NACBA Weekly Update
May. 18, 2012

The tussle over metrics
Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Church leaders may think that leading in the business world is so much simpler than in the church since there is "one bottom line" and financial measures give business leaders all they need to know about how they are doing. Not so. A recent survey of global business leaders found that 75 percent say they need better nonfinancial measures. They admit struggling with inadequate metrics to deal with important components of their work not captured in dollars and cents. Welcome to the club.More

What happens when you make bad decisions
If you miss NACBA's 56th National Conference in Houston, you miss the huge trade show with over 100 exhibitors who will be giving away prizes.

When you miss the huge trade show with over 100 exhibitors, you won't win any valuable prizes, and you won't be up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the world of church administration.

When you aren't up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the world of church administration, you can't save your church money the way NACBA board member John Scibilia did for his church (just ask him) or streamline your office back at church.

When you can't save your church money like John Scibilia or streamline your office back at church, people get frustrated with you.

When people get frustrated with you, you end up with more work to do.

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Note: This parody, the fourth in the series, was submitted by NACBA board member Tom Danklefsen. If you would like to submit a parody, please send it to Simeon May at More

Missionary kidnappings on the rise
Church Executive
Apply both faith and caution overseas — and take out kidnap and ransom insurance. As governments across the world wage war on drugs and black market trades, criminals are quietly advancing the front of another lucrative, illegal industry. Kidnapping, including extortion and detention, is now a global epidemic, growing 15 to 20 percent annually in hot spots such as Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil.More

Should churches halt mission trips to Mexico?
Christianity Today
In the wake of continued drug related violence, the U.S. Department of State has recommended that citizens not travel to most of northern Mexico. In recent years, "Mexico" has dropped in popularity from second to the 17th-most common search term for short-term missions, according to Mission Data International.More

5 things Facebook users want from your church
Church Tech Today
A lot has been written on the rules that brands and businesses should follow when establishing themselves on Facebook. Many of these guidelines also apply to churches as they market their brand through Facebook. As prolific as this type of advice is, too many brands seem to have missed the point entirely. Here are five things Facebook users want from your church.More

Making sense of the latest Google algorithm changes
The Google search engine algorithm tweakers have been busy lately. That has caused search rankings to change which in turn has created chaos and controversy among website owners and people who do search engine optimization. Has your site's search rankings changed much in the last couple of months? Do you think your site has been impacted by the Google updates?More

Top 10 financial mistakes churches make
Become an effective leader and steward of your church's resources by avoiding these deadly financial pitfalls. These are the top 10 financial mistakes that many churches make.More

When background checks lead to discrimination
Church Law & Tax Report
In response to the numerous cases of child abuse and embezzlement by church employees, churches began conducting criminal background checks and credit reports on employees in certain positions. Unable to resist a good idea, many churches have expanded these checks to include all job applicants. Now this practice may have created a new problem for churches: unlawful discrimination based on race, national origin and color of skin.More

8 reasons church leaders should talk more about money
Church Central
According to the Gospels, Jesus talked about money and possessions frequently. It seems like it is worthy of more of church leaders' attention than we give it in our preaching and teaching. That is one of eight reasons that church leaders should spend more time talking about money.More

10 tips for counting cash
Managing Your Church
When churches receive tithes and offerings, there's more going on than meets the eye. Along with physically collecting people's money and bringing it to the bank, you should be tracking how much comes in, who it comes from, what it's used for and how much each individual gives during a year. Here are 10 ways to strengthen control of your cash receipts and some tips on making cash disbursements.More

5 warning signs of declining church health
Church Central
When asked about the health of their church, many congregants would say the church is healthy and thriving. But warning signs can show this apparently healthy body is not really healthy at all. Though the list is not exhaustive, five issues surfaced regularly. Some churches may have one or two on the list; some have all five. More

Urban churches bloom where planted
Associated Baptist Press
Eighty percent of success is showing up, film director Woody Allen once said. Increasing numbers of downtown churches have discovered a high percentage of successful ministry is staying put. Committed to "blooming where they're planted," these congregations have developed vibrant ministry to their communities. And remaining there is integral to their identity and the way they engage God's mission.More

7 things in the church that will not change
The Christian Post
It can be fun to look at trends and cultural forces that are changing our society and affecting our churches. But for many, the pace of change is disconcerting if not frightening. It can seem those things that we cherish are changing too fast or even being taken away from us. In the fast pace of change in local congregations, these seven constants are good reminders of what really matters.More

Oregon church sues family after they criticize it online
VideoBrief An Oregon pastor is suing a mother and daughter for $500,000 because they gave the church bad reviews online. The family being sued left the Beaverton Grace Bible Church a few years ago, and Julie Anne Smith says she and her family were shunned and couldn't understand why. So she went online and wrote reviews of the church and then started a blog.More