In a world-first, scientists have achieved 'liquid light' at room temperature

In a world-first, scientists have achieved 'liquid light' at room temperature

This matter is both a superfluid, which has zero friction and viscosity, and a kind of Bose-Einstein condensate - sometimes described as the fifth state of matter - and it allows light to actually flow around objects and corners.


Preconfigured XY/XYZ systems speed up time ato market

Machine builders and system integrators can move faster and address new, higher precision applications with reduced risk and cost because of the extensive testing that went into these pre-configured high-accuracy motion and automation systems that include EtherCat motion controllers and software.

Improving PCB stencil manufacturing with precision motion control

PCB stencils are used in PCB assembly automation with Surface Mount Technology electronics components. With every new electronics generation, feature sizes are getting smaller requiring faster, higher precision motion control with tighter synchronization of mechanics and laser control.

Open source Robot Operating System (ROS) for 6-DOF movement

ROS flexible framework for robotics software development aims to simplify the task of creating complex, robust robot behavior across a variety of platforms, including hexapods.


Free space optical communication and laser steering mirrors

Laser based optical communications have been developed to complement traditional radio frequency communications with satellites. Accurately positioned by fast steering mirrors, they provide higher throughput, require less power, and offer higher security.

AI-Enabled Microscopy Decodes the Immunological Synapse
Photonics Media

KAIST researchers have applied deep learning technology to 3D holographic microscopy, demonstrating the microscopy method’s potential for the practical study of cell interactions. The method holds implications for the study of cancer immunotherapy.

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