May. 16, 2012

New report captures highlights of NAA mediaXchange 2012

More than 600 newspaper executives attended NAA mediaXchange 2012, along with representatives from more than 40 key advertising customers and 100-plus industry suppliers. A new NAA report summarizes key takeaways and includes links to speaker presentations, blog posts by student journalists, video footage and media coverage. For attendees, it's a refresher on the major themes of the conference. For those who didn’t make it to Washington, D.C., it's an opportunity to learn about what happened — and why it's important to begin making plans now for NAA mediaXchange 2013, scheduled for April 14-17 in Orlando.More

Planbook: Get 65 percent of the year at 50 percent of the price

Now on sale at $4.95 per copy, the NAA Advertising Planning Guide is a must-have for your sales toolkit. Consider how advertising alternatives in your community have changed in the past few years, and imagine hard it must be for local businesses to plan and budget advertising. The Planbook provides a way for them to sift through the choices, understand the basics and find trustworthy advice. More

Webinar: What you should know about third-party online sales

Using third parties — ad networks, exchanges, rep firms — to move unsold inventory is becoming increasingly complex. Not all solutions are created equal, and some strategies may be doing more harm than good. A June 6 webinar, conducted by experts on the third-party sales ecosystem, is designed to help participants better understand various components of effective sales management and focus strategy to improve inventory optimization. More

Registration discount available for mobile conference

The Mobile Marketing Association is offering NAA members 15 percent off the registration fee for the 2012 MMA Forum New York, scheduled for June 11-13. The event covers a range of topics related to growing mobile products and businesses. Use promo code NAA_15 to receive the discount. More

New campaign aimed at consumers who have overlooked Ford
Detroit Free Press
Ford is changing its advertising message in an attempt to attract consumers who have ignored its vehicles. The "Go Further" tagline will replace "Drive One," which has been in place since 2008.More

Groupon revenue increases 90 percent
Chicago Tribune
Improvements in technology and deal variety helped Groupon Inc. post a nearly 90 percent increase in revenue during the first quarter, giving the company a much-needed boost after weeks of punishing stock declines.More

Car ads on technology, efficiency resonate
MediaPost News
Talking about innovation and efficiency resonates with auto shoppers. So do auto ads that are clear, believable and informative, according to Phoenix Marketing International. The results are from Phoenix's monthly syndicated ad audit, covering 750-plus TV and print ads.More

TV networks desperately seeking young-adult viewers
Los Angeles Times
TV executives are scrambling to counter steep drop-offs among young-adult viewers and some record-low series ratings this spring. Despite the troubling signs, the big networks are still projected to fetch a record $9.5 billion with advance ad sales this summer.More

Facebook tests 'pay to promote post' tool
Facebook has started testing a system that lets users pay to highlight or promote posts. By paying a small fee users can ensure that information they post on the social network is more visible to friends, family and colleagues.More

From public TV, a new site for 50-somethings
The New York Times
Add public broadcasters to the media outlets aiming for the 50-plus crowd: A website called Next Avenue is offering original and aggregated journalism directed at baby boomers.More

Twitter developing original sports content
Fast Company
Sports fans are one of Twitter's core audiences. The microblogging giant hasn't been shy about its interest in working with established brands, and a new job listing indicates that Twitter's significantly boosting its original sports content.More

Nielsen unveiling next-generation TV meters
MediaPost News
In what is likely the most significant change in the methods Nielsen uses to measure TV — and potentially all forms of video content — the ratings company has quietly begun informing clients of a major initiative to develop a suite of new audience meters and digital tracking codes that could begin replacing its current meters as soon as 2014.More

YouTube's video views are falling by design
Advertising Age
Clicks are out and engagement is in as YouTube goes longer-format to conquer the couch.More

Why flipping paper-like pages endures in the digital world
Whether developers recognize it or not, users still subconsciously desire some kind of visual feedback when flipping through multiple pages of content. This presents a challenge to developers attempting to blend the tactility of real-world pages with the digitally native tablet aesthetic.More

Paper's engagement skyrockets with magazine-like iPad app
Nieman Journalism Lab
A surprising thing happened when Brazilian newspaper O Globo launched a weekday evening edition designed for its iPad app. The amount of time people spent using the app per day shot up from an average of 26 minutes to an incredible 77 minutes.More

Legacy journalism brands are betting consumers will keep the faith
To the ever-growing list of things news organizations can no longer take for granted (predictable revenue gains, a stable and mass audience, a monopoly on news coverage), the public's trust has arguably become their most valuable asset of all.More

Publishers find innovative ways to demonstrate ROI
"Newspaper media are no longer just about mass reach," says Randy Bennett, NAA senior vice president of business development. "They're developing new products and services that can provide greater ROI for advertisers and let them reach their target. Newspapers really are the right vehicle for that."More

Inside The Boston Globe's new sports show
Nieman Journalism Lab
The new live sports show is meant to capitalize on Boston sports fanaticism and peak traffic time on But to succeed, they’ll need to encourage a new habit in their audience.More

New auras surround Philly Inquirer readers
News & Tech
When Philadelphia Inquirer readers recently opened their Sunday paper, they couldn't readily see what was hiding under a handful of ads and editorial content — that is, unless they were looking with their tablet or smartphone. The May 6 Inquirer marked the launch of the publisher's use of "auras," or augmented reality features, which allow readers to interact digitally with their paper.More

Financial Times looks to retailers to boost subscriptions
MarketingWeek UK
The Financial Times is taking inspiration from online retailers as it looks to adopt a new marketing strategy in the hope of increasing its consumer subscription base and associated revenues.More