NADRA Industry Update
Jun. 27, 2012

NADRA Atlanta June 2012 chapter meeting recap
I wanted to express my sincere thanks to all of those that came out this past Tuesday evening to the Atlanta Chapter meeting. It was a great success! As I mentioned during the early part of the meeting we are beginning the process of our "Deck for A Solider" build this year. Scott McCawley (Dixie Plywood) has agreed to head up this effort and will be working with Frank Pologruto to coordinate the build. Please contact Scott or Frank if you are interested in participating. We are looking at the calendar and will initiate the project in late August or early September. To read the full recap and view some photos from the night, please check out NADRA's Blog.More

NADRA New Jersey June 2012 meeting recap
The NADRA NJ Board would like to thank everyone that attended the meeting on June 12, at the Chimney Rock Inn. We had a decent turnout and had a very good meeting. Mike and Jenny Beaudry made the trip out to attend, as well. It was great to have them there. Thanks for coming out, guys!!
Thank you WPFailSafe for sponsoring the NADRA New Jersey meeting.More

Mission: Small Business, Legacy Services, LLC needs your vote!
Michael here from NADRA HQ ... As many of you know, Legacy Services, LLC is the team behind NADRA. My daughter, Heather, has entered Legacy into an application process that could very well award us a $250,000 small business grant. As a father, I am so proud of what my girls have accomplished. The idea behind the grant is to use the funds to build a stronger team to support Legacy's efforts. Both for the association we serve, and for business solutions that will support other small, family owned businesses just like our own. We still need over 150 votes in order to qualify for this grant and we just have a few days left. The funding will help us grow our programs with new and efficient office equipment and the means to implement, train and maintain a larger team here at Legacy. Passion is what drives most of us on a daily basis ... and it's contagious, right?! Please watch this video ... will you vote?

To Vote:
1. Click Here
2. Click on "Register and Login" (bottom right of screen)
3. Search "Legacy Services, LLC"
4. Click "Search"
5. Click "Vote"More

Attention California and Ontario Decking Pros!
If you would like to get involved at the grass roots level of starting a San Diego or Ontario Chapter of NADRA, please email NADRA's chapter coordinator: We will be reaching out to all those who are interested in the weeks ahead.
Interested in starting a chapter elsewhere? Contact Heather to get started! More

Official NADRA hotel — The Hilton
NADRA is thrilled to announce the Hilton as our official hotel for DeckExpo 2012 in Baltimore. If you are a member of NADRA, are thinking about joining or ready to network with the best in the industry ... the Hilton will be our official party headquarters! We invite you to join us at the Hilton during your stay in Baltimore. MORE

NADRA Education at DeckExpo, Master Deck Professional — 'Codes and Standards'
New in 2012, NADRA is offering the four-part Master Deck Professional — "Codes and Standards." A companion book can be purchased through the online attendee registration system and NADRA members can sign up to take the Master Deck Professional Exam. All segments are presented by Glenn Mathewson. Optional reference books include: 2009 International Residential Code, Deck Construction Based on the 2009 IRC. (Courses sold individually.)More

DeckWise debuts hardwood decking tiles
PRNewswire via MarketWatch
DeckWise, an internationally recognized manufacturer of hidden deck fasteners and accessories, has recently introduced high-quality hardwood deck tiles to their inventory lineup in an effort to expand their esteemed and established product offerings to include commodities beyond the deck building supplies they traditionally produce. More

Babcock Lumber names TimberTech Vendor of the Year
Babcock Lumber Company, a leading distributor of building products and lumber materials, has named TimberTech Vendor of the Year. Additionally, TimberTech regional sales manager, Tony Groh, has been chosen as Vendor Representative of the Year. Both honors are demonstrative of TimberTech's passion for customer care and new product development.More

Summertime marketing
By: Adrienne Zoble
What a secret this is! The overwhelmingly popular marketplace perception is "We don't market during the summer; everyone's on vacation." Actually the warm-weather months provide myriad marketing opportunities. People vacation for an average of one week, and there are 13 weeks to summer. Getting people out of the office, creating and building relationships, staying in touch — that's what good marketing is all about. Don't fall victim to conventional wisdom! For those in the "outdoor industries," continual marketing becomes quite a challenge. After all, you're there to make hay while the sun shines. Just remember that one sales follow-up and one client/customer check-in call per week will keep you marketing consistently during the summer, and you'll hit the ground running the day after Labor Day. More

Invisible deck fasteners work well most of the time
Invisible fasteners for securing deck boards create a much better appearance than screws driven down through the top of each board. On the downside, hidden fasteners can sometimes slow down construction a lot. More

The discipline of listening
Harvard Business Review
As the up-and-coming vice president and CEO candidate for a Fortune 500 technology corporation sat before the CEO for his annual review, he was baffled to discover that the feedback from his peers, customers, direct reports and particularly from board members placed unusual emphasis on one potentially devastating problem: His listening deficit. This executive was widely considered among the best and brightest in his company, but it was evident that this issue needed immediate attention if he ever hoped to advance to the top spot. More