NACBA Weekly Update
Aug. 21, 2009

Financial Transparency, Accountability Key to Church Health
from the Florida Times-Union
"Search the Internet and you'll find all too many stories of misuse of funds in churches, and when that happens everyone in the Christian world gets a black eye," said Dan Busby, president of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, a Virginia-based ministry that seeks to bring church finances into the light of day. Busby and other experts say prevention is the best medicine and ranges from having church members with bookkeeping know-how examine spending, to having outside CPAs audit all financial records. More

VBS Project Proves Children Can Do Missions, Too
from the Baptist Press
When Hilldale Baptist Church started planning for Vacation Bible School this year, Tim Munoz wanted to find some way their students could reach out to children in need. And when VBS week seemed headed toward leaving the kids short of their goal, Munoz was worried. Then the Lord did something totally unexpected. More

Does Lit 101 Lead to Unbelief?
from Religion News Service via BeliefNet
As college students return to campus in the coming weeks, a new study suggests that some could be in danger of losing their religion. Economics professor Miles Kimball and researchers from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research determined that certain academic majors can influence students’ religiosity—positively or negatively—over time. More

Equipment Planning and Purchasing
from Church Production Magazine
Any technical ministry leadership role includes planning for equipment purchases. For the typical church tech, this can be a daunting task--there are so many options, and the desire to make wise decisions can be overwhelming. Here's what some of the experts have to say about different aspects of planning your acquisitions. More

It's Not the Size of Your Programs or Number of Staff That’s Holding Your Church Back
from Ministry Marketing Coach
Many churches want to beef up their programming, add additional staff members and build a larger church since it is assumed the unchurched are more likely to be looking for larger churches with bigger programs. This can become very discouraging to many church leaders since a huge number of pastors are bi-vocational. More

How to Establish Financial Policies for Your Church
from LifeWay
The financial responsibility of the church is to be a wise steward of the resources God has entrusted to this fellowship. The church is accountable to its membership to make sure the resources of the church are handled with the highest level of trust and integrity as possible. Ultimately, the church is responsible to God for the stewardship of its funds. More

Professor Examines Church Business
from the Times & Transcript
As churches across Canada struggle with declining congregation numbers, a Mount Allison University professor is going to spend the next three years trying to figure out how to reverse the trend. Although the topic of churches has been covered extensively in the fields of history, political science, sociology, economics, and religious studies, Dr. Gina Grandy said an in-depth examination of the church in the context of business studies was relatively untapped. More

The Assessment Advantage
from Ministry Today Magazine
When it comes to building ministry teams, it should be self-evident to us as Christian leaders that not every Christ-follower will look, sound or act like every other Christ-follower. However, the church often suffers from what I call "mission myopia." Like the physical "nearsightedness" for which it's named, it restricts vision. It results when we gather people around us who possess a ministry temperament similar to our own or when we impose our ministry temperament--with its way of perceiving and serving--on those closest to us. More

Including Children in Worship
from Today’s Children’s Ministry
If we want our children to become true worshippers of God, then they need to see worship as more than just singing songs on Sunday morning. They need to understand that daily obedience, giving of their whole selves, and loving others are all integral components of genuine worship. Here are some creative ways to engender this more holistic view of worship. More

The Real Problem with Multimedia in Worship
from Church Central
Multimedia is a worship buzzword that is being tossed around with some regularity. In fact, today it keeps company with other buzz words like contemporary, seeker-sensitive, and postmodern. But while multimedia is the buzzword, the real issue has to do with the use of modern day technology. Technology and multimedia in worship are not new ideas. So why all the buzz? More

Cell Towers and Your Church
from Church Solutions Magazine
Besides the obvious financial benefits of having a cellular-phone tower built on your church property, there are many hidden pitfalls that churches entering into a cell tower lease with a wireless carrier need to be aware of. More

U.S. 'Cash for Clunkers' Program is Driving Some Church Cars Ministries into the Ditch
from Church Executive Magazine
The Cash for Clunkers program that is invigorating the nation’s economy is driving the cars ministries of some churches into the ditch. "This program has had a very negative impact on our ministry," says Warren Young, with the cars ministry of mega Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill. Young says that they will give away more than 100 refurbished cars this year, but "the day the [clunkers] program kicked off it was like our phone lines had been pulled." More

Some Religious Papers Struggle with Hard Times
from The Philadelphia Inquirer
They land politely - in mailboxes, not driveways - and deliver their good news gently. But with advertising revenues in decline, these are challenging times for some local religious newspapers - and perhaps the end times for one. More