NACBA Weekly Update
May. 24, 2013

A dialogue about stewardship and personal finances
Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Too often, pastors discuss money with their parishioners in ways that suggest stewardship is only about donating money to support the church. Faithful stewardship, of course, involves much more than what we give to the church. It is about how we care for everything God has entrusted to us. It is about how we live in right relationship with money and possessions.More

Faith in action: How to prepare and respond when disaster strikes
By Deborah Wipf
The pictures and stories of the devastation in Moore, Okla., have been heart-wrenching. Thankfully, there is a bright spot in the midst of this horrific event as churches and organizations quickly mobilized to help in the relief and recovery efforts. While these groups help the people of Moore put their lives back together, we should all consider our own plans for how to deal with a potential disaster and how to serve in the wake of one.More

Making space for change
By Michael J. Berens
Disconnects between a leader's vision and organizational culture are all too common in organizations. However well-respected — or well-feared — a leader may be, change cannot and will not occur simply because a leader says it will.More

3 steps to creating a viral church video
By Mark MacDonald
When someone thinks up — or happens to record — an interesting video, soon the video is playing all over the world with millions watching it. So, why do few Christian videos go viral?More

Mastering minutes for church business meetings
Church Law & Tax
Meeting minutes preserve actions taken during a church meeting for future reference. However, in many churches, the duty to record the minutes becomes the responsibility of an individual with little or no training in recording meeting minutes.More

Need help with church administration? We've got it
The NACBA National Conference in July in Charlotte, N.C., is the place to find the help you need for your church administration issues. There will be 80 workshops, four keynote speakers, 100 church suppliers, plus around 500 of your colleagues in church administration with whom to network. Don't miss this opportunity to get the latest information available on the Affordable Care Act, other tax and legal issues, human resources, stewardship and fundraising, emergency preparedness, accounting and much more. Download the conference brochure and register online today.More

TeleWeb: Discover if your measurements are on target
We measure many things in life. Grades are a measurement of a student's knowledge. A scale measures how much we have gained or lost. Businesses measure sales. What do churches measure? In this TeleWeb on May 30, we will look at the following topics: common issues affecting churches, items that every church should be aware of, and certain financial ratios to consider in your church.More

Facing financial facts at church
Church Central
Leaders in churches of all sizes can find it a challenge to get a handle on the facts — and to handle their own and others' anxiety about those facts. Whether your treasurer has a shoebox of papers or uses a sophisticated system to analyze the data, you may find information elusive.More

How to develop a communications strategy — with 6 words
Don't have a communications strategy? Not sure how to develop one? Don't worry, you're not alone. It's clear that one of the biggest barriers to developing a better communications strategy many people have is they just aren't sure how to develop one. So many organizations skip developing strategy and jump right into tactics.More

Young ministers want to be mentored
Associated Baptist Press
Starting out in any field is not easy, but ministry has its own challenges. Most congregations expect that their new pastor or staff member will "hit the ground running" and be ready to deal with both the routine and the unexpected tasks encountered. Too often, our ministers' preparation has not taught them how to reach out to others for support, guidance, or collegial relationships. More

Seminary graduates not always ministering from the pulpit
The Washington Post
An increasing number of divinity students don't plan to become pastors. Instead, they envision using their degrees to "minister" in any number of professions, from filmmaking to medicine to nonprofit management. About 41 percent of master's of divinity graduates expect to pursue full-time church ministry, down from 52 percent in 2001 and from 90-something percent a few decades ago, according to the Association of Theological Schools.More

How religions change their mind
BBC News
Once upon a time, animal sacrifice was an important part of Hindu life, Catholic priests weren't celibate and visual depictions of the Prophet Muhammad were part of Islamic art. And soon some churches in the United Kingdom may be marrying gay couples. How do religions manage to change their mind?More

How America gains 600,000 new Christians each year — without evangelism
America has been gaining more than 600,000 new Christians each year — all without the help of any evangelism efforts. According to a new report from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, 620,000 Christian immigrants received green cards in 2012, joining the nearly 250 million Christians in the U.S. overall.More

Mixed results in 2013 clergy health survey
United Methodist Church
A slight improvement in overall self-assessed health among United Methodist clergy was indicated in the 2013 Clergy Health Survey by the Center for Health, United Methodist Board of Pension and Health Benefits. However, this second-year survey showed no improvement in any aspect of clergy health. United Methodist clergy have higher rates of obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma and depression compared with a benchmark of U.S. adults.More

What the church could learn from Google CEO Larry Page
Center for Church Communication
Google CEO Larry Page recently took the stage and shared some personal insights as well as a powerful quote that you may have already seen floating around the Web: "We should be building great things that don't exist." Isn't that amazing? Go ahead and read it again and let it soak in. Here are two major takeaways the church can take from Page's keynote.More

Dusting off church construction projects
Worship Facilities
The good news is, after a long drought, lenders are ready to lend again. But don't make the mistake of thinking we're back to the pre-financial-meltdown days of summer 2008: This time around, lenders want to see more of your money in the deal, lots of evidence that your financial house is in order, and proof that you are ready, willing and able to pay back every dime they lend you — plus interest, of course.More

Making space for change
By Michael J. Berens
Disconnects between a leader's vision and organizational culture are all too common in organizations. However well-respected — or well-feared — a leader may be, change cannot and will not occur simply because a leader says it will. Making space for change requires modifying organizational structures and culture to create both the possibility and the opportunity for change. It is not enough just to communicate change.More

5 secrets for motivating your staff
American Express OPEN Forum
If your staff has hit a rut and lacks enthusiasm, it's time to step in and turn things. The following five secrets for motivating staff are the same ones used by pros throughout the business world. Don't use them like a checklist, though. Consider them springboards for personalized motivation that will best fit the personalities of your workforce.More

8 signs of fearful leadership
The Christian Post
The phrase "courageous leadership" is used to describe the trait of those leaders who are making a difference today. Unfortunately, we also know many who are in leadership positions where that courage is not apparent. Indeed, they demonstrate leadership that is fearful. These leaders are harmful to organizations because they have unique ways to hinder others from making vital contributions.More