NACBA Weekly Update
May. 17, 2013

Mastering minutes for church business meetings
Church Law & Tax
Meeting minutes preserve actions taken during a church meeting for future reference. However, in many churches, the duty to record the minutes becomes the responsibility of an individual with little or no training in recording meeting minutes. Anyone with a role that involves capturing minutes from a church business or committee meeting should receive basic information on how to record and preserve meeting minutes.More

3 steps to creating a viral church video
By Mark MacDonald
When someone thinks up — or happens to record — an interesting video, soon the video is playing all over the world with millions watching it. So, why do few Christian videos go viral? It's sad. Can a church video even take the world by storm? Churches produce thousands of videos every week for services. Some are even clever. But does it take more than that?More

BYOD: Foster happy employees by allowing personal devices at work
By Peter Martini
Want to foster happy employees while also reducing technology costs? Research shows employees are happier and have higher productivity when they have access to their own personal devices.More

Does your church building send the right message?
By Robert C. Foreman
To better understand the purpose of church architecture, we need to understand a significant intention of building design is more than just being functional — it is to convey a "message" and to provide an "experience."More

Stewardship and fundraising: 9 myths that hurt your church
Episcopal Cafe
Stewardship covers a wide range of issues, from mindful use of natural resources, to caring for our churches and other physical assets, to ensuring that we have in place adequate internal controls to prevent theft or malfeasance.More

Need help with church administration? We've got it
The NACBA National Conference in July in Charlotte, N.C., is the place to find the help you need for your church administration issues. There will be 80 workshops, four keynote speakers, 100 church suppliers, plus around 500 of your colleagues in church administration with whom to network. Don't miss this opportunity to get the latest information available on the Affordable Care Act, other tax and legal issues, human resources, stewardship and fundraising, emergency preparedness, accounting and much more. Download the conference brochure and register online today.More

5 ways to avoid lying about church attendance
The Christian Post
Let's say it clearly without equivocation: Sometimes church leaders lie about the weekly church attendance. Sometimes the lies are the result of an inflated ego where a leader gets his self-worth by leading a bigger church. Sometimes it's the result of the sin of comparison with other leaders and other churches. Sometimes we rationalize it because our denominations or publications make such a big deal about it. In all cases it's wrong. More

Pitfalls to avoid when launching a new vision statement
Church Central
The accusation of a lack of vision has become as common of grounds for pastoral dismissal as irreconcilable differences is to the divorce of couples. It is the catch-all excuse for boards and congregations who believe a pastor's leadership has become ineffective. Studies have shown the likelihood of this complaint is accelerated in direct proportion to decline in membership, financial problems or an aging congregation. When the team has a losing season, the coach is the first one to be blamed.More

6 church innovations you've never heard of
Church Leaders
It seems like about a dozen churches across the country get all the attention of church leaders when it comes to looking for innovative approaches to ministry. Even though there are more than 100,000 churches in the country we all seem fixated on just a few. Here is some great stuff happening in churches that aren't a part of that super-elite group.More

Embrace the ministry of asking
Managing Your Church
If there is one thing that can make a pastor fidget in his chair, it is the thought of asking for money. Few pastors ever consider the key role money and finances will play in their professional life when they sign up for a lifelong commitment to lead a church. However unanticipated the task might be, it doesn't take long to realize that the role is unique to the pastor and essential to the work.More

Online giving: Is it right for your church?
Church Central
Does your church experience a drop-off in tithes and offerings during the summer months when many members go on vacation? What about in the winter when some of your members head south to escape the cold? If seasonal dips in giving concern you — or if you're simply searching for a way to increase offerings throughout the year — online giving might be the solution you seek.More

Survey: 10 million tithers donate more than $50 billion
Church Leaders
There are an estimated 10 million tithers in America that donate more than $50 billion annually to religious and charitable causes. A new five-year constituency study released by the State of the Plate gives an inside, in-depth look at the financial, giving and spiritual practices of 4,413 people who donate 10 percent or more each year.More

For some Baptists, the name of the church is hindrance to saving souls
The Miami Herald
South Florida churches are joining a growing number of Southern Baptist congregations around the country that are quietly moving away from their denomination’s historic namesake — worried that it conjured up images of pipe organs, narrow-mindedness or stuffy, formal services. The reality, pastors say, is that many modern Baptist churches mix their liturgy with rock bands and gourmet coffee, and sermons are more likely to be about personal growth than fire and brimstone.More

Will new guidelines solve Wycliffe's 2-year Bible translation controversy?
Christianity Today
A nearly two-year dispute that began in 2011 halted seven translation projects and led at least two denominations to publicly criticize Wycliffe Bible Translators for its translation practices. But Wycliffe partner SIL International recently released new translation guidelines for familial references to God, and Wycliffe hopes these practices will end the translation tensions.More

BYOD: Foster happy employees by allowing personal devices at work
By Peter Martini
Want to foster happy employees while also reducing technology costs? Research shows employees are happier and have higher productivity when they have access to their own personal devices. This can be a triple win for organizations. When a BYOD — Bring Your Own Device — program is implemented properly, not only are the employees happier and more productive, but allowing use of these devices can also take a smaller bite out of the technology budget.More

2 reasons your church must be mobile
Worship Facilities
If you have not been paying attention, social media and the rise of mobile access of the Internet continue to grow at a speed that — while not as fast as a bullet — is none-the-less fast. Why should this matter to you and your church? First and foremost, if you want to be relevant then you need to have an online presence. If you want your message to be heard, then you better be where the audience is.More

What is organizational culture? And why should we care?
Harvard Business Review
If you want to provoke a vigorous debate, start a conversation on organizational culture. While there is universal agreement that (1) it exists, and (2) that it plays a crucial role in shaping behavior in organizations, there is little consensus on what organizational culture actually is, never mind how it influences behavior and whether it is something leaders can change.More

3 leadership weaknesses you can't fix on your own
Most great leaders are self-contained individuals. That's not surprising, given that the process of becoming a great leader develops a high degree of self-startedness in people. There are times, however, when being self-contained turns into a damaging liability. Here are the three specific cases where leaders often struggle to relinquish control and reach out to others for help. More