration with whom to network. Don't miss this opportunity to get the latest information available on the Affordable Care Act, other tax and legal issues, human resources, stewardship and fundraising, emergency preparedness, accounting and much more. The early-bird deadline of May 16 is fast approaching. Download the conference brochure and register online today.More

5 things you must know about SEO
Most people search in Google, Yahoo and/or Bing to find something they need. So it's imperative to ensure your website is optimized to be found on these major search engines (SEO = search engine optimization). Mark MacDonald, church website and brand strategist with 25-plus years of instructing ministries how to do communications better, will break SEO down into a foundational course on how you can do SEO better in this NACBA TeleWeb on May 16.More

Why your church needs a plan for allergic reactions
Managing Your Church
Allergies are becoming an increasingly common issue for day camps, churches and schools. Obviously, prevention is the biggest key to averting disaster, but the correct response is the difference between life and death. A well thought-out response plan to allergic reactions is a must-have for every church, no matter the size.More

7 keys to preventing pastoral burnout
Church Central
Pastors are burning out every day. Many are leaving the ministry as a result. It is a real and immediate problem with many pastors and many churches. Those who have experienced some level of burnout speak from the voice of experience when they share what they do to prevent burnout now.More

Michigan church sues after insurance company refuses to cover ceiling collapse
The pastor of a Flint, Mich., church says State Farm has acted like anything but a good neighbor when the insurance giant refused to cover damage the church's sanctuary sustained when portions of its ceiling came crashing to the ground late last year. Now, the Rev. R. Sherman McCathern, pastor of Joy Tabernacle church, is hoping a federal judge will step in to make State Farm foot the bill for the damages.More

10 myths about large churches
Outreach Magazine
It's easy to take shots at large churches. Just say "mega" and there can be instant dismissal. And it's very true that big isn't always better, notoriety doesn't always mean noteworthy, "can't argue with success" isn't the same as "know them by their fruit," famous doesn't always mean faithful, and starting fast doesn't always mean finishing well. But any church, of any size, can be learned from, and that includes large churches.More

Young musician says church organ thriving
Associated Baptist Press
South Main Baptist Church organist Daryl Robinson is tearing it up in the music world, winning awards and dazzling venues both sacred and secular. Robinson's age, 29, also challenges the common assumption in church music that the church organ is extinct. He said many church members still appreciate what the organ brings to worship.More

20,000 churches band together to invite America back to church
Charisma News
This September, around 20,000 churches will reach out to 10 million unchurched Americans for National Back to Church Sunday. Since its inception in the fall of 2009, the number of churches participating in National Back to Church Sunday has increased exponentially. In 2010, the number doubled from 3,800 to 7,600. In 2012, that number skyrocketed to over 13,100 churches inviting approximately 7.5 million friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to attend church.More

Let social media do good work for you
By Cindy Woudenberg
The amount of people using social media is on the rise, and it's going to continue to climb. It's essential to engage with these communities when building and maintaining connections for your business online. To optimize usage of the available current technology, here are some key items to consider when boosting how your online presence works.More

Twitter for churches: Key to social media success
While businesses have learned to harness the power of Twitter, churches and ministries are just beginning to figure out its power. From a small scale, it is the perfect place to connect with other pastors and people that may help you better serve the ministry. In a large scale, you have the power to better understand your community’s culture, influence it and engage with a generation of people like never before.More

Do your employees trust you?
Fast Company
The ability to build trust is a defining competency for leaders. For this reason, it's a good idea to assess yourself in all four of these areas to discover if you might be contributing to low-trust relationships through behaviors that are seen as less than able, believable, connected and dependable.More

Improving your problems
Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Leaders love problems. That does not mean leaders look for punishment, but leaders know problems represent obstacles between the current reality and the vision sought. So, in this sense, leaders love problems because knowing a problem exists means there is a chance to address it. Problems never disappear for leaders, but the nature of the dilemmas does change when there is effective leadership.More

Successful people have short to-do lists
The problem with having a million things to do is that it's impossible to do a million things. Busyness is a status symbol in modern life. We like to talk about having a million things to do, as if having every minute filled is a sign of importance. But many successful people don't have this same mindset.More