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From Where I Sit
Ringing in 2014 … Already?

Nancy Green, NAGC Executive Director
Lose 10 pounds. Read the classics. Cut out that morning bagel and cream cheese. Ok, I'll admit that it may be a bit early for New Year's Resolutions. I just can't help thinking ahead as we close the book on 2013 and open a new volume called 2014. Transitions like these make me mindful of how important it is to honor and learn from the past while also embracing the future. It isn't always an easy balance to strike.

60 Years: Past, Present and Future

At the NAGC's 60th annual convention last month, I think we achieved this balance. Throughout the many information-packed hours together, we celebrated milestones and explored new approaches, reflected on well-established theories of giftedness and tested alternative paradigms, honored early leaders and also distinguished scholars. Right down to the experience itself—attendees sat listening in a lecture one minute, tweeted a response to a presenter’s polling question the next.

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  Academics Tailored for Gifted Students

At Laurel Springs School, we understand the unique abilities of gifted students. As an accredited online private school with over twenty years of experience, Laurel Springs is uniquely positioned to provide individualized academics that build on each student’s strengths and needs. Click here to learn more about our Gifted & Talented Academy.

Meta-Analysis Special Issue of Gifted Child Quarterly
Call for Manuscript Proposals

The editors of GCQ have announced a special issue on meta-analyses and research syntheses of research in the field of gifted education.

Article proposals for the special issue are due Jan. 15. The editors are especially interested in examinations of the effectiveness of gifted programming and specific curricular or instructional strategies and in studies of the characteristics of gifted students, special populations of gifted students, and identification and assessment methods.

Information and submission instructions now available.

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Supporting Teachers who Champion Diversity: The 2014 NAGC Javits-Frasier Scholarship
Dina Brulles and Kim Lansdowne
Gifted students in poverty, and those from other under-represented populations, need champions at their schools who advocate for their educational opportunities. NAGC supports these individuals through the Javits-Frasier Scholarship Program. The ultimate goal of the scholarship is to increase access to talent development opportunities for all students through educator training. The scholarship program provides educators a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover how their knowledge, supported by training and a strong commitment, can make a difference in the lives of children and impact the future of our nation. Of necessity, we must identify and help educate those most likely to impact historically underserved groups in their home schools.
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The NAGC 2013 Annual Fund: In the Spirit of the Season
Katie Augustyn, NAGC Development and Fundraising Committee

The holiday season is often a time to reflect on the past year and the many accomplishments of our members and leaders who are closely involved with NAGC. You know who you are. In fact, some of you believe so strongly in gifted education that you have contributed not only time and expertise, but also invested your financial support into ensuring that NAGC's outreach efforts and special initiatives, like the Javits-Frasier Teacher Scholars program, remain strong.

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Looking for adventure this summer?

The Acadia Institute of Oceanography in Seal Harbor, Maine introduces young people to the exciting world of marine science through a unique hands-on curriculum that combines biological, physical and chemical oceanography with field, classroom, offshore, and laboratory work. MORE
Robinson Center for Young Scholars

Challenging K-12 students in an intellectual community through early entrance
                                    and outreach programs:
  • Transition School
  • UW Academy
  • Saturday Enrichment
  • Summer Programs
  • Professional Development
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Teachers' Corner
Educating the Whole Child: Service Learning

Jeff Danielian, NAGC Teacher Resource Specialist and editor, Teaching for High Potential
With the holidays upon us, and the spirit of giving in most of our hearts, I thought I would reflect upon a community service program that I've been coordinating at my school for over 10 years. My responsibilities, securing and visiting service sites for four groups of 12 students, four times a year, is part of a much larger program involving a dozen or so faculty-sponsored events, independent student-planned activities, and school-wide collections. In all of my teaching experiences, I can say with certainty that the day trips I accompany students on are the most rewarding, validating the belief that a gifted and talented individual's involvement in real-world issues has enormous benefits and can have a lasting impact.
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Explore Odyssey
of the Mind

Creative problem-solving. Team-building. STEM. The Arts. Students will experience this and more while having fun and making friends. There’s still time to join!
Ringling College of Art + Design

Ringling College PreCollege is a 4-week creative immersion. Earn 3-credits in college-level work while strengthening your portfolio and your career goals.


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Model Gifted Program to Expand in Three Urban Districts
Education Week
A well-respected, full-day gifted education program, the Renzulli Academy in Connecticut, will be replicated in three other urban school districts. The Hartford Courant reported recently that the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation awarded the University of Connecticut's Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development a $500,000 grant to replicate the Renzulli Academy model in three other urban school districts.
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Age of Distraction: Why It's Crucial for Students to Learn to Focus
Digital classroom tools like computers, tablets and smartphones offer exciting opportunities to deepen learning through creativity, collaboration and connection, but those very devices can also be distracting to students. Similarly, parents complain that when students are required to complete homework assignments online, it's a challenge for students to remain on task. The ubiquity of digital technology in all realms of life isn't going away, but if students don't learn how to concentrate and shut out distractions, research shows they'll have a much harder time succeeding in almost every area.
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Common Core Academic Standards Force Teachers to Work on Critical Thinking Over Memorization
The Associated Press via FOX News
Remembering the plot of a short story is no longer good enough in teacher Amy Lawson's fifth-grade classroom. Today's students are being asked to think more critically. For example, what might a character say in an email to a friend? "It's hard. But you can handle this," Lawson tells them. Welcome to a classroom using the Common Core State Standards, one of the most politicized and misunderstood changes in education for students and their teachers in kindergarten through high school.
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For Girls in STEM, Belonging, Not Brain Structure, Makes the Difference
The Huffington Post
Little real evidence is available to indicate that the brains of men and women are "hardwired" differently, yet, perhaps due to lingering stereotypes, women remain underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. In her book, Pink Brain, Blue Brain, Lise Eliot writes, "What I found, after an exhaustive search, was surprisingly little solid evidence of sex differences in children's brains."
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Learning With 'Stronger Peers' Yields No Boost
e! Science News
Gifted and talented programs have grown in popularity, with more than 3 million students now enrolled nationwide. The study, in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, provides an important first step in understanding the effects of gifted and talented programs on students.
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Program Helps Minorities Access Sciences
The Boston Globe
The importance of education in science, technology, engineering, and math — the so-called STEM subjects — has been widely discussed in recent years. MITES, however, has been working to expand interest and participation in these fields for almost 40 years. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched the program in 1975 in an effort to encourage more minority and disadvantaged students to study math and science, says Shawna L. Young, executive director of the school's Office of Engineering Outreach Programs, which oversees MITES.
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 NAGC Thanks 2013 Convention Sponsors

NAGC Appreciates the Support of these 60th Annual Convention Sponsors


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