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Apr. 22, 2015

2015 Spring Managed Care Forum: See you in Orlando!

Register today for the 2015 Spring Forum being held April 23-24, 2015 at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club. Click here to visit the conference website.More

6 moves to total-body transformation
Self via Fox News
Looking for a new summer workout? This plan, created by trainer Rose Wetzel, a professional Spartan obstacle course racing athlete will prepare you for common obstacles. But even if you aren’t planning to sign up for a race, these six moves will tone your body — and put a smile on your face.More

17 ways to burn more calories all day
If you can get to the gym every day and blast off 500 calories, then that's awesome — but if you follow up a morning workout by sitting at a desk for 8 hours, then you may not be too pleased with how long it takes you to start noticing weight falling off. Luckily, there are stealth ways you can turn up your calorie burn all day long. Lose more weight in less time with these expert tips.More

61 ways to lose weight
Men's Health via Yahoo Health
Making small decisions each day can result in big-time fat loss. Here are dozens of simple ways to lose weight. Start with one today and watch the weight begin to melt away. More

4 things you should know about the paleo diet
Yahoo Food
The Paleo diet has been promoted as the optimal diet, offering the eater a plethora of benefits including weight loss, disease prevention and improved health. It is designed to mimic what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate and includes grass-fed meats, nuts, seeds, eggs, fruits, vegetables and some oils.More

Environmental nutrition: Say 'yes' to canned foods
Chicago Tribune
Canned foods — fruits, vegetables and beans — are the ultimate convenience foods; they're nutritious, available year-round and economical. Yet, surveys show they are misunderstood and not considered healthful choices. Historically, canning was developed to preserve summer's bounty and extend food availability all year long to prevent seasonal starvation.More

12 mental tricks to beat cravings and lose weight
Using pure willpower to overcome cravings doesn’t always work. Guess what? You don’t have to tough out an unrelenting yen to house a box of Cheez-Its; you just need to fool yourself into thinking you didn’t actually want to eat the junk food in the first place. It’s easier than you think. Here are tips from experts and recent studies to help you stay on track.More

5 days of eating fatty foods can alter how your body's muscle processes food
After just five days of eating a high-fat diet, the way in which the body's muscle processes nutrients changes, which could lead to long-term problems such as weight gain, obesity, and other health issues, a new study has found. "Most people think they can indulge in high-fat foods for a few days and get away with it," said one investigator. "But all it takes is five days for your body's muscle to start to protest."More

The right dose of exercise for a longer life
The New York Times
Exercise has had a Goldilocks problem, with experts debating just how much exercise is too little, too much or just the right amount to improve health and longevity. Two new, impressively large-scale studies provide some clarity, suggesting that the ideal dose of exercise for a long life is a bit more than many of us currently believe we should get, but less than many of us might expect.More

The most fitness-friendly cities in America
The Huffington Post
Summer is almost here and with it, many people are looking to get in better shape. Here are the places with an abundance of personal trainers and fitness coaches, with plenty of yoga studios and climbing walls and lacking in the calorific temptations that can throw a great fitness plan off course.More

Woman dies from toxic diet pills bought online
CBS News
Police in the U.K. are warning about the dangers of buying diet pills online after the death of a 21-year-old college student. Eloise Aimee Parry died Sunday, April 12, just hours after taking tablets that promised to help with weight loss.More

Supplements may raise, not lower, cancer risk
Although dietary supplements are often touted for their health benefits, they may in fact increase your cancer risk, especially if taken in high doses, according to a new analysis of previous research. In the analysis, researchers looked at 20 years of published studies on supplements and people's risk of cancer.More