NACBA Weekly Update
May. 25, 2012

How to create an effective Facebook ad
VideoBrief So many church leaders are wondering about how to create a Facebook ad. You need to make sure that your Facebook ad is enticing, uses proper branding techniques and points to the right section of your Facebook page. If done well, your Facebook reach will group significantly, your "likes" will jump, and you will find new fans for your ministry or business. More

What happens when you miss conference
If you don't register for the NACBA national conference, you will miss ...

Don't miss the 56th NACBA national conference. The registration price is escalating each week. What are you waiting for? Register today at

Note: This list was submitted by Kay Irvine, chair of the Houston 2012 Local Conference Planning Team. Kay can't wait to welcome you to Houston.More

10 ways church leaders can get more new ideas
Church Central
Are you stuck in a rut? Do you find yourself searching the Web for solutions to ministry problems, or looking for the latest church leadership workshop? Here are some other ways to generate new ideas. We all have more resources and creativity than we realize, both within ourselves and within our church.More

Church change on the horizon
Outreach Magazine
It has already been more than 10 years since we were preparing for the Y2K bug, using the new tool known as "IM," and talking about the postmodern movement. Today, they are barely applicable to anything that we do or discuss. It simply shows that the church must be vigilant to see what is next and ready to address new issues. Here are a few of the issues that are on the horizon.More

Florida Baptist Convention found liable for former pastor who abused boy
Orlando Sentinel
A Lake County, Fla., jury found the Florida Baptist Convention liable for a former pastor who sexually abused a 13-year-old boy. Jurors decided that the convention didn't do enough to investigate the background of Douglas W. Myers, who started two churches in Lake County after receiving funds and training from the convention. The convention had argued that it is more of a support organization for Baptist churches and that it didn't have any control or responsibility for Myers.More

Concord, NH, wins tax fight vs. church
Concord Monitor
Concord, N.H., didn't violate state law or the Constitution when it began taxing a Pentecostal church after officials determined parts of the church's sprawling building weren't being used for a religious purpose, the state's high court ruled. The unanimous Supreme Court decision affirmed an earlier ruling by the New Hampshire Board of Tax and Land Appeals that a 2008 tax bill sent to Liberty Assembly of God — renamed Destiny Christian Church in 2010 — was legitimate.More

Making the most of your mission trip
Gifted for Leadership
You're investing thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and numerous headaches in planning a missions trip. You hope to save the world and return with photos, stories and unforgettable memories of souls you've touched. Nothing surges global vision in your church like team members returning from a cross-cultural experience with changed lives. Nothing snuffs the passion for global outreach like a team returning with complaining, irritated members.More

5 ways to respond to staff who cry out for help
Church Central
Everyone is accountable for how they react to pressure and hardship. But when our own people reach out for help, we must not emulate Job's friends, who blamed him instead of listened. Though we can't control most of the forces causing our staff to suffer, we can offer some relief.More

How the rules of improv will make you a better leader
There's a lot to be gleaned from the quirky rules that guide comics through a successful run. These universal rules provide the right atmosphere for comedic flow, collaboration and creativity. Every improv comic knows these rules by heart and to break them would be nothing less than amateur. Good leadership, just like comedy, requires intentionality, discipline and a good bit of risk. More

Should tithing count as 'charitable giving'?
The Christian Post
GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was recently criticized for counting the 16.5 percent of his family's income as charitable giving, because the bulk of the estimated $7 million either went to the Mormon Church in the form of tithes or to charities affiliated with the church. This has begged the questions: Is it "charitable giving" when the faithful donate or tithe to their churches; and should a church even be considered a "charity" if it is not directly aiding the poor or doing similar work?More

Power to the pews: Paint the Web
Church Marketing Sucks
We could talk about ways to paint the town for your church, but we're in a digital age. Paper is so last century. Let's talk about ways lay people can paint the Web for your church. There are endless ways you can promote your church online, and we'll just list a few ideas to get you started. Remember that the idea is to spread the word about your church, not relentlessly spam people. Keep it relevant and personal.More

18 tips for amazing creative meetings
Great meetings don't happen on their own, they happen because they're created. Here are a few of the key ingredients we attempt to incorporate for great, productive, creative meetings.More

Alabama bikers form Biker Church
VideoBrief Biker Church in Alabama was formed by members of the Birmingham Chapter of Bikers for Christ. It started as just a four-member congregation but has recently grown to about 30 motorcyclists. "Bikers come up against stereotypes when they go to mainstream churches, and that's a very unfortunate thing but it exists," Pastor Alan Rusmisel says. More

Don't send that email! 5 tips for avoiding typos
CBS MoneyWatch
Few things are more frustrating than an ugly typo. And fewer errors are more damning to your professional reputation. Careless mistakes in emails and memos aren't easy to avoid. It's like losing weight — seems simple, but if everyone could turn on a switch and just do it, we'd all be thin. Here are five better ways to make mistakes the very rare exception, not the norm.More