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Sep. 11, 2013

Can you be fit and fat?
Everyday Health
Some people who look obese but appear to be "fit and fat" may be that way due to a lack of inflammation, according to a new study out of University College Cork in Ireland. Obesity typically worsens inflammation in the body, and is thought to lead to other conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. More

8 simple ways to stay committed to your fitness routine
The Huffington Post
Sticking with a fitness routine is not always easy. We can be our own worst enemies. After all, we are toughest on ourselves. The truth is, missing a workout or sneaking a bite of cake becomes a way bigger deal in our own minds than it is in reality. Sometimes the only thing you need to keep you from sabotaging the rest of your day is empowerment. Here are some simple tips for keeping things in perspective and motivating you to stick with your routine.More

Should you run gadget-free?
Runner's World via Active
Gadgets like GPS's definitely have a place in training. They help you learn what a certain pace feels like, and allow you to see your progress. But they can also distract you from paying attention to your body and surroundings and, worse, rob you of that post-run sense of accomplishment. "I can get really hung up on my numbers," says Jess Underhill, who coaches at Race Pace Wellness in New York City. "They can be really disappointing at times." More

Myths surround breakfast and weight
The New York Times
Americans have long been told that routinely eating breakfast is a simple habit that helps prevent weight gain. Skipping breakfast, the thinking goes, increases hunger throughout the day, making people overeat and seek out snacks to compensate for missing that first — and some would say most important — meal of the day. More

Childhood obesity: Latest numbers show downward trend
By Dr. Georgene Collins
It's back-to-school time, and there is great news recently published on childhood obesity statistics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity statistics are on a downward trend. Although more work is needed, this is great news and shows the improvements work. This is especially true among low-income children ages 2-4. Among this group, there was a net decrease in obesity rates in 16 of 43 states and territories. More

Rice Diet program halted after 70 years
The Associated Press via ABC News
Before Atkins, South Beach and Paleo, there was the Rice Diet. Shelley Winters, Lorne Greene and Buddy Hackett — all big-name entertainers of their day — made the pilgrimage to take part in the residential weight-loss program that started at Duke University's medical center. Built around a regimen of white rice and fruit, the Rice Diet became one of the country's best-known diet centers in its more than 70 years of operation.More

Can you be fit and fat?
Everyday Health
Some people who look obese but appear to be "fit and fat" may be that way due to a lack of inflammation, according to a new study out of University College Cork in Ireland. More

Is it better to bike or run?
The New York Times
"Both running and cycling are excellent forms of exercise," said Hirofumi Tanaka, a professor of kinesiology and director of the Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas. More

Can gluten-free foods aid weight loss?
By Dr. Georgene Collins
Labels can be misleading. Fat-free, nonfat and whole grain are examples of misleading labels commonly used in the food industry. More

What causes violent behavior in teens? Consider deficiencies in vitamins and minerals
Medical Daily
In an effort to find the reasons for violent behavior among teens, many people point to video games, the media or eroding families, yet one researcher believes the answer may be as simple as malnutrition. "Above all the most influential factor in the course of increasing violence has been changes in the American food system and loss of nutrients for children and growing teens," wrote Sylvia Onusic, Ph.D.More

Study: More than 1/3 of populations worldwide may have low levels of vitamin D
A new systematic review published in the British Journal of Nutrition, is one of the first to focus on patterns of vitamin D status worldwide and in key population subgroups, using continuous values for 25(OH)D to improve comparisons.More

USA ranks 17th among world's happiest countries
USA Today
Something to smile about? Americans are not the happiest people on earth, but we do rank a respectable No. 17, among 156 countries evaluated for a new United Nations report. The second annual World Happiness Report finds the highest levels of happiness in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden, all in northern Europe. More

Certain bacteria may help ward off obesity
Los Angeles Times
The microorganisms in the human gut appear to play a pivotal role in determining whether a person is lean or obese, new research shows. The study, published online by the journal Science, is the strongest evidence yet that what's inside an individual's digestive tract influences the risk of obesity and its related health problems, such as Type 2 diabetes. More