Oct. 27, 2010

Preview: Consumer spending a likely factor in economic growth
Economists surveyed by Bloomberg News in advance of this week's Commerce Department report predicted the U.S. economy probably grew at a faster pace in the third quarter, reflecting a pickup in consumer spending that bodes well for the recovery’s staying power.More

Target, Toys R Us, other retailers boost jobs for holidays
USA Today
Increased online sales, more temporary stores and guarded optimism about the season are leading some retailers to expand their workforces more than usual for the holidays. The National Retail Federation predicts holiday sales will be up just 2.3 percent this year.More

Luxury sales rebound despite unemployment concerns
International Business Times
A recent study by Bain & Co. indicates a strong surge in luxury sectors such as apparel, shoes, accessories, leather goods and perfumes as the industry rebounds from its first full-year decline in sales in 2009.More

The iPad changes content consumption
A new poll from Nielsen Research Company states that Apple has sold 8 million iPad units, breaking the insertion rate of the iPhone.More

Digital coupon use up in 2010
Editor & Publisher
The number of manufacturers distributing digital coupons increased by more than 23 percent over a year ago, a Kantar Media report shows.More

Financial Times digital subscriptions jump 50 percent
Digital subscribers for the Financial Times now number more than 180,000. The newspaper was one of the earliest adopters of an online paid subscription plan, a model now being tried by a variety of newspapers.More

Comcast offers online TV to TV subscribers
The Philadelphia Inquirer
More than a year after Comcast Corp. disclosed ambitious plans to create an online video service similar to cable TV, the Philadelphia company says it has made progress toward that goal with Xfinity TV.More

Magazines: It's about conversation, not information
FOLIO Magazine
Living in an age of "digital distraction," magazine-based media companies must come to terms with what they're becoming and whether they're doing it by default or design, says Roger Fransecky, CEO of the Apogee Group.More

Content and commerce: a marriage made in heaven
The Internet has disrupted both the media and the retail industries. Now, new business models are emerging that blend the two together, offering publishers a much-needed new revenue line.More

Politico, seeing a market need, adds a paid news service
The New York Times
Politico, the website and free daily publication that brought a 24-7 cable news sensibility to political reporting, will begin a subscription news service focused on health care, energy and technology.More