NACBA Weekly Update
Dec. 13, 2013

Health insurance and the church: Preparing for Obamacare
Worship Facilities
Churches that provide health benefits to their employees, as well as organizations that handle the administration of these programs, are busy addressing how to handle implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. There are several important new features of ACA set to roll out in 2014. A complex law, political partisanship, the unique character of church benefit plans, and honest differences of opinion have combined to create a number of issues for churches as they attempt to comply with the provisions of ACA.More

5 tips for successful performance evaluations
By D. Albert Brannen
Performance evaluation programs can be immensely beneficial to employers. They can help management improve employee performance and adjust staff expectations. However, if done improperly, performance evaluations can create more legal liability than they help to avoid. This article lists five critical tips for making sure your performance evaluation system is on the right track.More

Accountable reimbursements prove best way to handle ministry expenses
Managing Your Church
The best way for ministers to handle their ministry-related business expenses is to have their employing church adopt an accountable expense reimbursement arrangement. An accountable arrangement should be established by the church board or congregation in an appropriate resolution and must meet four requirements.More

5 things your church needs to spend more money on next year
Church Leaders
As church leaders, we need to be strategic investors in the future of our ministry. There are no prizes for spending the least amount of money. The goal is to spend every dollar that our people give to us on expenses that will push the ministry forward. Here are a few areas churches chronically underspend on — to the point where it might actually be holding back their mission.More

Due process: 6 core components for resolving church conflict
Church Central
If church conflicts were handled according to the clear processes outlined in Scripture, maybe fewer people would be bailing on the church. In the name of damage control, decisions are often abruptly made and carried out. While there are two sides to every story, both sides are never known because due process is not followed. Ultimately, the attempt to control damage often afflicts greater damage. More

Why your church website isn't being read
By Mark MacDonald
Communication budgets are being wasted by churches. Almost every ministry has a website now, and sadly the investment may not be wise. The mentality I hear all the time is, "It's not very good, but it's better than not having one." I disagree. People are fleeing from church websites, but it can be different. Three simple changes will keep people on your website longer.More

3 quick tips to use technology to increase contributions
As we come up on the end of the year, that time is here for churches to send out contribution statements and start focusing on the year ahead. Here is a simple yet effective way to encourage people to donate again next year.More

How your church can create short videos
Center for Church Communication
Photos are powerful. Audio can be moving. But video is compelling. It is this collision of audio, visuals and emotion all in one package. Short videos are making all the viral rounds and are being encouraged by tools like Vine and Instagram Chances are you don't need to be convinced of this. You've probably seen a video and thought to yourself, "That was great. But we could never do that." That may have been true 20 years ago, but not today. More

Making teens feel at home — at church
Church Executive
When you think "youth space," it's natural to conjure up images of the physical place where the church youth group gathers — a building, classroom or gymnasium on the campus. And the physical space is important; there’s no real substitute for face-to-face connection. But the majority of teens also inhabit cyberspace. Their online world is just as important to them as their physical world. So, how can your church provide an online space that's just as engaging as the youth building at the church?More

Obsessive management disorder
By Harry J. Friedman
You are 12 years old, and you are with a group of friends discussing what you all might want to do together on the weekend. You seem to be dominating the conversation with ideas you think will be fun. Other kids offer up suggestions, but you push for your ideas. Ladies and gentlemen, here we have a leader, a manager, a future master of the universe.More

4 ways for church staff to celebrate Christmas
By Deborah Wipf
December can be a challenging month for church staff. You'd like to enjoy the holiday season, yet your schedule is packed with planning Christmas services and outreaches while trying to prepare your family's holiday celebrations. Please take time for yourself and your loved ones this Christmas. Here are four tips to help.More

Why the holiday sales sag matters for your church
Worship Facilities
"Holiday Sales Sag Despite Blitz of Deals." That was the front-page headline of Monday's Wall Street Journal. How does that impact your church? When consumers are stressed and spending less, people in your pews feel the same and thus give less. This is one reason that giving has suffered for many churches across America. What can and should the church do about this?More

Demographic shift: Where have all the Christians gone?
The Christian Post
Where have all the Christians gone? According to Pew Research, in 1900, eight out 10 Christians were living in Europe and North America. Today, the map demographics have been completely scrambled. In Latin America alone, there are 517 million Christians. In Africa, 411 million. Asia tallies 351 million. Once a global powerhouse of Christianity, Europe is home to an ever-shrinking 553 million, while Northern America has 275 million.More

Articulate leadership no guarantee for effective organizational communication
By Mike Wokasch
As a society, we admire, applaud and follow articulate people who help us understand, who inspire us and who project a future of possibilities that sound better than what we have today. This skill is essential for helping a group or organization identify "what could be" while aligning people and their beliefs to work toward a common goal. Articulate leaders can verbally resolve differences, dispel untruths and keep the naysayer at bay. So why do they sometimes struggle to get anything done?More

4 critical skills for a changing world
Each generation has its own ideals, behaviors and challenges. While there's nothing new about generational change, when you're in the thick of it, that's a different story. It's unsettling, exhilarating and terrifying, all at the same time. The high-tech revolution of the past few decades certainly fits that description. Here are four critical capabilities you're going to need to distinguish yourself — to become the leaders, the innovators, the success stories of a new age.More