Oct. 20, 2010

Ad expansion continues; agencies upgrade outlooks
The U.S. and global ad economies are recovering faster than expected, leading two of Madison Avenue's biggest agency holding companies to significantly upgrade their outlooks for ad spending for the foreseeable future.More

Holidays may be a little merrier for retailers
Los Angeles Times
Good news for the nation's retailers: U.S. consumers plan to put a little more jingle into this holiday season. Shoppers plan to spend an average of $688.87 on gifts, decorations, food and other holiday-related purchases in 2010, according to a survey to be released by the National Retail Federation.More

Mobile shoppers are buying movies, clothing and more
Internet Retailer Magazine
Forty-three percent of mobile phone owners purchased movies, music and games — "shrink-wrapped" physical goods, not digital products — via their phones between March and August, finds the Adobe Mobile Experience Survey. Thirty-eight percent, however, made no mobile purchases in the same time period.More

Grocers respond to changing shopping habits
The Oregonian
Grocery retailers experienced some of their toughest financial and marketing challenges during the recession even as many consumers substituted slow-cookers for Saturday dinners out. Though many retailers report equal or higher traffic in stores, most say fewer items are in the basket, or items in the cart cost less, meaning less profit.More

E-readers to drive publication revenues
News & Tech
E-reader and tablet subscriptions will add a sustainable revenue stream both to magazine and newspaper publishers, a report from FTI Consulting forecasts.More

Boston station steps into mobile TV market
The Boston Globe
Right now, hardly anyone watches live shows on cell phones. That may soon change as consumer electronics companies start to adopt Mobile DTV, a new technology that could turn millions of digital gadgets into portable TV sets. WGBH in Boston is one of less than 100 US television stations that now broadcast Mobile DTV shows.More

Is the iPad really the savior of the newspaper industry?
Six months after the iPad's launch, here's a look at which newspapers have taken advantage of the digital platform, and the state of the market today.More