In a world-first, scientists have achieved 'liquid light' at room temperature

In a world-first, scientists have achieved 'liquid light' at room temperature

This matter is both a superfluid, which has zero friction and viscosity, and a kind of Bose-Einstein condensate - sometimes described as the fifth state of matter - and it allows light to actually flow around objects and corners.


Air bearing motion system for Tomography

Helical motion controlled by a frictionless air bearing system can create a series of 2D images that are sliced together to render a composite 3D image of a lab sample. Traditional motion systems have been used in the past, but new technology can provide higher quality results.

High speed deformable mirror module advances laser cutting/welding performance

High-frequency beam oscillation in the XY plane with scanning mirrors has already been used successfully. Actively shifting the beam focus on the workpiece is another method to increase the usable feed rate during laser beam cutting of thick sheet metal. During laser beam welding, it can also enable better weld seam quality and process stability.

Optical delay line stages — how do they work?

Time-resolved, ultrafast spectroscopy allows a very close and precise look at dynamic processes in materials and chemical compounds. With the help of ultra-short pulse lasers, changes on an incredibly small time scale down to the attosecond range can be made visible.


Next gen piezo Z-focus stage has industry-leading travel range

The advanced design provides 800µm travel while maintaining excellent dynamic properties and accuracy. It’s also easier to install, more compact, and allows for multiple unit turret mounting. Applications include SRM, wafer metrology, digital pathology, and laser material processing.

Optical singularities could be used for a wide range of applications from super resolution imaging to optical trapping

When we think about singularities, we tend to think of massive black holes in faraway galaxies or a distant future, but singularities are all around us. Singularities are simply a place where certain parameters are undefined. The North and South Pole, are what's known as coordinate singularities because they don't have a defined longitude.

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