NACBA Weekly Update
Dec. 28, 2012

Post-2008 giving realities
Church Executive
From Sept. 7: It has been four years now since the great economic adjustment of our generation. A lot has been said about the impact on churches. In reality, about one-third of churches are up from 2008-2009, one-third are down and one-third are flat. Despite what many may say, the economy is not the main reason for that, except in a few cases. The bigger effect of the economic adjustment has been on the mindset of givers.More

More stats on electronic giving patterns
Managing Your Church
From Jan. 20: Two separate reports released recently on electronic banking and giving patterns underscore the shifting preferences among adults when it comes to their finances. This shift to embrace electronic financial tools isn't new and it isn't going away. The takeaways for churches are many. As 2012 unfolds, what's the split between e-giving and more traditional methods, such as checks and cash, at your church?More

The average salary of a pastor in America
The Christian Post
From July 6: A recent NACBA study points out that the average American pastor with a congregation of 300 people earns a salary of less than $28,000 and that one out of five pastors has to moonlight for supplemental income. The study also indicated that only 5 percent of American pastors earn more than $50,000 a year, and 14 percent earn less than $25,000.More

Preventing payroll mistakes
Managing Your Church
From Oct. 15: Payroll taxes present complex and unique challenges for churches. Churches have many reporting obligations, however, many churches are non-compliant with these filings. Unique circumstances for churches, such as the dual tax status of ministers, lead to common payroll errors. To ensure that churches make correct payroll tax filings, Richard Hammar, guest speaker at the webinar Prevent Payroll Mistakes: What Churches Need to Know, created the following 10-step checklist.More

Top 10 financial mistakes churches make
From May 18: Become an effective leader and steward of your church's resources by avoiding these deadly financial pitfalls. These are the top 10 financial mistakes that many churches make.More

Faith and fraud: Church worker charged with theft
CBS News
From Feb. 3: For eight years, Anita Collins worked in accounts payable for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, gaining the trust of her superiors. Colleagues praised her quiet dedication and hard work, and noted that she prayed often. No one, then, questioned the hundreds of checks she wrote at the archdiocese to cover small expenses, like office supplies and utility bills. Collins was charged with embezzling more than $1 million over seven years from the archdiocese.More

Think attendance in your church is declining? Think again
Associated Baptist Press
From Sept. 7: Some eyewitnesses claim the attendance in their congregations is declining. This may be true. In some cases, however, congregations do not know how to count. If you think attendance in your congregation is really declining, think again. Your first reaction may be that it is an easy task. If a congregation has more people in attendance this year than it did last year, it is growing. If it has less, it is declining. Think again.More

Top 10 must-have mobile apps for church leaders
United Methodist Communications
From June 8: Mobile apps are becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, simplifying ordinary tasks and providing instant access to information on the go. After scouring the Internet and consulting with techie pastors, laity and bloggers, we take a look at 10 leading mobile apps for church leaders.More

High court exempts churches from job discrimination laws
The New York Times
From Jan. 13: In what may be its most significant religious liberty decision in two decades, the Supreme Court for the first time recognized a "ministerial exception" to employment discrimination laws, saying that churches and other religious groups must be free to choose and dismiss their leaders without government interference. "The interest of society in the enforcement of employment discrimination statutes is undoubtedly important," Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote. "But so, too, is the interest of religious groups in choosing who will preach their beliefs, teach their faith and carry out their mission."More

The tussle over metrics
Lewis Center for Church Leadership
From May 18: Church leaders may think that leading in the business world is so much simpler than in the church since there is "one bottom line" and financial measures give business leaders all they need to know about how they are doing. Not so. A recent survey of global business leaders found that 75 percent say they need better nonfinancial measures. They admit struggling with inadequate metrics to deal with important components of their work not captured in dollars and cents. Welcome to the club.More

Observations on church staffs
Church Central
From March 9: In the past quarter of century of church leadership and church consultation, one of the most common and pressing issues relates to church staff. One of the leading concerns is what the next staff position should be after the pastor. Here are some of the other more common questions.More

The plate runneth over: The continuing upward spiral of online and mobile giving at church
Worship Facilities
From Sept. 21: As people become more and more comfortable with shopping and paying their bills online, they are also increasingly using this channel to give to their churches. Online giving in the church setting is growing in step with national trends, according to Rick Dunham, president and CEO of Dunham+Co., a Plano, Texas-based international marketing and fundraising firm.More