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From Where I Sit:
Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Nancy Green, NAGC Executive Director
In 2004, when I became a finalist for the position of NAGC Executive Director, the Search Committee asked me to do a presentation. If I were offered the position — what I would do once in the job? I titled my power point, "NAGC: Building to the Future" (sounds safe, doesn't it?) and I walked through an action plan with the members of the group. Two days later, as I was sitting at my kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon, the offer came from then President, Rick Olenchak. It seemed the search committee liked the plan!
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Teachers' Corner
Paving the Way in Baltimore

Jeff Danielian, NAGC Teacher Resource Specialist and editor, Teaching for High Potential
There is nothing like the feeling of getting ready to attend an NAGC Convention! I know that despite exhaustion, looming deadlines and work to get caught up on at school when I return the smile on my face and the thoughts and excitement I feel will carry me along during the slow introduction back to the daily classroom schedule. In many ways the NAGC Annual Convention in Baltimore will be like school.
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The Learning Curve
You Have Reached Your Destination

Keep your eyes on the road and follow coverage of the NAGC 61st Annual Convention & Exhibition on Facebook and the twitter hashtag #nagc14. Full coverage is coming in the next issue of Compass Points.
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NAGC Career Center
Explore NAGC's Career Center for New Job Possibilities

At the NAGC Career Center, you'll find these available positions:

The National PTA is looking for an Executive Director. The position is available immediately and located in Alexandria, Virginia. The Executive Director is responsible for day-to-day operations and works with the Board of Directors to develop and execute a strategic plan. For more information, view the listing on the NAGC Career Center.

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 From the Headlines

Disclaimer: The information contained herein, other than organizational news, is not intended to reflect the position or opinion of NAGC nor does NAGC endorse any vendor or product mentioned. These headlines are provided solely for informational purposes. While NAGC makes every effort to be sensitive to our readers, please note that articles might not reflect NAGC’s positions on giftedness or related topics. We encourage our readers to contact those media outlets directly in the spirit of educating and informing journalists.

  Robinson Center for Young Scholars
Challenging K-12 students in an intellectual community through early entrance and outreach programs:
  • Transition School
  • UW Academy
  • Saturday Enrichment
  • Summer Programs
  • Professional Development
For more information, visit our website

Strategies for Teaching Gifted Children at Home
Raising Lifelong Learners
Gifted kids are a puzzle because each child is so totally different from one another. Yes, they share similar characteristics and defining qualities, but they are interested, passionately, in different things, and fuel those interests in incredibly varied ways. There are many strategies for teaching gifted children at home.
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Turning 3-Year-Olds into Scientists
The Atlantic
Anyone who has spent time with 3- or 4-year-olds knows it can be exhausting. They're talkative, mobile and independent, with a penchant for asking questions about everything. But well-structured pre-kindergarten classrooms are designed to harness that unbridled energy into enthusiasm learning. Colorful posters on the walls and stations set up for small group work ensure that kids are engaged in the new concepts and skills they learn.
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Why Trust Is a Critical Ingredient in Shaping Independent Learners
Preparing students to be "college and career ready" is a catchphrase in many schools, but those same institutions often block large swaths of the Internet in an attempt to protect students from acting inappropriately online. While well-intentioned, blocking useful digital tools prevents educators from guiding students through appropriate online behavior while still in the relative safety of school. College and job recruiters are seeking students who are creative problem solvers, collaborative workers and independent thinkers, but in many cases, rules prevent students from practicing those skills online.
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Looking for adventure this summer?

The Acadia Institute of Oceanography in Seal Harbor, Maine introduces young people to the exciting world of marine science through a unique hands-on curriculum that combines biological, physical and chemical oceanography with field, classroom, offshore, and laboratory work. MORE
RSVP for Mirman's Informational Evening

Mirman School serves highly gifted children from ages 5-14. Join us in the fall to learn more about our innovative and award-winning programs.
Read More

5 Tools That Are Transforming STEM Education
The Atlantic
Since ancient times, scientifically minded people have tried to figure out the mechanisms behind the physical world. Astronomers observed the movement of the sun and stars, biologists watched humans and animals interact with their environment, engineers noticed the angular similarities behind structurally sound buildings. Today, teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics topics mostly stick to the theoretical aspects. Students must know the number of degrees in a triangle, but rarely do they get to put that knowledge to use through structured lessons.
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Gifted Education:
Online Master's Degree

UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI’S 33-hour online M.Ed. in SPECIAL ED includes GIFTED courses that cover nature and needs of gifted/talented students; curriculum methods; assessment and evaluation; and differentiating instruction for gifted, regular and struggling learners.
ENROLL NOW and start turning current learning theories into practical strategies for use in your classroom.

Wild Ideas for Fixing Gifted Education
The Washington Post
When compared with peers in regular classes, students who got high scores on state tests got more out of gifted classes than high-IQ students did. This is because they are hard workers who responded to increased teacher demands, while the high-IQ kids didn't care so much, according to an intriguing new study by David Card of the University of California at Berkeley and Laura Giuliano of the University of Miami.
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Services for Gifted Children.

A premier resource, consulting, assessment, and educational services center to support parents of gifted children who are seeking guidance.

Ages: Preschool through High School

Renu B. Rose
Founder & Executive Director
Beautiful Locations in Boulder & Denver, CO Santa Barbra, CA
Ambitious Teenagers: Study in Cambridge!

The Cambridge Scholars' Programme was founded to give ambitious high school students the opportunity to meet similar peers from around the world, prepare for college life, explore the famous historic and cultural landmarks of Britain and optionally Paris, and meet students from the world's top universities. Places limited - apply today.
Building Smarter Kids through Play

We offer unique, fun and engaging games and toys for Families, Homeschoolers and Educators, Special Needs, Fundraising and Head Start programs. Our award winning learning products help Build Smarter Kids and Stronger Families Through the Amazing Power of Play!

Arts Education Transforms Societies
The Huffington Post
Do you enjoy the sleek look of your new iPhone? You can thank Steve Jobs for taking a calligraphy class at Reed College. Have you or your kids scribbled on a pair of Vans sneakers? Vans' President Kevin Bailey credits the brand's creativity with the arts education many of his employees have taken. These are just a few of today's leaders crediting their success to arts education.
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How Online Collaboration Transformed Instruction at 2 Schools
eSchool News
While teachers know that collaborating with colleagues to develop multi-class or cross-curricular projects can be incredibly beneficial for students, most never get a collaborative project off the ground. It takes time, coordination and will — and compatible teaching personalities also play a role in whether a project is successful.
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Measure Gifted Students' Growth Accurately
Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) Research-based assessment identifies academic ability, measures growth and connects students to resources and opportunities for advanced students. MORE
West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District, NJ seeks proposals to conduct a program review of its K-12 Gifted and Talented program. For information see MORE

The 6 types of gifted children: The autonomous
Jade Ann Rivera
The autonomous student is not a passive acceptor of "official doctrine." On the other hand, they know better than to immediately dismiss all outside suggestion or knowledge. They have learned to walk the line of discernment that gives each concept a chance before embracing it fully.
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