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From Where I Sit
Recognizing Those Who Go the Extra Mile

Laura M. Beltchenko, Chair, NAGC Awards Committee

"I was numb with happiness!" This is a heartfelt statement that came from one of the award recipients at the 2012 NAGC Celebration of Excellence, held during NAGC's 59th Annual Convention in Denver. As I spoke to the recipient who displayed her "mile-high smile," she shared that it was a "grateful kind of happiness that will resonate from within for years to come. I was recognized for something that I take great pride in, and that is making a difference in the life of a gifted child." She went on to share that the process for completing the required documents helped her to reflect on an extremely rewarding career.

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Capitol Hill Update
TALENT Act: Need Support in Senate Ahead of Committee Action; House Introduction Soon

The Senate committee that handles education is reportedly planning to consider the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) in June. The chance to include the TALENT Act (S.512) in ESEA increases with every cosponsor we secure for the legislation. Currently, there are 4 Senators on S.512 (Grassley (Iowa), Casey (PA), Mikulski (MD), and Boozman (AR)).

Please contact your Senators as soon as possible and urge them to support gifted students by becoming a cosponsor of S.512. Each Senator has an online form to use to send a message. Click here to connect to your Senators. OR, you might want to use the online message that our advocacy partners at CEC have developed. The online message can be personalized to include information about gifted education in your state and sent along directly to your Senators. Click here for the CEC Action Alert.

For more information about the legislation, including a summary of the major areas of focus for the bill, visit the TALENT Act page on the NAGC website.

In the House, we expect that the TALENT Act will be introduced the week of May 20. Once that bill is introduced, NAGC and CEC will urge members to contact their Representative in support of the legislation.

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  Gifted Education Seminar-National Edition

45 hours of interactive training: flash drive, differentiation book, and CD. This innovative, economical professional development, developed/field-tested by Illinois State Board of Education, ensures a solid foundation in gifted education with resources from experts including Bertie Kingore, Carolyn Coil, Jim Delisle,
Frances Karnes, and Kristen Stephens.
Modules: Perspectives, Understanding Gifted, Differentiation, and Curriculum/ Programming.

Deadline Extended for Title I Teacher Scholarship

NAGC is looking for teachers, school counselors, or school psychologists who:
  • work in a Title I school,
  • are new to the field of gifted and talented education, or are in a new gifted/talented position
  • have demonstrated a desire and commitment to increase culturally and linguistically diverse students’ access to talent development opportunities, and
  • have interests and professional goals aligned with the purpose of this professional growth opportunity and are beneficial to their culturally and linguistically diverse students, school, or community

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Parenting for High Potential Now Online
PHP is designed for parents who want to make a difference in their children's lives, who want to develop their children's gifts and talents, and who want to help them develop their potential to the fullest. All NAGC members now have electronic access to the digital issues of Parenting for High Potential. Just click this link and sign in. You will be able to view the latest issue that includes these articles:
  • Best Fit: Finding a Therapist for Your Gifted Child by Alessa Giampaolo Keener
  • Top Ten Skills to Cultivate in Your Gifted Child: Part 2 by Dr. Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, NAGC President
  • Exploring Summer Camps Options by Desiree R. Lindbom-Cho
  • Words of Wisdom: An Interview with Dr. Edward R. Amend by Dr. Bronwyn MacFarlane, Chair-Elect, NAGC Counseling and Guidance Network
  • Trust + Self-Determined Children = Self-Advocacy by Dr. Christy D. McGee, Chair, NAGC Parent and Community Network
  • ABCs of Being Smart: K is for Kindling by Dr. Joanne Foster
While there, check out past digital issues. If you're an NAGC Individual member, you may add PHP print issues to your membership by calling NAGC.

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Comments Sought on Revised Teacher Prep Standards in Gifted
NAGC is inviting comment on the proposed revisions to the NAGC-CEC Teacher Preparation Standards in Gifted Education, which were originally approved in 2006. The standards, which are used to guide reviews of teacher training programs in gifted education as part of the school/college of education accreditation process, have been streamlined in the revision and also now include supporting descriptions for each standard that explain the standard's scope and intent.

Once NAGC has received your comments and suggestions, the draft revision will be finalized and submitted to NCATE for approval in the fall. Upon approval, university programs – and those who base inservice teacher training on the principles contained in the standards – may begin using the standards to guide their teacher training work beginning in the spring of 2014.

Please submit comments by June 4 in an online survey. We have also posted a link on the NAGC homepage.

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NAGC Career Center
Excellent opportunities for faculty positions are now on the NAGC Career Center. If you're curious or know someone who may be interested, check out the links below.

Second Grade Classroom Teacher at Quest Academy

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The Learning Curve
Free Webcast Event on May 14 and WOW on May 15 Build on Malleable Minds

The Growth Mindset and Stereotype Threat
Tuesday, May 14, 12:00 – 1:30 pm Eastern

NAGC is pleased to present "The Growth Mindset and Stereotype Threat," a FREE video webcast on Tuesday, May 14, 12:00 – 1:30 pm (Eastern). Moderated by NAGC Past President Ann Robinson and featuring Joshua Aronson, Associate Professor of Applied Psychology, New York University, this event was inspired by a project developed by the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented that resulted in a book collaboration with psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists and gifted education researchers from the NRC Center, NAGC, and the American Psychological Association. Malleable Minds: Translating Insights From Psychology and Neuroscience to Gifted Education shows us what current research in psychology and neuroscience means to developing talent.

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Teachers Corner
Words to Teach by: Developing a Statement of Educational Philosophy

Jeff Danielian, NAGC Teacher Specialist
Like many of you, I write and make presentations about gifted education. I have focused on specific curricular topics and themes, covered one or many social and emotional behaviors, or introduced a favorite conversation starter in the classroom. I have told the stories of countless students, shared parts of their work, and discussed the many interactions that can take place, both in and out of the classroom. I have made pleas for advocacy, requests for ideas and opinions, and in some cases, stood on my figurative soapbox in order to get my point across. There is one piece of writing that I want to share; one of which I am most proud. It is a something I return to often, for it is a living document. It is my statement of educational philosophy. Apart from being a requirement for most educational career positions, the development and revision of a personal educational philosophy can provide direction, clarity, and at times, reassurance.
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G/T Community News
2013 Torrance Creativity Award Expands to Musical Compositions

Each year the Torrance Creativity Awards grow and expand, just as our high-ability learners do! The award committee has added musical composition for 2013 and will be including inventions in 2014.

Students in grades 2 through 12 are invited to submit their finest creative work to help celebrate the great legacy of educator and creativity pioneer Dr. E. Paul Torrance, author of more than 2,000 tests, articles, and books. Participants need not be enrolled in gifted programs.

With summer breaks on the near horizon, please take time today and encourage your students to apply. Deadline for all submissions is Aug. 15. The posters and applications are online:

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Picture This
Education Week Teacher
I work with my 2nd-4th grade students on an old cafeteria table in the lobby of the gymnasium. The noise from the P.E. classes is unavoidable, and while my students have adjusted to it, some days (depending on the P.E. activity), it's harder to ignore.
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How to Graduate From a Failing School System and Still Be Brilliant
Growing up in a poor neighborhood in Chicago, Sue Khim saw some of her brightest classmates languish in a public school system that failed to engage or develop their natural aptitudes. But when she moved to a new school district fortunate enough to have a gifted program, Khim's own academic career took a fortuitous turn. "It changed my life," she tells TakePart.
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The Illusion of the 'Gifted' Child
When news broke that behemoth education company Pearson had bungled the scoring of standardized tests used for admissions to gifted education programs in New York City, it united Gotham' quarreling education community — everyone was outraged. Parents, teachers and city officials all had good reason to be, as the scoring errors would have denied admission to 2,700 students who qualified. But the incident also highlighted the arbitrary nature of how we decide which students are so superior academically that they are essentially funneled into an elite group of schools with a specialized, advanced curriculum.
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The Dilemma: The Young Gifted And (Lack Of) Fine Motor Skills
Psychology Today
Christopher Taibbi, who specializes in gifted education, writes: "A few days ago, I was contacted by a parent whose son had recently been identified to receive gifted services in our school division. While she was glad of this and felt encouraged by the fact that her son would now be offered small group gifted enrichment classes, she was also suddenly, well, … a little bit panicked."
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