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Jan. 9, 2014

From Where I Sit
Increasing Our Circle of Awareness

Robin Feldman, NAGC Director of Professional Development
Our membership is diverse: district coordinators of gifted programs, classroom teachers, K-12, administrators, parents, professors, state affiliate organizations, and counselors. I am positive that even more member and nonmember categories exist since individuals who support gifted and talented children can be found in a wide variety of unexpected settings. With this broad range of roles and interests, it is an ongoing challenge to develop relevant topics and programs to meet your needs. We embrace the challenge, recognizing that by expanding the circle and going beyond our current membership, we can build awareness of and appreciation for the needs of gifted learners. That is vital to the field’s success.More

We Know You Have Something to Say

Now is the time to submit your carefully crafted proposals to present at the NAGC 61st Annual Convention in Baltimore, Md., Nov.13-16.

We encourage you to submit your best ideas, research, and practical classroom strategies for consideration by Feb. 3. The Networks and Convention Program Committee, essential in the proposal review and selection process, will look for topics with broad appeal and carefully schedule a variety of topics in each time frame.More

Nominate a Colleague for One of NAGC's Prestigious Awards

We need your help to identify the best contributors, scholars, and leaders in gifted education and in NAGC. It's time nominate your most accomplished teacher, colleague, grad student, or community leader for an NAGC award. Online nominations are now open.

Take a few minutes to recognize an individual's caring for, commitment to, and achievement in our field. (Self nominations are also accepted!) A new award joins the list of 14 awards presented at NAGC's Celebration of Excellence at the NAGC Convention. The new Gifted Coordinator Award will honor a gifted coordinator/administrator who has significantly contributed to gifted education in his or her district.

Get started on your nomination(s) and return to the awards site to submit before May 2. If you used the award site last year, you will use the same email and access code to login. Award winners will be honored at the annual NAGC Celebration of Excellence on Nov. 14, during NAGC's 61st Annual Convention in Baltimore. More

Meta-Analysis Special Issue of Gifted Child Quarterly
Manuscript Proposals Due Jan. 15

The editors of GCQ have announced a special issue on meta-analyses and syntheses of research in the field of gifted education. Article proposals are due Jan. 15. The editors are especially interested in examinations of the effectiveness of gifted programming and specific curricular or instructional strategies and in studies of the characteristics of gifted students, special populations of gifted students, and identification and assessment methods.

Information and submission instructions now available
. More

Are Your Gifted And Talented Resources Up To Date for 2014?

The ringing in of 2014 brings opportunities to visit, or revisit web content and resources for NAGC members! Visit the New Year page today.More

Connecting Parents and Teachers

NAGC's digital publication, Connecting for High Potential, helps teachers and parents work together to provide a positive school experience for their gifted students. In the most recent edition accessible on the NAGC website for members only, NAGC teacher resource specialist Jeff Danielian and parent representative on the board of directors Susan Dulong Langley tackle "The Parent/Teacher Conference" with numerous resources and conversation starters. Seeing the experience from another's shoes is a productive way to begin a conversation. Each issue is meant to be shared, so please do print the PDF or share via email! If you have suggestions for issues you would like to see explored by Connecting for High Potential, please let us know. More

Your Opinion Counts!

The NAGC Gifted and Talented Resources Directory now includes opportunities to submit and view ratings and reviews of those companies, products, and programs listed in the Directory. This tool is designed to help directory users make better decisions by sharing helpful information on products and services you have used. As an NAGC member, your opinion is very valuable. To provide your input, visit the Directory to rate and review. More

Teachers' Corner
A Gifted Carol

Jeff Danielian, NAGC Teacher Resource Specialist and editor, Teaching for High Potential
Not unlike Scrooge and his visit by four ghosts one Christmas Eve long ago, I too was in the company of spirits over my holiday break from the classroom. Their visions of the past, present, and the future of the field of gifted education came alive for me in one night. As part of an IT initiative at NAGC, I found myself accessing and reading many pages at I was familiar with some of them but there were others I had not visited in quite some time. As the metaphorical chains clanked in the background, I knew I was in for a long evening.

What Sets High Achievers Apart?
American Psychological Association
In her 20s, Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth tried out a couple of different career paths, working as a management consultant and a middle-school teacher. But eventually she decided that she needed to settle down, choose a field and commit to it. She chose psychology, and today, she is an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. As of September, she is also one of only about a dozen psychologists ever to win a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, otherwise known as a "genius grant." More

Are Gifted Children Getting Lost in the Shuffle?
Vanderbilt University News
Gifted children are likely to be the next generation's innovators and leaders — yet the exceptionally smart are often invisible in the classroom, lacking the curricula, teacher input and external motivation to reach full potential. This conclusion comes as the result of the largest scientific study of the profoundly gifted to date, a 30-year study conducted by researchers at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of education and human development.More

Education Week
The gender divide in pursuing degrees in computer science is on the rise, a new report finds, spurring some advocates to consider steps needed to get more females engaged in the field. At the same time, the report from Change the Equation, a Washington-based coalition of business leaders promoting improved STEM education, concludes that American universities are not producing enough graduates — male or female — to fill the job demands in the computing field.More

North Carolina to let gifted students get credit without taking classes
News & Observer
Gifted students will be able to get high school credit in the near future without having to enroll in some classes, changing a long-standing requirement in North Carolina's public schools. No later than spring 2015 – and possibly this spring in some school districts – students will be able to take exams in some courses they haven't enrolled in to show that they know the material well enough to get credit. More

Embracing Messy Learning
Learning is a messy process — and authentic, project-based learning immerses us in unique parts of this mess. There are days when my check-ins with students reveal that many young people are lost or unclear about how to proceed with the early stages of a project. More

Top 10 Blog Posts and Articles About Gifted Children in 2013
Gifted Challenges
There were so many great articles and blog posts in 2013 about gifted children and adolescents, each covering a range of topics. More