NADRA Industry Update
Jun. 10, 2015

NADRA Atlanta Fundraiser! Golf with us for a good cause! Monday, June 15
Join us on Monday, June 15 for our annual fundraiser event. We have a GREAT turnout so far, and expect even more players signing up in the next few days. This is a fun event you don't want to miss!


NADRA announces 2015 NJ Deck Competition Winners
The NADRA NJ Chapter celebrated their annual Deck Competition on Thursday, June 4th, 2015. What a great night with friends and colleagues of all levels of the value chain in the deck and railing industry.

2015 NADRA NJ Deck Competition Winners:

  • Illumination: Joe Kalnas– Somerville Aluminum
  • Unique Feature: Gustavo de la Cruz – Barrett Outdoors Deck and Patio Design Center
  • Limitless Creation: Bill Lecorchick, Legends Home Improvement, LLC
  • Alternative Deck Under $20k: Robert Lascelle, My Deck, LLC
  • Porch Over $26k: Sean McAleer – Deck Remodelers .com, LLC
  • Alternative Deck $21k – $50k: Robert Lascelle, My Deck, LLC
  • Alternative Deck Over $51k: Gustavo de la Cruz – Barrett Outdoors Deck and Patio Design Center
  • People’s Choice Award – 2nd Place: Bill Lecorchick, Legends Home Improvement, LLC
  • People’s Choice Award – 1st Place: Gary Daley, America’s Deck Builder
  • 2015 Best Deck – 2nd place: Gary Daley, America’s Deck Builder
  • 2015 Best Deck – 1st place Winner: Robert Lascelle, My Deck, LLC
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    NADRA West Coast Membership Drive/Golf Tournament — Saturday, June 27
    Comprised of some of the deck and railing industries leading contractors and manufacturers; NADRA has a long history of providing training, education and support to its member organizations. This inaugural event is the perfect opportunity for your team to learn more about NADRA and to check out firsthand what’s new and great in deck and railing products. At this event you will make new contacts, strengthen existing relationships and lay the groundwork for new strategic partnerships. You will enjoy great golf, mouth-watering cuisine and luxurious spa services ... and all of this taking place at an award-winning waterfront resort! Work just doesn’t get any better than this. Join us on June 26 and 27!


    NADRA: Dedicated to your deck safety
    The North American Deck and Railing Association is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the necessity for regular inspection and maintenance of existing decks and proper installation of new decks. A key element of enjoying your deck for years to come is making sure it is safe and code compliant. NADRA’s 10-Point Consumer Safety Checklist is an efficient way to take a good look at the different parts of your deck, with an eye to what might need maintenance, repair or replacement. Safety first, fun second — make sure your deck is safe to enjoy. Learn more here.

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