NACBA Weekly Update
Aug. 17, 2012

Card swipes in church make giving easier
The New York Times
Worship is a regular part of many people's lives, and we need to pay for it somehow. But the how in this equation is something that has changed over time for many religions in the United States, from selling pews to the wealthy 100 years ago to electronically pulling money from people's bank accounts more recently. So as we approach a busy season for giving among believers, this is a good time to ask whether we've settled on a form of collection that is both efficient and meaningful.More

Family systems basics about money at church
Church Central
There's a reciprocal relationship between those who take too much responsibility and those who don't take enough responsibility. How does this apply to money at church? In congregational life, there are always those who give more/worry more/spend more time on the money than others. And they always think if others gave more or were more responsible, the church wouldn't have this problem. Yet there's a balance between the two. It takes both the keep this dynamic going.More

Are you a welcoming church?
Every church wants to be a welcoming one, but when it comes down to it, can you classify your church as a welcoming church? The problem is that most churches don't know how to evaluate how hospitable they really are. Because we eat, sleep, live and breathe "church," it's hard to sometimes take a step back and evaluate our guest services strategy.More

6 ways to get people back to church
Christian Newswire
In what is becoming a national movement to help ignite a spiritual awakening in America, more than 14,000 churches are expected to invite people to come back to church for National Back to Church Sunday on Sept. 16. National Back to Church Sunday is based on the simple principle that 82 percent of people will come to church if invited by a friend, yet only 2 percent of church members invite their unchurched friends. Here are six ways churches can encourage their members to get ready for Back to Church Sunday.More

Poll: Religious groups divided on gun control, but united against guns in churches
Religion News Service
After the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo., and a deadly shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., Americans are divided on gun control, and within certain religious groups, attitudes are far from ambivalent. But on the question of guns in churches, there is actual consensus: A strong majority of Americans don't want them in the pews.More

Removing a church board member
Managing Your Church
Imagine a member of your church's board has engaged in behavior that violates the church's understanding of Scripture. In doing so, they've probably also violated the qualifications for serving on the board. In cases like this, the congregation or board may determine that the individual must be removed from office. What do you do next?More

Study asks women: 'Are you happy at church?'
In the first of a four-part series on Christian women and the church, the Barna Group has determined that women are generally happy with their role in the church, although there are some exceptions. Most women, according to the survey, considered themselves very satisfied with their experience in church when it comes to leadership opportunities. More

The pixelated church: Managing the tensions of church online — Part 1
Center for Church Communication
The church online movement has gained a great deal of ground over the past few years and whether you've jumped on board to ride the wave or not, you have certainly wrestled with some of the tensions and questions that come with the idea of creating a virtual church experience.More

Pastor: Churches should not hide crime
The Christian Post
The fact that some churches decide not to report certain crimes is a sad state of affairs within Christianity, said Pastor Mark Driscoll of the Seattle-based Mars Hill Church. "There's a difference between a sin and a crime. A sin is something that Christians are supposed to handle with the presence of God. A crime is something that we need to report to the authorities," Driscoll said.More

8 leadership lessons from bad politicians
The Christian Post
We're moving into prime time political season. We will elect a president, 435 members of the House of Representatives, a numbers of U. S. senators, and thousands of state and local politicians. Many politicians are good and strong leaders. But some politicians are bad. They put self first. They lie. They seek power first. Can we learn any lessons from bad politicians? Absolutely. More

Study: Majority of churchgoers never share their faith
Christianity Today
Although nearly 3 in 4 Christians say they feel comfortable sharing the gospel, the majority do not do so. New findings indicate that 61 percent of evangelical Christians fail to share their faith on a regular basis, even though they believe it is their responsibility to do so. Moreover, nearly half of those respondents said they have not invited a non-Christian friend to church in the past six months.More

Maximizing your tweets
Church Mag
Have you ever wondered: When is the best time to tweet? How can I increase engagement and conversation? How can I get more people to retweet my tweets? Here are some answers for you.More

Pastors foresee raceless church
Associated Baptist Press
Park Avenue Baptist Church in Atlanta is considered by some a hopeful sign that Sunday may soon no longer be the most segregated time in America. A dwindling, all-white congregation eight years ago, the church is now black and white — and growing. But its pastor and the leaders of other multicultural congregations aren't declaring victory in racially segregated American Christianity, and an ongoing academic survey of such churches suggests it's too early to celebrate.More