NACBA Weekly Update
Nov. 23, 2012

Is Facebook losing its effectiveness for businesses, nonprofits and churches?
Christian Web Trends
Tech billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently rocked the social media world when he blasted Facebook for charging organizations thousands of dollars to make status updates visible to people who already "like" their Facebook Page, saying his companies would be "reducing any and all emphasis on Facebook." At its inception, Facebook users were able to view in their newsfeed all the updates from their friends and the Facebook Pages they "liked." But more and more, Facebook has been filtering the news feed, causing users to see fewer and fewer status updates from their friends and organizations.More

New Jersey church to spend Thanksgiving helping Staten Island residents
The Christian Post
More than 1,300 volunteers of a New Jersey church plan to make Thanksgiving weekend about more than sitting down with family to share a holiday meal. Their main focus is to come alongside Staten Island, N.Y., residents who are still suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and help in any way they can.More

Security in a church? Ministry violence statistics
Carl Chinn
The best security plan is one developed with good and relevant information. The data on this website is only that associated with deadly force incidents and suspicious deaths at churches and ministries in the U.S. The data is dynamic but gathered from enough incidents that trends are stabilizing.More

The 9 biggest myths of leadership
Every age has its leadership myths. Thousands of years ago, the ability to lead was thought to be conferred by the gods. In the 1840s, Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle created his "Great Man Theory," which held that leaders have special powers and a special place in society — and that the rest of us have a special obligation to defer to them. Here are nine myths that leaders tell themselves today — and what they should be saying instead.More

A minister's most important tax break
Managing Your Church
The most important tax benefit available to ministers who own or rent their home is the housing allowance exclusion. To the extent the allowance represents compensation for ministerial services, is used to pay housing expenses and doesn't exceed the fair rental value of the home, including utilities, ministers who own their home do not pay federal income taxes on the amount of their compensation that their church designates in advance as a housing allowance. More

What fairy tales can teach you about leadership
Fast Company
Stories don't just entertain us — they also teach and inspire us. Here's how to parse your kids' bedtime stories for modern leadership advice.More

Online, on-site, in hand
Church Executive
By offering multiple giving options, churches take the hassle out of giving and pave the way for members to exercise greater generosity. If you want to increase your church’s level of generosity, make giving easy. Remove the barriers that keep many people from blessing your church financially.More

Why accountability is weak in many organizations
The Christian Post
What makes organizations weak? Is it a failure of good strategic planning? Are there cultural issues that preclude good performance? Are many leaders and workers failing to execute? While these issues are important, new information suggests that there may be one major issue we have often overlooked.More

Better church presentations: How not to do it
Church Mag
VideoBrief This is the first in a series of posts on how churches can do presentations — i.e. PowerPoint-type things — better. But to start with, check out a video that's become a classic of how you shouldn't do it. More

Church emails behaving badly
Church Central
Church leaders should have a helpful little cheat sheet primer available to share with their team so that churches can stop being blatant email spammers. This primer is concise and doesn't pull out all the technical stops. This should spur some discussions at churches that need to review how they're handling mass emails.More

Leadership and making choices
Choice: It's a simple, yet critical aspect of leadership. Academics and business theorists often gloss over the basics of leadership preferring to trivialize their importance. It's far too easy for those with an elitist approach to leadership to dismiss simple as sophomoric, and obvious as irrelevant — nothing could be further from reality. Leadership has little to do with complex theory, but everything to do with understanding the subtleties of human behavior.More

Family Christian Stores in management, investors buyout
Publishers Weekly
Family Christian Stores, the largest Christian retail chain with 280 stores in 36 states, has been acquired from its private equity owners by the chain's management team in partnership with three Atlanta-based investors. The new owners pledge to contribute 100 percent of Family's profits to Christian ministries serving widows and orphans in the U.S. and abroad.More