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Dec. 19, 2012

Aerobic exercise seems best for weight, fat loss
HealthDay News
If you want to burn fat and lose weight, aerobic exercise beats resistance training, a new study says. Previous studies have shown that resistance training has many benefits, including improving blood sugar control, she said, but the effects of it on fat reduction have not been conclusive.More

More physicians on track to get flu shots
American Medical News
Physicians are close to achieving ambitious national objectives set for them for flu vaccinations, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC data found that 83.8 percent of doctors had been immunized against influenza in recent months. The Healthy People 2020 target is a 90 percent vaccination rate for health professionals.More

Surgery, exercise long-term outcomes equal for back pain
HealthDay News via Doctor Lounge
Over nine years of follow-up, patients with chronic low back pain randomized to lumbar fusion do not report better outcomes than those receiving cognitive intervention and exercises, according to a study published in the European Spine Journal.More

Healthy snacks help children feel full faster
MedPage Today
A healthy snack of cheese and vegetables can satisfy a child's appetite while also resulting in the consumption of fewer calories, researchers found. In a study measuring children's snack consumption when presented with various snack options while watching television, those given a combination vegetable and cheese snack consumed significantly fewer calories before being satiated than those who were served potato chips, according to researchers.More

School lunches might lighten up on veggies
Argus Leader via USA Today
VideoBriefThe Department of Agriculture is responding to parents, politicians and meal planners by softening its push toward healthier school lunches. For the rest of the school year, schools will be allowed to serve as much meat and grains as they want, as long as they don't exceed per-meal limits on total calories. Meal planners welcome the flexibility but still have concerns about the Health Hunger-Free Kids Act, which went into effect this year.More

Technology use enhances short-term weight loss for the obese
Layering connective mobile technology and coaching via telephone on top of the standard obesity treatment offered at all Veterans Affairs medical centers improved weight loss by 3.1 percent among obese participants. More

Menopause quality of life unchanged by soy supplements
Menopausal women who took soy supplements during a two-year trial reported no differences in quality of life compared to their counterparts taking placebo pills, U.S. researchers report.More

Pediatricians: Keep thimerosal in vaccines
A mercury-containing preservative should not be banned as an ingredient in vaccines, U.S. pediatricians said, in a move that may be controversial. In its statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed calls from a World Health Organization committee that the preservative, thimerosal, not be considered a hazardous source of mercury that could be banned by the United Nations.More

Vitamin D levels linked to daytime sleepiness
HealthDay News
A strong but complicated association exists between vitamin D levels and daytime sleepiness, and race is a major factor, according to a small new study. The study included 81 sleep clinic patients who were eventually diagnosed with a sleep disorder. Most of the patients were found to have obstructive sleep apnea. More

Newtown, Conn., tragedy could put mental health in spotlight
USA Today
Families and doctors who treat the mentally ill say they hope that the recent shooting tragedy in Newtown, Conn., will refocus the nation's attention on improving mental health services.More

Printed reminders for doctors improve healthcare
Medical Xpress
In an age when physicians are often short on time and deluged with information, printed reminders about screening tests, vaccinations and other health topics can help them provide care that more closely reflects current medical guidelines and evidence-based medicine, finds a new review from The Cochrane Library. Reminders should encourage clinicians to recall information or provide helpful information at the right time and place so that it fits smoothly within their usual workflow, the authors said. For example, preventive care reminders can encourage timely vaccinations for eligible patients.More