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Jan. 20, 2015

Keyless entry worth the effort
Hotel News Now
Hotel owners and operators everywhere will be increasingly tasked with preparing for and embracing the burgeoning keyless mobile check-in trend, which is already well on its way to making plastic hotel key cards a thing of the past. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide and Hilton Worldwide Holdings are in the early stages of multi-brand rollouts, while other major players also are eyeing the space.More

5 hotel design trends to watch out for this year
Industry experts predict that a fusion of classic, retro, and contemporary design ideas using traditional and new materials will make up the design trend for hotel furniture this year. Artistic details, a blend of textures, bold colors and ethnic decoration patterns will figure in loudly when it comes to hotel interior design. More

12 tips on how busy facility managers can make more time in 2015
How often do you hear yourself or others around you complain about the lack of time in the day? In all aspects of our lives, both professionally and personally, we'd like to have more tasks completed and more time to spare. The business world, in particular, can be especially demanding, and you cannot afford to waste any amount of time. More

Green walls support interior acoustics
To date, green walls have been recognized more for their climatic benefits — helping to conserve energy, improving air quality and mitigating the urban heat island effect, along with bringing about a sense of well-being. Now, agricultural engineer Zaloa Azkorra of the University of the Basque Country's Department of Thermal Engineering in Spain has found that when installed correctly, green walls can also provide passive acoustic insulation. More

Improving water efficiency: A holistic approach to conservation
Many facility and property managers are still missing the big picture when it comes to one of our most precious resources — water. While many attempt to "go green" to conserve water, most only implement a single tactic that has little effect on a big scale and ends up costing more. Only by taking a holistic approach to water conservation — one that analyzes the complete system rather than a single part to find a solution — will true water efficiency and savings be realized. More

5 ways to maximize your economizer efficiency
Is your air conditioning bill running wild? Get your utility costs under control by adding an air-side economizer. This device draws in outside air as a form of free cooling. While the potential for savings is significant, facility managers can lose all of an economizer's benefits if they fail to specify the right features and neglect maintenance. Follow these tips to lock in your economizer's potential.More

7 key benefits of mobile facilities management tools
As a facilities manager, keeping tabs on employees and workflow has become much more challenging. Aside from email and texting, FMs need to access other tools to effectively manage their team. Thankfully, there are now numerous business apps available to make the facilities manager's job more streamlined and effective.More

Protect mission critical facilitites from leaks
Facility Executive
Mission critical facilities house and protect sensitive information from some of the world's most important industries, from finance, to government, to health care. Even just seconds of downtime can have a significant financial and operational impact on both the businesses that are maintaining the data as well as the end users who are counting on its availability. More

Variables for retrofitting wih VRF
Variables create anxiety. We want to remove as many variables as possible from a situation. However, you can embrace the variables in variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems because they are a major contributor to their efficiency. But you will need to address some variables about your building in order to determine if VRF technology is a good retrofit option.More