NAPT MultiView News Brief
Jan. 11, 2011

Virginia considers criminalizing bullying
Following a national uptick in awareness of the detrimental effects of bullying, especially on LGBT youth, Virginia is considering making bullying a crime. Arlington/Alexandria Delegate Adam Ebbin proposed to make extreme cases of bullying a class-one misdemeanor — punishable by up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. On top of that, the legislation would allow the victims to sue their bullies.More

Gov. Christie signs bill allowing advertisements on school buses
New Jersey Online
Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill into law recently that would allow advertisements on school buses in order to boost revenue for school districts at a time of cost-cutting. Half of all revenue generated will be used by to offset transportation costs, while the other 50 percent will go to services chosen by the Board of Education. Districts will have the ability to sell advertising space on the exterior sides of school buses owned or leased by the district.More

Local driving instructor challenges McDonald's commercial
Twin Falls Times-News
While McDonald's restaurants get plenty of attention for their food — "Billions and billions served" — a recent commercial made a local driver's education teacher take notice. Debbie Cottenware has taught the finer details of driving to students in three states for the past 23 years. She's watched as young high school students learned to drive on ice and parallel park in tight spots. She also has had a front seat to many driving trends of the past two decades, including a decided shift away from the advice most drivers older than 20 were given.More

Deaths focus need for genuine school buses
Global Times
A traffic accident involving 14 deaths may not get much attention in a country where more than 140 people reportedly die on the road every day. But the death of 14 students on their way to school on Dec. 27 caused sadness all over China — a worn-out farm tricycle-turned "school bus" plunged into a river in Hengnan, Hunan Province, drowning most of the kids onboard.More

Expert's take: What new airline fees might come in 2011?
CNN Travel
It may seem like airlines have thought of every possible way to squeeze more money out of air travelers, charging extra for everything from early boarding to checking bags. But hold on to your wallet: There's probably room for more fees. Might you eventually pay for holding your baby on your lap during a flight? Or talking to an airline employee during check in? The trend of a la carte pricing — charging rock bottom prices for base fares, then adding fees for anything extra — helped domestic airlines deliver the biggest profits in a decade last year.More

A better approach to AUPs for mobile devices: 5 questions with Anthony Luscre
The Journal
One of the keys to a successful school mobile learning program is the acceptable use policy. But according to Anthony Luscre, director of technology for Mogadore local schools in Ohio, the AUP alone may not be enough. Luscre, also a consultant who helps schools develop their practices and policies regarding student use of mobile devices, explained that the pace of technological development has exceeded the ability of some schools to respond.More

Diesel Emissions Reduction Act signed into law
Commercial Carrier Journal
President Barack Obama recently signed the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act into law following the U.S. House of Representatives' approval by voice vote on Dec. 21 and the U.S. Senate's unanimous approval on Dec. 16. DERA is a five-year reauthorization of the program created in 2005 to establish voluntary national and state-level grant and loan programs to reduce diesel emissions by upgrading and modernizing older diesel engines and equipment. The Diesel Technology Forum says DERA was supported by a coalition of more than 500 environmental, health, industry, labor and government organizations.More

AT&T's 'The Last Text' sends the message: 'It can wait'
Department of Transportation Fastlane
The campaign to end distracted driving is really picking up steam as this new year begins. Recently, texting while driving bans took effect in three states. Recently, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood also has written about Miss South Dakota, who is educating young people about the safety risks of distracted driving. LaHood shared a new documentary from AT&T called "The Last Text." AT&T's video already is having an effect on audiences around America. Like the "Faces of Distracted Driving" series, AT&T's "The Last Text" features family members and friends who have lost loved ones to distracted driving. It's powerful stuff.More

AASHTO presents top 10 transportation issues for the new year
AASHTO Journal
The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has compiled a list of the top 10 distinct and pressing transportation issues that loom at the local, state, and federal levels as 2011 begins. Congressional enactment of a long-term surface transportation reauthorization measure tops the list. "We are urging Congress to write a balanced bill this year that meets the needs of preservation and new capacity, meets the needs of rural and urban America, and meets the needs for highways as well as transit," said John Horsley, AASHTO's executive director. "If we get a bill passed with these elements, we have a shot of meeting the country's needs." More

Is your car too quiet?
Ridgefield Patch
Recently, President Barack Obama signed into law the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010. The law requires the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure that hybrid and electric car manufacturers add noises that alert the blind and other pedestrians that the vehicle is approaching. This is the first auto safety legislation to become law since Obama took office in 2009.More

Security fear for hundreds of pupils who travel alone in taxis
This is Somerset
Hundreds of children are being put at risk of abuse by "astonishing double standards" from education chiefs who allow vulnerable pupils to travel alone with taxi drivers every day. An investigation by the Western Daily Press has discovered that pupils as young as 4, and scores with special needs, are left unaccompanied with taxi drivers, often for more than an hour a day. The lax security contrasts with tough procedures on transporting children once they are in school, which sometimes rules that no pupil should be left alone in a vehicle with an adult — even their own teacher. Many of the youngsters taken to and from school by taxi drivers are either vulnerable and in care, are disabled or have special needs.More

Texting while driving: More states are making it illegal
Injury Board Blog
Accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are preventable, others are not. Distracted driving would fall into the preventable category. That is why more and more states are making it illegal to send text messages while driving.More