Dec. 24, 2014

1. 5 newspaper myths debunked
From Oct. 15: Newspapers dying is a myth that will not go away. The rise of the Internet and social media has given consumers new options for getting news. Many newspapers are adapting and thriving in this digital universe, expanding the number of people they reach. The newspaper digital audience reached a new high in August, according to data from comScore and NAA. The newspaper digital audience increased 18 percent to 164 million unique visitors in August 2014.More

2. Five Answers with Mi-Ai Parrish, Kansas City Star

From July 9: “We are much more than the printed product that arrives at your home each day; we’re the region’s largest media company and have been for decades. Our website, which turns 20 next year, is the No. 1 news website in the region. Beyond that, our printed newspaper is profitable and has been throughout the entire economic downturn.”More

3. A researcher shares insights into a comparison of newspapers' print and online editions

From July 16: Journalists might have gotten a taste of the Ramen Noodles Theory years ago. The theory, which suggests that online news, like ramen noodles, is an inferior good, might have been hard for some to swallow, but it is still interesting food for thought.More

4. The Omaha World-Herald builds its digital audience with targeted sites

From Aug. 13: The way readers consume news online has changed dramatically the past few years. Readers are now less likely to type in a newspaper’s homepage and scroll. Recently, newspaper sites have taken advantage of this new approach by creating niche sites and blogs devoted to special interests. At the Omaha World-Herald, bringing in readers to these targeted sites is nothing new.More

5. A new book explores ways for newspapers to sustain good health

From July 4: A new book may help community newspapers turn the corner. Penelope Muse Abernathy, author of "Saving Community Journalism," released April 29, keeps her finger on the pulse of community newspapers as they face challenges in the digital age. In her book, Abernathy draws on research and analysis to reveal ways for community newspapers to transform and become profitable. More

6. Columbia Missourian reports 'significant' revenue from Google Surveys

From Dec. 3: Would you answer a short survey to read newspaper digital content? Some publishers are banking on it. The Columbia Missourian is one newspaper using Google Consumer Surveys to generate revenue. Since the site started using surveys June 23, it has found a steady revenue stream. "We're very happy with how it has worked out," said Bryan Chester, marketing manager at the Columbia Missourian.More

7. How the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review succeeded in the online radio business

From May 15: “We had not ever thought about it. Opportunity presented itself.” That’s how Janet Corrinne-Harvey, Trib Total Media’s executive director of digital and marketing, explains the genesis of TribLive Radio: Sports Talk in 2011. “The landscape of traditional radio in Pittsburgh was changing,” Corrinne-Harvey explained. In late 2010, it was announced that WEAE 1250 AM, then the market’s ESPN radio outlet, was converting to a Radio Disney format.More

8. Digital subscription growth: 4 engagement initiatives

From June 18: How do you increase the level of engagement? Reducing the maximum number of page views allowed, putting more content behind the meter, marketing aggressively and having the right pricing strategy are all critical parts of making a digital subscription strategy flourish. But getting readers to stay longer and consume more content — obviously enjoying the experience and finding significant value in it — is the make it or break it part.More

9. Perfecting the balance between print and digital for newspapers

From Feb. 26: Over the past year, newspapers have transformed. We told the world that we were going to evolve, adapt and remain essential. We have done just that. Not only are newspapers still delivering on that promise, they are thriving as innovation and new ideas drive our success — across all platforms. While much of our recent success has been attributed to digital initiatives, it is very clear that our readers need to be reminded of the critical balance that newspapers must strike between print and digital.More

10. Toledo Blade, Apple team up for multimedia product

From Oct. 1: The Toledo Blade is carving out a niche in the digital media landscape. The Ohio newspaper is part of a collaboration with Apple Inc. that provides residential Internet subscribers with a one-of-a-kind multimedia experience. The Buckeye1 service provides a multimedia experience on an iPad, with a 50-megabit residential Internet connection. It launched Sept. 15.More