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Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth


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The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth was founded in 1979 to challenge insatiable learners, curious kids who never stop asking questions and searching for answers about how the world works.

We create an amazing experience.

CTY helps bright kids shine. We open up a world of excitement and in-depth learning you won’t find in most classrooms. We’ll be a critical part of the educational journey that will one day prepare your child to do exceptional things—whether its finding a lifesaving cure or starting the next big thing.

We offer exceptional learning opportunities.

CTY delivers the expert education and research the world has come to expect from Johns Hopkins. Our programs are built on 40 years of gifted education research, practice, and results. We’re a nonprofit, so you can trust that our focus is on providing quality programs, valuable resources, and global advocacy for academically talented youth—for a better value than many top programs.

We’ve put our engaging programs within reach.

CTY is committed to making our summer, online, and family programs available to academically advanced students of all backgrounds. Last year we awarded $5.8 million in financial aid to bright students from families of limited financial means. We also offer flexible payment plans. There are more than 155,600 CTY alumni around the world, including the founders of Facebook and Google, Regeneron Science Talent Search winners, Rhodes Scholars, and MacArthur Fellows.

We’ve built a place to belong.

CTY provides a nurturing environment where students can have fun and be themselves. Here, we embrace being smart. And your child will find so many chances to connect with other smart kids. CTY offers unmatched opportunities to succeed in academic studies while giving your child a chance to make lifelong friends with others who share their interests and talents.


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Learn more about CTY’s summer, online, and family programs at


Questions? We’re here to help! Reach us at or 410-735-6277.


5801 Smith Avenue, Suite 400 McAuley Hall
Baltimore, MD 21209

410-735-6277 ·

7701 Las Colinas Ridge, Ste. 800, Irving, TX 75063