NAGC Compass Points
Jun. 5, 2014

From Where I Sit
NAGC Elections: Leadership for Our Future

Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, NAGC Past President
On June 10, the ballot to elect new members to the NAGC Board of Directors, officers and Network chairs-elect, will be available to NAGC Individual and Lifetime members. I hope everyone will take the time to vote. This is your opportunity to shape the leadership and direction of the organization.

Soon entering my eighth and last year on the board, I have learned a great deal about the responsibilities of board members and officers of NAGC. It takes a significant amount of time and a great deal of motivation and commitment to fulfill the many obligations associated with active board participation, including sacrificing other professional activities to do so.More

NAGC Board and Network Elections Open Next Week

Next week, NAGC Individual and Lifetime Members will receive an email that provides a link to the annual election ballot. It invites you to vote for six members to the NAGC Board of Directors:

View Board candidates here.

You also have a chance to vote for leaders of the Networks to which you belong. Members of these Networks will elect Chairs or Chairs-Elect: Voting closes on July 15. Once you vote, you have an opportunity to get more involved with the NAGC service community. Be sure to review your options for committee service and how you can best contribute your expertise. More

Javits Demonstration Grant Applications Deadline Fast Approaching
Approximately $4 million is available for demonstration grant applications under the Javits Gifted & Talented Education Act to examine gifted education service and program models designed to increase the achievement of gifted and talented students from underrepresented populations.

Applications for the demonstration grants are due on June 24.

Application packets for the National Research and Demonstration Center have not been posted yet. However, the Institute for Education Sciences has provided details about the work the Center will be doing and the focus of the grant competition.More

Explore NAGC's Career Center for New Job Possibilities
At the NAGC Career Center, you'll find the following position:

The Belin Blank Center in the College of Education at the University of Iowa is looking for candidates for the Myron and Jacqueline Blank Chair in Gifted Education. While the position's primary responsibilities are with the Belin Blank Center, the Chair will also hold a tenured faculty appointment in the College of Education. For more information, go to the NAGC Career Center. More

New Kindle E-Book Available
NAGC announces the second e-book available on Amazon, Psychological Foundations of the Arts: Understanding and Encouraging Artistic Expression in the Early Grades, written by Erin Morris Miller and Rachael Sloan. This book provides an introduction for classroom teachers to the psychological study of the arts and how they can use this knowledge in their classroom.

NAGC Select e-books are a series of concise, informative booklets on topics and issues in education. Intended as a service to practicing educators and/or families, NAGC Select e-books are designed for the non-researcher who needs to know the basics of a particular topic in education. The books have a consistent format: an intro on the importance of the topic, three to five sections explaining what we know and how it translates into practice, a conclusion/summary and five to seven key resources on the topic, with annotations. Also check out the first in the series, Rigor for Gifted Learners: Modifying Curriculum with Intellectual Integrity by Bertie Kingore. Two additional e-books are coming soon.More

Voices and Viewpoints
A Focus on the Arts

Stephen T. Schroth, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Towson University
This Compass Points column features NAGC members telling us a little about their "day job" while sharing how their work with an NAGC committee or network relates to the field. This issue features someone new to the Old Line State, Stephen Schroth. We trust Stephen will encourage his colleagues and students to join us at the NAGC Annual Convention in Baltimore, MD, November 13-16.

What is your connection to gifted children/education?
I work with gifted children as a professor, author, researcher, member of the NAGC Publications Committee and past Chair of the Arts Network.More

Teacher's Corner
Improving One's Corner: Making a List

Jeff Danielian, NAGC Teacher Resource Specialist and editor, Teaching for High Potential
"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.” -Aldous Huxley

Huxley's quote is one of my favorites, and I revisit it from time to time, especially at the end of the school year. As educators begin the short but much-needed summer hiatus from the hustle and bustle of the classroom, I'd like to take an allegorical look at the "corner" Huxley speaks of. After all, this is the Teacher's Corner.More

The Learning Curve
Try out Your Sea Legs and Board the NAGC Baltimore Website

Take a cruise through the new NAGC 61st Annual Convention website, now sailing! You can cast your net and set your sights on the hundreds of education sessions, view list of exhibitors, special events and more. Chart your course and add sessions by clicking the star.

The NAGC Convention is the largest annual event devoted to gifted education. It's your opportunity to brush up on a little-known subject area, or reinforce your skills and knowledge in another. Join us November 13-16 in Baltimore. Full information is now available online, and online registration opens soon. But no need to delay! Check out registration options and download a registration form. More

Community News
Teacher Pre-Service Training Grants Include Gifted and Talented Emphasis

U.S. Department of Education grants under the Teacher Quality Partnership Program are intended to increase student achievement by improving the quality of teacher preparation. The grants support partnerships between Institutions of Higher Education, high-need local educational agencies and high-need schools or early childhood education programs. These partnerships must implement (a) teacher preparation programs at the pre-baccalaureate or "fifth-year" level that include specific reforms in IHE's existing teacher preparation programs; (b) teacher residency programs; or (c) both. Note that among other reforms, the teacher preparation reform grants must ensure that all prospective teachers (and, as applicable, early childhood educators) are able to meet the specific learning needs of all students, including students who are gifted and talented (as well as students with disabilities, students who are limited English proficient and students who have low literacy). Grant applications are due July 14.More

Column: America's future depends on gifted students
The New York Times
Should public schools have separate gifted education programs? The answer is unequivocally yes, though a puritanical fascination with "closing the achievement gap" has made it harder and harder to say so. Some children are clearly gifted in ways that others are not, and schools exist to provide the resources and instruction that can nurture those gifts.More

Texas students to get laptops for 'flipped classroom' pilot
Waco Tribune-Herald
A class of gifted and talented students at Alta Vista Elementary in Waco, Texas, will get take-home laptops this fall as part of a "flipped classroom" pilot program intended to help students' development. The school received a $10,000 grant from Education Service Center Region 12's Technology Foundation to purchase laptops for the initiative, dubbed "Flipping out Fifth Grade." More

Bringing STEM Education to Underserved Communities
U.S. News & World Report
In California's San Francisco Bay Area, a nonprofit foundation has raised the bar for local students, with impressive results. In the nearby Central Valley, a like-minded program introduces children to art, along with a healthy dose of "soft skills" like creativity, relationship-building and teamwork. Meanwhile, across the country, an unlikely pilot from Miami who made aviation history has set up an academy to train those who'll follow in his footsteps. More

Cultivating Teacher Leaders At Your School
By Brian Stack
I recently had an engaging conversation with one of my teachers. After just two years in the classroom, she was at a point where she was looking for ways to take on leadership roles. Our school, like many around the country, is transforming the way we look at teaching and learning. Our conversation really got me thinking. Through our transformation process, I need to cultivate teacher leaders more than ever before. Teacher leaders are the backbone of our work, and we as school administrators can't do it alone. Let's take a look at some innovative efforts that are changing schools around the country.More

Tips for Helping Gifted Preschoolers
Inquisitive, observant, curious, imaginative and highly verbal are words often used to describe gifted preschoolers. They can be extremely sensitive to others' emotions and display empathy at an early age. As the parent of gifted preschooler, you face a set of parenting challenges that can be misunderstood. You may find it difficult to discuss with other parents. In our culture, giftedness is valued and desired but not socially acceptable to talk about with others. More

New York City Gifted and Talented Offers See Increase in Good News
Sixty percent of students eligible for one of New York City's gifted and talented programs were offered a seat for next year, the city said. That's an increase in good news from last year, when just 54 percent of the high-scoring students got offers. But the numbers show that the disparities that have persisted in the city's gifted and talented system are set to continue next year.More