NADRA Industry Update
Jun. 20, 2012

NADRA announces the Hilton as the official party headquarters for DeckExpo 2012
NADRA is thrilled to announce the Hilton as our official Hotel for DeckExpo 2012 in Baltimore. If you are a member of NADRA, are thinking about joining or ready to network with the best in the industry ... the Hilton will be our official party headquarters! We invite you to join us at The Hilton during your stay in Baltimore.
Where: Hilton Baltimore, 401 W. Pratt St. Baltimore, MD 21201
For room reservations: Click here
About the Hilton: The Hilton Baltimore hotel lies in the exciting Inner Harbor district downtown, a prime business, historic and cultural district in downtown Baltimore. They're directly connected to the Baltimore Convention Center, adjacent to Camden Yards and across the street from M & T Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. The Hilton Baltimore hotel is a newly opened property, designed to impress and accommodate every need of today's traveler.More

Legal Assistance Program for NADRA members
In today's business environment, past due receivables are at near record levels. Customers routinely "push" the envelope in slow pay even when they have the means to take care of their bills. In addition, many contractors are being held hostage with unfounded claims that work performed was not exactly as contracted. Without the significant expense of legal assistance, the contractor is often powerless in collecting final payment without significant, additional time and material investment that was not part of the initial job plan. This often diminishes any profit that was built into the job.

Legal Shield is a member of NADRA. We offer business plans that include attorney services that can help you with matters just like this. For as little as $12 a week you can have the power of our legal system on your side in protecting your rights as a service provider. For more info about this service, please contact Dave Wollman at: 215.275.8240 or by email.

NADRA's President, Shawn Miller, has been a customer of Legal Shield for years. Check out this discussion with Shawn Miller and Dave Wollman and find out how Shawn saved over $10,000!More

Attention California decking professionals!
We have received a great response about the formation of a NADRA San Diego Chapter. If you are in San Diego or the surrounding area, NADRA is now forming a local chapter! If you would like to get involved at the grass roots level, please email NADRA's chapter coordinator:
Interested in starting a chapter elsewhere? Contact Heather to get started! More

Contracts and building permits
NADRA Blog: John Paulin
I have been building decks in Atlanta for more than 20 years and have seen so many changes over the years. I can't imagine starting my business today in this industry with all the changes and demands. It used to be so simple. No one was getting building permits, or even thought about it. Heck, I even remember selling projects and never having contracts. Could you imagine doing that today? Building permits and contracts are the most important part to any successful businesses nowadays.More

'Oh No!'
NADRA Blog: David Elenbaum
From the Black Sabbath song ... and contractors who encounter the evil nasty customer who will never go away and refuses to pay you until hell freezes over and you perform a miracle. "Just one more thing" and "you said you were going to ..." and my favorite "this is just not what I expected when I hired you!"

Okay, so I am the man! I am the guy who takes a beating on my margin to make a customer happy. I am the guy who calls in a painter to stain lattice to make damn sure the stain is perfect so I don't have to do it myself to get the last check. I am the guy who abuses the terms "yes ma'am" and "Whatever you need sir" I am the sucker who gets abuse from the evil nasty once a year customer. I ... am the man! More

House calls: Deck materials
Outdoor spaces are extraordinarily popular in the Chippewa Valley, Wis., and every year families in the area build new decks. Building a deck today involves deciding among an overwhelming number of choices in decking material and railing products. Newer products are manufactured from plastics, vinyl, aluminum and composite materials. Once you add in the many colors and styles available for each type of material, the choices seem endless.More

Get your home decked out this summer
The Chronicle Herald
When deciding what materials to use when building the deck, patio or gazebo of your dreams, you might want to take some extra time to consider your future. That's the advice coming from experienced Cape Breton contractor Allan Keating, owner/operator of Keating Construction. Keating spends a lot of time at this time of year advising clients on ways to improve the exterior of their homes.More

First rule of using a pressure washer: Respect its power
Ask the Builder, Tim Carter: I want to rent a pressure washer to clean any number of things around my home. I intend to clean my composite deck, my patio and my driveway, and to wash down my house, which has a combination of wood and vinyl siding. I've never used one before. Are they hard to use? Can you share some tips so I don't hurt myself, my husband, my pets and my house?More

3 ways to bring your company's core values to customer service
Fast Company
With the advent of social media, every consumer with a smartphone and a gripe has been empowered with his or her own barrel of ink, so it's no wonder that companies in every industry are going to great lengths to avoid embarrassing episodes such as these. But with so much emphasis on the don'ts of customer service, it's easy for the dos to get lost in the shuffle. As a result, not enough attention is paid to the ways in which employees can enhance and enrich corporate brands that are comprised of much more than a logo, color scheme and marketing strategy.More

The 5 traits of radically successful people
Alex Banayan writes: I have a crazy idea: Success isn't just about hard work. We hear about hard work all the time — it's what Olympic champions talk about when they get to the top of the podium and it's what the media credits as the sole force behind of multimillion-dollar Internet entrepreneurs. But there has to be something else in the equation of obtaining unimaginable success. What other traits tipped the odds in favor of the world's most successful people?More