NACBA Weekly Update
Sep. 27, 2013

When unexpected gifts come
Church Central
Sometimes congregations live so close to the edge they wonder if they have enough to pay the pastor the next week. At other times churches can receive an unexpected large donation. But these can be problematic, dividing members over how best to use the gift and ultimately moving the church away from dependence on God. Here are some suggestions for churches that receive large donations.More

Do you realize how much administrative work impacts ministry?
By Deborah Wipf
When we think of ministry, we envision worship, a powerful sermon or prayer at the altar. Those are the central focus of Sunday mornings and rightfully so. However, the careful planning and watchful eyes of church administrators help make those ministry moments possible. While it may not be as visible as what happens on stage, it is vital to reaching hurting people with the Gospel.More

TeleWeb: In Google we trust
For the church admin person, this Oct. 3 session will not only give insight into connecting with one of the most unreached groups for many churches — millenials — but it will also help them better connect with those younger members on their church staff or ministry teams. This is a great webinar for groups of staff to tune into, not just the admin types.More

Agency: Health law needs fix for churches
United Methodist News Service
The United Methodist health benefits agency wants Congress to pass a fix to the U.S. health care legislation known as the Affordable Care Act. Without that, the future of church-sponsored health insurance could be in jeopardy. The Church Health Plan Act, Senate Bill 1164, would treat church health plans as the equivalent of "qualified health plans" offered on insurance marketplaces, also called exchanges, that begin enrollment Oct. 1.More

The elusiveness of a board's value and contribution
By John T. Dinner
A challenge facing many boards of directors is discerning the value they bring to their organization and the contribution they make to that organization's success. The pursuit of good governance and board effectiveness has tended to focus on an ever-growing list of activities to guard against any and every risk known to mankind. Conventional thinking suggests that boardroom success is dependent on implementing this endless list of inputs. You wonder whether the board's role is to serve the organization or tame the governance giant.More

8 types of power groups in churches
The Christian Post
This topic will cause some discomfort for many of you. The thought of the presence of power groups seems contrary to the spirit and grace of the gospel. But power groups are real in churches. Most churches have a clearly known group that carries the most influence in the church. And it is not unusual for that group to have a clearly known leader.More

Churches may pay less under Obamacare
ABP News
A new program designed to make it easier to buy health insurance for small businesses has potential to become a major source of medical coverage for church staff and employees, says Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Church Benefits Board President Gary Skeen. The Small Business Health Options Plan is part of the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare — aimed at providing health care for 48 million uninsured Americans.More

Social media: Church announcements members can't miss
Christian Web Trends
Let's say there is a big event planned at the church tonight, but the speaker's flight was canceled and he won't arrive until tomorrow. How do you get word out to your members? In the past, churches would use the phone tree, an archaic network of church members used to get information out about important events. But phone trees don't work well in our technology based world. There is a way that you can effectively communicate pertinent information to all your members using social media. The answer, believe it or not, is Twitter. Let me explain.More

Virginia county seeks statewide fix to church taxing issue
The Washington Post
Prince William County staff and the state of Virginia should find ways to allow for real-estate tax exemptions for religious institutions that own vacant land, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors directed. About 30 church leaders and congregation members told county supervisors that the tax assessor's office was too strict when it comes to taxes on their charitable nonprofits, which are generally tax-exempt. One of the prime examples is New Life Gainesville church, which is taxed on about half of its property that has only trees and streams on it.More

The hidden immigration impact on American churches
Religion News Service
As Congress makes a final attempt this fall to act on comprehensive immigration reform, the debate is focusing on "securing" our borders and offering a path to citizenship to the 11 million residents here without proper documentation. These politicized arguments, however, don't see the forest for the trees. In particular, we're missing the way immigration is transforming the religious life of North America.More

Four Seasons shows how to effectively use Pinterest
By Suzanne Mason
According to a June study by Semiocast, there are approximately 70 million users on the visual social media site Pinterest. The study also found only 500,000 businesses on the site. Many businesses have embraced marketing through social media, but few know what to do with a visual site like Pinterest. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts showed what can be accomplished with the recent launch of an interactive concierge Pinterest program called "Pin.Pack.Go." More

Church management software 'outside the box'
Church Executive
To obtain unique perspectives on health and member engagement, you've got to view church management software data a little differently. By and large, church leaders are using their church management software to track some common data areas: attendance, revenue, giving, baptisms and other benchmark commitments. But rarely do they mobilize this information into action items.More

The elusiveness of a board's value and contribution
By John T. Dinner
A challenge facing many boards of directors is discerning the value they bring to their organization and the contribution they make to that organization's success. The pursuit of good governance and board effectiveness has tended to focus on an ever-growing list of activities to guard against any and every risk known to mankind.More

3 marketing lessons from Jesus
By Mark MacDonald
Churches need to become known for something. Something that offers a positive solution to an audience in desperate need. Something that is simple and easy to remember. Not many things; but one thing. That's good promotion. And preparing the strategy to accomplish all of this is ultimately called marketing.More

Numbers of unpaid ministers on the rise
Religion News Service
The 50 members of All Saints Episcopal Church in Hitchcock, Texas, are looking forward to December, when Mark Marmon will be ordained their priest. One reason for the excitement? They won’t have to pay him. He belongs to a growing breed of mainline Protestant clergy who serve congregations in exchange for little or no compensation.More

Leadership: 5 tips for healthy feedback
Outreach Magazine
People know things about you that you don't know. I'm talking about the things people can see about you — your behavior and the work you do — that you might not be able to see yourself. But people observe these things about us regardless of whether we acknowledge them, and most of the time they choose to remain in our lives anyway. When we become open to learning what they think about us, their observations can become the greatest gifts in our development.More

The 2 leadership styles that can destroy a business
American Express OPEN Forum
From Jack Welch and Steve Ballmer to Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, strong leaders prove that there are many right ways to lead people. Over time, these leaders have developed a specific style of leadership that they've become known for. But consistently using only one leadership style can prevent you from being the best leader.More