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From Where I Sit
Time to Recharge Our Batteries

Brian Housand, NAGC Board of Directors
One of the things that I love best about being an educator is the start of the new school year. I know of few professions where one routinely gets the chance to hit the reset button. Like many of you, I will be meeting a whole new group of students in the next few weeks as the Fall semester begins, and it is during this brief period of time between the end of the summer and the start of the new school year that I become both reflective and forward thinking.
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New NAGC Board Members

NAGC individual and lifetime members recently elected several new members for the NAGC Board of Directors. The following individuals will begin their service to the board on Sept. 1:
  • Dina Brulles, School/District Representative (term ends: Aug. 31, 2017)
  • Kimberley L. Chandler, Network Representative (term ends: Aug.31, 2017)
  • Susan Dulong Langley, Governance Secretary (term ends: Aug. 31, 2016)
  • Catherine Little, Treasurer (term ends: Aug. 31, 2016)
  • Michael Matthews, At-Large Member (term ends: Aug. 31, 2017)
  • Jonathan Plucker, At-Large Member (term ends: Aug. 31, 2017)
In addition to these elected members, Keri M. Guilbault was appointed to fill a vacancy for the Parent Representative (term ends: Aug. 31, 2015) and James L. Moore, III (term ends: Aug. 31, 2015), was appointed by NAGC President Tracy L. Cross.

NAGC appreciates the service and dedication of these outgoing board members:
  • Lauri Kirsch, Treasurer
  • Sally Krisel, At-Large Member
  • Christine Nobbe, Governance Secretary
  • Marcia Wall, Teacher Representative

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New Position Statements on Arts Education and Accountability
In July, the NAGC Board of Directors approved two position statements that members may want to use in their education and advocacy efforts:
  • Arts Education and Gifted and Talented Students
    NAGC believes that arts education is fundamental to an appropriate education for gifted and talented learners and should be addressed through domain-specific opportunities and authentic integration across the curriculum.
  • Accountability for Gifted and Talented Student Learning
    NAGC believes that schools, districts and states should be accountable for the learning gains of all students, including gifted and talented learners from all socio-economic, racial and ethnic subgroups.
Find out more about NAGC Position Statements and White Papers online.

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Robinson Center for Young Scholars

Challenging K-12 students in an intellectual community through early entrance
                                    and outreach programs:
  • Transition School
  • UW Academy
  • Saturday Enrichment
  • Summer Programs
  • Professional Development
For more information, visit our website
RSVP for Mirman's Informational Evening

Mirman School serves highly gifted children from ages 5-14. Join us in the fall to learn more about our innovative and award-winning programs.
Read More

Free Access to Gifted Child Quarterly
NAGC has granted open access to the October 2013 special issue of Gifted Child Quarterly that focused on twice exceptionality. To access the special issue, visit the GCQ webpage and click on the announcement (it's in a pink box). The link takes you to the table of contents of the issue, from which you can browse and select an article for printing. The link will be open until the end of August, so share this news with your colleagues and fellow advocates.
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NAGC Speaks to Me
"When I recently saw a call for support for the Javits-Frasier Scholar program, I heard the message as if NAGC was speaking directly to me. I pictured these young faces and felt compelled to support other teachers of the gifted..."

Read Elizabeth Shaunessy-Dedrick's story

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A Special Thank You to the Friends and Family of Dr. Jill Marie Olthouse
Jill Marie Olthouse, a member of NAGC since 2007, passed away May 25. As Jill's husband eloquently described her, "Jill was a wonderful teacher who agonized over how her decisions affected her students and the moral significance of everything she did. She enjoyed seeing others succeed. . . . She loved working with gifted students.”"

While working as the Gifted Intervention Specialist for Cedar Cliff Local Schools in Cedarville, Ohio, Jill completed her M.Ed. at Wright State University, majoring in gifted education. She then accepted the position of secondary teacher in English at Bridges Community Academy in Tiffin, Ohio. While at Bridges she enrolled in the University of Toledo and, mentored by Dr. Laurence Coleman, was awarded her Ph.D. in gifted education on Dec. 17, 2010.

Dr. Olthouse requested that memorials be made to NAGC. Contributions in her name totaled nearly $600. We are very grateful to those who honored Maria's memory in this special way.

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Gifted LearningLinks Individualized, Online Courses

Power up your gifted child’s learning with an online Gifted LearningLinks course. GLL offers challenging curriculum and flexible pacing for kindergarten–high school. MORE
As the leading education services company, Pearson applies deep education experience and research, invests in innovative technologies, and promotes collaboration throughout the education ecosystem. MORE

Teachers' Corner
After the Fireworks

Jeff Danielian, NAGC Teacher Resource Specialist and editor, Teaching for High Potential
"Experience teaches only the teachable."
Aldous Huxley

With the first days of school just days away, even the most seasoned teacher feels a variety of emotions. I am about to embark on my 15th year as an educator. I'm excited for the hustle and bustle of the daily work with new classes of students:
  • students with different interests, learning styles and preferences;
  • students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences;
  • students who are looking to learn about the wonders of the world, yet who will need individualized attention when it comes to their affective needs; and
  • students who need something different.

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  Virtual Judges Needed for eCYBERMISSION
eCYBERMISSION, a web-based STEM competition for middle school students and sponsored by the U.S. Army, is seeking dedicated individuals over the age of 18 with a background or interest in STEM—to serve as a virtual judge for the program. MORE.

Advocacy News You Can Use
Connecting with Elected Officials and Candidates

Congress doesn't head back to their D.C. offices until after Labor Day, and as the November elections for federal, state and local races heat up, now is the time to draw attention to high-ability students and their unique needs. 2014 is a major election cycle: all 435 U.S. House seats, 36 Senate seats, 36 gubernatorial offices and most state legislative races are contested. In addition, there are a host of races at the state, county and local levels.

Raising awareness about high-ability learners with the public and with candidates begins with you. We urge you to make time to speak out on behalf of the children for whom we advocate. Find out more on the NAGC Blog.

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  Building Smarter Kids through Play

We offer unique, fun and engaging games and toys for Families, Homeschoolers and Educators, Special Needs, Fundraising and Head Start programs. Our award winning learning products help Build Smarter Kids and Stronger Families Through the Amazing Power of Play!

The Learning Curve
Baltimore Action Labs Deadline Coming Fast

Action Labs, full-day educational outings to local sites, are a great way to take in the Convention city while learning something new or seeing it from a fresh perspective. Local educators and administrators in the Old Line State have prepared six programs specifically geared to NAGC attendees at four prominent cultural sites on Thursday, Nov. 13: PLUS, two school visit Action Labs have been added to the lineup:
  • Feynman School for young gifted learners and
  • A pair of magnet programs at two Baltimore schools, Mt. Royal Elementary/Middle School and George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology.
Take this unique opportunity to gain an inside view from administrators and educators who will provide you with practical program materials, curriculum ideas, sample lessons, and activities to adapt to your classroom or school environment.

Action Labs are pre-convention learning opportunities that take place on Thursday, wrapping up before the opening general session kicks off the Convention at 3 p.m. The unique, intimate nature of the Action Labs limits the number of guests each Action Lab can accommodate. You must register early to secure your spot. Your early registration also helps determine if we have a sufficient number of registrants for the Action Lab to go as scheduled. We do not want you to be disappointed! Register by Sept. 22. Full information on Convention sessions, speakers and exhibitors is now available online.

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 From the Headlines

Disclaimer: The information contained herein, other than organizational news, is not intended to reflect the position or opinion of NAGC nor does NAGC endorse any vendor or product mentioned. These headlines are provided solely for informational purposes. While NAGC makes every effort to be sensitive to our readers, please note that articles might not reflect NAGC’s positions on giftedness or related topics. We encourage our readers to contact those media outlets directly in the spirit of educating and informing journalists.

Friendship and The Gifted Child
Institute for Educational Advancement
Does your gifted child like to spend recess alone? Does she only have one or two friends? Does he have one very intense friendship? Does she only have friends that are significantly older or younger than she is? Does he only make friends in his extracurricular activities rather than at school?
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Closing Kentucky's Excellence Gaps Should be a Priority
The Courier-Journal
Education is widely accepted as a key driver of economic growth and quality of life, and Kentucky is not an exception. Indeed, Kentucky's policymakers and educators deserve credit for being at the forefront of education improvement conversations for over a generation. But Kentucky often overlooks one important indicator of education that may be critical for its future prosperity: the size of its excellence gaps.
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Where the Exceptionally Gifted Fit In
Mines Magazine
Harboring aspirations that one's child will grow up to be gifted is normal enough, but in fact life can be painfully difficult for children whose abilities lie far outside the bell curve. Isolated from their peers, with ravenously hungry minds that frequently go unchallenged in traditional classrooms, they can become miserable and depressed.
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Transform Your Classroom into a Modern Learning Space
By Brian Stack
In schools across America, the floors have just been polished, and fresh paint now adorns many classroom walls. A dedicated team of hardworking custodians who take great pride in their work have spent their summer getting classrooms ready for a new school year. Over the next couple of weeks, an army of more than 3 million educators will begin to transform these newly refurbished blank-canvas classrooms into spaces that are conducive to learning in the 21st century.
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Open Letter to Adults from a Highly Creative Child
The Creativity Post
A highly creative child who is often misunderstood responds productively to adult comments, and provides ideas on how teachers and parents can help.
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Early Identification and Development of Gifted Learners
If you have a high IQ, America's massive testing systems will find you. We're probably the best in the world at high-level intellectual development. There is no chance a really smart student will be overlooked in America. If you have the rare, innate talent to play basketball or football, our massive youth-to-college-to-pro sports systems will find you. We're probably the best in the world at early identification and development of star athletes. There is no chance a sports star will be missed in America.
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