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Relish 2012 and Gear Up for 2013

In 2012 NAGC offered a wide array of educational sessions--from WOWs to Convention proceedings--and in 2013 we plan to do the same and more!

We hope you make it a new years’ resolution to stay current by continuing to access the most relevant content in gifted education today by visiting the Live Learning Center and reading announcements about upcoming online programs.

Preview a WOW or Convention session recording from 2012 and consider including it in your educational resource packet for 2013.


  2013 Webinars on Wednesday Series

Exceptional digital media:

Characteristics, Learning Styles and Motivation
Making sure that gifted students are challenged in the regular classroom setting requires thoughtful consideration of not only academic differences, but also those related to learning styles and levels of motivation. Success in the classroom is dependent on recognizing these fundamental differences.

"But what about REAL learning?" Gifted Students' Beliefs about Knowledge
Does 'being knowledgeable' mean knowing the most facts? Seeing all sides equally? Constructing ideas? William Perry describes how views of knowledge progress in predictable developmental stages. Come and learn the basics of the Perry scheme, look at research documenting differences between gifted and typically middle school students, and discuss the model as a guide for developing programs for gifted middle school students.
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