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Jun. 17, 2014

Start thinking about your hotel's curb appeal
Hotel News Now
Every hotelier knows the interior of a hotel is important. Guests want luxurious accommodations, impressive lobbies and amenities such as exercise rooms and meeting areas. But is the inside all that matters? When it comes to hotels, answer is no.More

5 important tech trends in hospitality
By Archita Datta Majumdar
In the realm of technology, what could not be thought of even two decades back is now an everyday reality, and we have perhaps just began. We look for smart homes, we stay connected all the time and we store all our important data in the "cloud." Is it any wonder that we are looking at more tech services when it comes to traveling? Therefore, it's natural that the hospitality industry has woken up to the challenge and embraced the onslaught on new technology with open arms. Let's take a quick look at five tech trends that are dominating the industry today. More

New I-Codes emphazie fire service access, storm shelters and accessibility
Today's Facility Manager
Jurisdictions and other code users can begin to prepare for adoption and use of the newest building safety codes. The 2015 International Codes developed by International Code Council Members and other safety advocates at public hearings using the governmental consensus process.More

Green roofs = Cost-effective means of preventing sewer system overflows
The ability to stop overflows of course stems from the fact that green roofs retain water and thus prevent said water from simply flowing into the sewers. As an example, the green roof on top of the Con Edison building in Long Island City, Queens, New York (investigated by the researchers) — home to around 21,000 plants — retains roughly 30 percent of the rainwater (on a quarter acre) that falls on it. More

Deferred maintenance: Turning crisis into strategy
Maintenance and engineering managers know all too well that deferred maintenance never went anywhere. In the last five years, many people inside and outside of institutional and commercial facilities were understandably preoccupied with fallout from the nation's financial crisis.More

From clipboard to computer: Inspections are invigorated with technology
If you want to take steps toward a more efficient, long-lasting HVAC system, the process literally entails walking. To identify energy-saving strides and life-extending advances, you must inspect your system on monthly and semi-annual walkthroughs. And to maximize the effectiveness of those walkthroughs, seize the benefits of various computing technologies. More

Green building design and construction: 5 factors giving high performance
Green Building Elements
Sustainable building design and construction has been highly acclaimed in recent times. We witness lots of architects opting for green building design and construction, considering the environmental essentials and social responsibility towards the society they live in.More

From rags to riches
What products have dominated the roofing industry for more than a century while incorporating principally recycled materials and remaining highly cost-effective? Ask a roofing contractor, and the response would likely be No. 15 asphalt saturated roofing felt. An old-timer might call the product "rag felt," as rags were actually recycled in the manufacture of these dry felts.More