NACBA Weekly Update
Jun. 7, 2013

Mindless metrics: Sunday attendance not a useful measure
Religion News Service
The go-to number in American religion is ASA — average Sunday attendance. Or as an irreverent colleague put it, "fannies in the pews." Entire methodologies for church development have been built around this number, as if fanny count dictated how a church should behave. The problem is ASA isn't a useful measure of quantity, and it says nothing about quality.More

How to ensure your software purchase is worth the price
By Deborah Wipf
Accounting programs, management software and more have become common tools to help us handle a myriad of administrative details. While these programs can save you time and money, the initial purchase price can be significant. Whether you're ready to make that first purchase or need to change to a more robust system, follow these steps to make sure you end up with a tool that's worth the price tag. More

Beware of misclassifying workers as independent contractors
By D. Albert Brannen
If your workforce includes contract employees, freelancers, casual workers or independent contractors by any other title, you should seriously analyze whether such workers should be recategorized as employees. The risks of not properly classifying workers can be substantial.More

People hate reading — but please read this
By Mark MacDonald
Have you ever considered what people want to read when they go to your church website? Figure that out — and deliver it — and you'll increase traffic on your website. Giving people what they want is always a good thing.More

5 ways to survive summer with a balanced budget
Managing Your Church
Churches have historically dreaded summer due to one thing: giving. That's because activities and costs peak just as regular weekly contributions wane. The challenge for every church leader is to survive slow summer giving with a balanced budget.More

Protect the place you worship
In conjunction with the NACBA national conference in Charlotte, there will be a preconference workshop on risk management education presented by the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. The Secure Houses of Worship course is your doorway to safeguarding people and cost-control solutions. Participants will learn the steps and benefits of an enterprise risk management program. They will learn the resources and tools used to identify risks and exposures to people, property and assets. Training in successful communication methods is included in the agenda, as well as network security risks, social networking, cyberbullying and employment law and practices. The workshop will be all day July 11.More

TeleWeb: Biggest hiring hazards
The National Association of Church Business Administration invites you to a phone and/or Web-based seminar: Tax & Legal Update — Biggest Hiring Hazards with Frank Sommerville. Churches on average spend 53 percent of their operating budget on employees. Making the right hire every time is critical. This TeleWeb was originally set for June 6, but it has been rescheduled for July 25.More

ECFA sets higher standards for compensation, transactions
Church Law and Tax
We live during a time when it is more important than ever for churches and their leaders to demonstrate integrity as admonished by the Apostle Paul on several occasions. Moral compromise and financial mismanagement — only amplified in the media — have caused many people to lose trust in some of our nation's most respected institutions, the church included.More

Beware of misclassifying workers as independent contractors
By D. Albert Brannen
If your workforce includes contract employees, freelancers, casual workers or independent contractors by any other title, you should seriously analyze whether such workers should be recategorized as employees. The risks of not properly classifying workers can be substantial and include having to ante up back pay, liquidated damages, unpaid taxes, penalties, interest, accounting and attorneys' fees. In addition to these economic risks, other negative consequences can include interference with ongoing operations and harm to an employer's reputation.More

Communicate how you communicate
Center for Church Communication
Your church may have stellar events, programs and even great communication strategies, but the best-laid plans can get derailed by the simple lack of clearly and concisely communicating how you communicate. There is no better way to complement the work you’ve done in crafting a focused, strategic communications plan for your church than to pair it with a plan to regularly communicate to the congregation where to access information. Tell them how you communicate.More

Church having trouble firing its allegedly lying, thieving, pot-smoking pastor
Dallas Observer
The trustees of 92-year-old Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in South Dallas realized they'd made a mistake almost as soon as they'd hired Calvin Wayne Thomas to tend their flock. His first sin was a minor one, coming during an early meeting to discuss church business that Thomas presided over like a dictator, refusing to open the floor to discussion. Things went downhill from there.More

Big churches are not just small churches that are bigger
Church Central
Big churches are not just bigger versions of smaller churches. They are different. People come to a church of 500 for a completely different reason than they might come to a church of 50. There are two big differences between a small church and a big one.More

Missouri churches on alert amid rash of burglaries
VideoBrief Police in five jurisdictions along Kansas City's northeastern edge are investigating a spate of recent church burglaries that could be related. In the past seven weeks, burglars have targeted 16 churches in an area that stretches from Kearney to Lee's Summit in Missouri.More

We may all be headed to bivocational ministry
Faith and Leadership
Bivocational ministry was once seen as a sort of niche ministry, confined to rural and underfunded parishes, out in the wilderness. But, surprise! — it now looks as if some form of bivocational ministry is the future of the church as a whole. We may all be headed to bivocational ministry, like it or not.More

#Hashtags? #WhatsTheBigDeal?
By Amber Bynum
Many businesses have realized that engaging customers through social media is essential these days. Knowledge of hashtags is also essential for any social media user, especially businesses new to the social media realm. Many users do not understand the importance or meaning behind the hashtag, but this can be easily resolved with a brief hashtag summary.More

Why leaders' thinking is often wrong
Gallup Business Journal
We like to think the decisions we make are good ones, based on solid reasoning. And when you're in charge of a function or selecting leaders for a company, you need to believe that. Second-guessing every judgment can lead to paralysis. And in a state like that, nothing gets done. Yet research into decision making shows that everyone is prey to serious cognitive flaws.More

Between Venus and Mars: 7 traits of true leaders
Control is a mirage. The most effective leaders right now — men and women — are those who embrace traits once considered feminine: Empathy. Vulnerability. Humility. Inclusiveness. Generosity. Balance. Patience.More