NAPT MultiView News Brief
Jan. 26, 2010

Senator proposes ads on public school buses
State lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow public school districts to raise money by selling advertising on school buses.More

Educators tout school bus safety bill
Daily Leader
Local school leaders are thrilled with proposed legislation. Dist. 42 Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Ellisville, Mo., has introduced the "Nathan's Law" bill that would impose harsher penalties for vehicles that illegally pass school buses, as well as tighter guidelines for bus drivers.More

Protecting children from harmful school bus diesel emissions
The Washington Post
Millions of school children across the nation ride on buses every day that use diesel fuel, exposing them to dangerous pollutants and serious health hazards. Part of Jim Blubaugh's job as head of the Environmental Protection Agency's National Clean Diesel Campaign is to clear the air by reducing emissions from thousands of diesel-fueled school buses.More

Bus driver union's GPS request rejected by School Board
Florida's Marion County School Board rejected a union request to forbid administrators from punishing, or even warning, school bus drivers for speeding based solely on information obtained from onboard GPS systems.More

Law change allows some money for special-ed kids to be funneled elsewhere
The Columbus Dispatch
Ohio school districts are spending money meant for disabled students to stabilize their shaky budgets, and the state has made it easier for them to do so.More

Oklahoma School Districts unify administrative systems
Two districts in Oklahoma are turning to ERP to help overhaul their administrative processes. Union Public Schools and Muskogee Public Schools this week went public with plans to deploy the Munis Enterprise Resource Planning suite from Tyler Technologies.More

States go after texting drivers
USA Today
The fight against distracted driving may be at a tipping point as 23 states debate legislation to ban texting while driving, a practice 19 states already prohibit.More

New hybrid school bus yellow on outside, green on inside
Kitsap Sun
The newest school bus for North Kitsap in the state of Washington is green in almost every way except color. Though its outer shell is traditional bright yellow, the bus houses new hybrid technology that converts energy from frequent braking into power for its engine.More

Installing safety belts on school buses: The debates
24-7 pressrelease
While numerous studies have confirmed this statement, "school bus transportation is one of the safest forms of transportation in the United States," school buses are not immune to accidents. Though far fewer children die in school bus crashes than in car crashes, the high rate of school-bus-related injuries begs the question: should safety belts be installed in school buses?More

Hawaii school bus service being cut back as costs soar
Honolulu Advertiser
The Department of Education plans to eliminate more school bus routes on O'ahu next school year by increasing the distance students will be required to walk to school.More

Schools spending millions on tutors
Journal Gazette
Not meeting federal accountability standards can mean a lot of hard work for school officials. But for private tutoring companies, it means big business.More