NACBA Weekly Update
Dec. 21, 2012

In Newtown churches, many questions and tears but few answers
Religion News Service
Dealing with the pain of the school shooting that claimed 28 lives will take faith, support and joyous Christmas celebrations, church leaders said at the first Sunday services held since the tragedy. At houses of worship around Newtown, Conn., people gathered in pews, crying, kneeling and hugging each other through services that focused on remembering the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, uniting the community, celebrating the meaning of Christmas and preventing similar disasters.More

74 percent of churches expect to give raises next year
Leadership Network
Many church staff can expect a modest increase in their pay next year as 74 percent of all churches surveyed will be giving staff at least a 1 percent pay increase in the next budget cycle, with 29 percent of churches planning to give a 3 percent pay increase. The majority of churches fall into one of two clusters: either those projecting a 2-3 percent raise or those projecting no raise at all. Planned pay cuts are rare; less than 3 percent of churches expect to decrease salaries in 2013.More

At holidays, churches ready for 'CEOs'
Associated Baptist Press
Christmas provides churches with a rare opportunity to touch the lives of those on the fringes of congregational life, the Christmas-and-Easter-only worshippers. Some roll out the red carpet for what ministers jokingly refer to as the "CEOs." Others wonder if they treat CEOs like VIPs, why are they AWOL the rest of the year? Church leaders try a variety of methods to stay in contact with the holiday-only visitors — social media, direct mail, deacon family ministry programs — with varying degrees of success.More

Register now: 2 teleweb seminars coming in January
Stay informed with the latest information about church administration. NACBA invites you to two phone and/or web-based seminars in January:

Generosity: It's Your Move: What Is Your Plan For 2013?
What will be your congregation's generosity moves in 2013? How will you act generously in support of institution, community and mission? Join this Jan. 10 webinar led by Ruben Swint to answer these and other questions as you begin another calendar year of ministry.

Website Analysis Live!
Listen and learn as a professional, impartial website analysis of two church websites takes place live Jan. 24 on this web seminar led by Mark MacDonald. Listen in and learn about up-to-date branding strategies, SEO, site design, programming and website must-dos. Ask questions about the process and learn how you can refine and improve your own site.More

More than 1 in 4 pastors say a faction has forced them out
Managing Your Church
Research conducted in recent years by two different organizations paints a disturbing picture about certain conflicts between pastors and small factions within their churches. The in-fighting often festers long enough that many pastors wind up pushed out. Beyond the short- and long-term effects on the pastors is the health and well-being of the congregation left behind.More

The 'loose reins' approach to management
Harvard Business Review
Sometimes, the best management is little or no management at all. Sometimes, effective order and engaging experiences can be achieved with the most simple rules. When we provide the right social context and then let things be, employees self-organize and produce better environment and better results than managers imposing control.More

Are leaders born or made?
Chief Executive
The question of whether leaders are born or made has been hotly debated for decades, evoking very strong opinions. Some people think leaders are born that way — naturally intelligent, strategic, visionary and charismatic, able to articulate a plan and rally their teams around it. Others believe that leaders are made — needing ongoing experience, training, development and coaching/mentoring.More

Mixing it up: Why now may be the right time to branch out to a mixed-use development
Worship Facilities
When one thinks of a church, most envision a standalone building where people come to worship — or perhaps a building attached to a school or a few church-related offices. However, today there is an increasing amount of churches that are looking to become part of a mixed-use building, where the church is just one part of the property. More

5 ways churches can turn the fiscal cliff into a financial lift this winter
Church Central
In the coming months, news headlines will constantly bombard people with scary news about the impact of the fiscal cliff. God can use this felt need as a spiritual kairos moment and catalyst for churches to teach people God's Word on finances and generosity.More

Churches helping Memphis — most obese US city — move from fat to fit
Now 27 pounds lighter than he was a year ago, Rev. Dan Henley is founder and lead facilitator of Church Developers Network, one in an arsenal of organizations immersed in a community-wide campaign to move Memphis out of the notorious No. 1 slot of America's most obese city. That 80 pastors of Memphis megachurches and modest congregations alike attended the network's last monthly meeting is a marker of progress in what is a tough but winnable fight against fat in Tennessee.More

5 intentional actions to find teen leaders
Outreach Magazine
One element of a healthy and effective youth ministry is the presence of teenage leaders — not just having them, but developing them. Here are five intentional actions to help you launch teenagers into ministry.More

Simple ways to get better at Facebook
Center for Church Communication
Whether you work at a church, nonprofit or company, Facebook should be an important part of your communication plan. It's the biggest social network and holds huge potential for helping your community grow closer. So what are a few ways to do Facebook better?More

The controversial tool that will make you better at absolutely everything
Fast Company
Good questions can move your business, organization or career forward. They squeeze incremental value from interactions, the drops of which add up to reservoirs of insight. The problem? Most people are terrible at asking questions. Learn from the pros how to do it right.More

Unbelief is now the world's third-largest 'religion'
Religion News Service
A new report on global religious identity shows that while Christians and Muslims make up the two largest groups, those with no religious affiliation — including atheists and agnostics — are now the third-largest "religious" group in the world. The study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 84 percent of the world's 7 billion people adheres to some form of religion. Christians make up the largest group, with 32 percent worldwide, followed by Muslims, with 23 percent worldwide.More