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Aug. 13, 2013

Copper theft 'like an epidemic' sweeping US
Copper is such a hot commodity that thieves are going after the metal anywhere they can find it. On a Utah highway construction site, crooks managed to abscond with six miles of copper wire. That’s just one of a handful of recent targets across the U.S. in the $1 billion business of copper theft. "There's no question the theft has gotten much, much worse," said Mike Adelizzi, president of the American Supply Association, a nonprofit group representing distributors and suppliers in the plumbing, heating, cooling and industrial pipe industries. More

BYOD: Privacy concerns for construction
The use of mobile devices in construction has a clear set of advantages, but also inevitably brings up certain concerns related to privacy. This is especially true when the device in question belongs to the employee. Both sides of the equation — the worker and the construction company — are likely concerned about how the data on the device is not only accessed, but also secured. More

Hotel rates could fall after competition inquiry
Cheaper hotel rooms could be offered by booking websites after an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading into agreements between hotels and online travel agents. The OFT looked at allegations that Expedia and had a pact with Intercontinental Hotels not to undercut its rates.More

OSHA withdraws proposed rule to amend on-site consultation program
Waterways Today via Construction & Demolition Magazine
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has withdrawn a proposed rule to amend its regulations for the federally funded On-site Consultation Program. OSHA says it is withdrawing this rule based on stakeholder concerns that proposed changes, though relatively minor, would discourage employers from participating in the program.More

FM issue: NextGen electrical
Today's Facility Manager
With rapidly growing energy demand and expanding requirements in modern electrical distribution systems, there is an increasing call for approaches in coordination, configurability, monitoring and maintenance that will help facility managers better control and maintain their electrical distribution systems properly. With complete monitoring activity in place, combined with proactive response initiative, there can be savings of up to 30 percent on costs of energy consumption and greater assurance that FMs are meeting critical codes and standards.More

Hotel Internet marketing: When it's right, when it's wrong
There's no avoiding it; if you want to put your hotel on the map, you need a hotel Internet marketing plan. If the prospect of developing an online strategy makes you consider running away to join the circus, take heart. It doesn't have to be overwhelming. Just take one small step at a time — and make sure each step is the right one. More

Builders of 47-story Spanish skyscraper forget elevator
The Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain, was designed to be a striking symbol of hope and prosperity, to signal to the rest of the world that the city was escaping the financial crisis. Sadly, the builders forgot to include a working elevator.More

Human error is leading cause of data center downtime, but can be minimized
Over the last 15 years, most building operators have come to recognize people account for the majority of interruptions to critical operations. Human error is identified as the root cause in 60 percent to 80 percent of data center downtime events, year after year. Infrastructure systems and component failures still merit attention, but today's rigorous design, construction and commissioning practices generally provide an expectancy of smooth equipment operation for 10 years or more. More

Food and beverage profitability — hotel chain's Achilles heel?
Food and Beverage profitability has hardly been a strong point for most global hotel management chains. What seemed to be the right thing to do for years — keeping rooms as the focus of hotel operations — is not a winning strategy any more.More

Brands respond to evolving guest needs
Hotel News Now
While some elements of a hotel stay will never change, brand executives said they continuously monitor guests’ needs and wants to foster the highest levels of satisfaction.More

Pop-up hotels: Design hotels push new model of curated luxury
Curation, or the concept of tailoring specific experiences to the customer, rather than developing the most encompassing, yet high-end services, has come to represent the new standard of excellence in the world of luxury in order to battle commoditization. As this trend has caught on, from spirits and liquors to high-end fashion, it has taken a particular expression in the world of hotels through the concept of the boutique hotel. As that model has consolidated, some are experimenting with a new idea, the pop-up hotel, which depends on temporariness to derive its uniqueness.More