NAPT MultiView News Brief
Feb. 18, 2014

NAPT PDS and SNT courses available at upcoming events

For NAPT members interested in pursuing career development, certification and recertification, and/or the NAPT Special Needs Program, we will be announcing dates and locations of our course offerings throughout the year.

If you wish to receive NAPT credit for PDS or SNT course offerings at upcoming events, and an official course completion certificate from NAPT, please click on the specific location you are interested in (below). You'll be taken to a registration page that details all the information you need, including a link to the conference site.

TSD Conference (Transporting Students with Disabilities and Preschoolers): Course Web link

RATSA (Rochester Area Transportation Supervisors Association): Course Web link

The NAPT Professional Development Series is the industry's only comprehensive training program designed exclusively for school transportation professionals; offering nearly 40 different courses for the classroom and many are now available online.

Visit our website: NAPT PDS page.

The NAPT Special Needs Transportation Training Program was created to encourage individuals involved in school transportation to enhance their knowledge about transporting students with disabilities and promote excellent leadership skills for the community of transportation personnel serving children of all ages with special needs.

For more information, click here: SNT Brochure.More

US Secretary of Transportation Foxx on board for Love the Bus
American School Bus Council
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx will speak to a group of elementary school students at the American School Bus Council's Love the Bus Main Event at Oak Hill Elementary School in High Point, N.C., on Feb. 21. Love the Bus, which began in 2007 and is held every February, is a month-long celebration of the importance of the iconic yellow school bus, and includes events at schools, school bus yards, and other locations around the country. It raises awareness and appreciation for the experience of riding the bus to and from school, as well as the diverse set of individuals whose daily efforts make the yellow school bus what it is today.More

Research: FMCSA Safety Measurement System is an improvement for identifying at-risk companies
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
A new study confirms that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Safety Measurement System is more effective at identifying commercial bus and truck companies of all sizes for targeted enforcement than the system it replaced. Researchers analyzed the association between historical carrier data and future crash involvement by taking two years of pre-SMS safety data for a subset of carriers, running it through the system's algorithm, and then following those companies' crash records for 18 months. More

230 more school buses to be added to Emirates Transport fleet
Hundreds of school buses are to be given to government schools at the beginning of the next academic year. Emirates Transport will add the 230 additional buses to schools' fleets to meet growing demands, in a move that was announced this year by the Minister of Education, Humaid Al Qatami. During the board meeting in which the announcement was made, the first this year, Emirates Transport was also praised for its performance last year.More

Universal pre-K debate: Funded by federal or state government
VideoBriefIn his State of the Union address last month, President Barack Obama pushed for universal pre-kindergarten again. The president asked Congress to help states make high-quality pre-K available to every four year-old. Now some experts are saying the federal government should leave it up to the state to fund universal pre-K education. Although money may be an issue, others say the hope is that providing a good early education will bring more low-income children into the middle class.More

Eager to get seat belts on students, state senator drove a school bus
92.3 KTAR-FM
When children ride school buses, Sen. Barbara McGuire, D-Ariz., doesn't understand why they can't wear seat belts. "We have them buckle up in our cars. It doesn't make sense not to have them buckle up elsewhere," said McGuire. So when a 2009 bill to require seat belts on school buses met opposition from Republican leaders and foundered, she decided to drive a school bus for the Ray Unified School District. "In order to defuse their objection, I wanted to learn it from the ground up so that I would have firsthand knowledge," said McGuire. That experience informed SB 1115, McGuire's bill to require lap belts on all new school buses. Buses currently in school districts' fleets wouldn't be affected. More

Club Penguin pushes for an end to cyberbullying
When you consider the biggest social networks on the Web, Disney's Club Penguin platform, aimed for children ages 6 to 12, might not be the first to come to mind. But Club Penguin is overwhelmingly popular among elementary school students and serves as the training wheels for the social networks they will migrate to in the future, such as Facebook and Twitter. The site recently announced a new initiative called It Starts With You!, to educate and empower children on standing up to bullies and speaking up when something is wrong — not just online, but in real life.More

Distracted driving: What you can do
USA Today
According to the federal Department of Transportation, 3,328 Americans were killed in 2012 because of distracted-driving crashes. Among 15- to 19-year-old drivers involved in fatal crashes, 21 percent were distracted by the use of cellphones. Distracted driving is a serious safety issue for all Americans. Although adults are also at risk from this behavior, less-experienced teen drivers are particularly vulnerable to being injured or killed in a crash involving distracted driving. A new study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute shows that young drivers may become overconfident once they've earned their licenses. More

Experts: Turn data into achievement
eSchool News
School systems are collecting a "tremendous amount" of data about their students, said Dan Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators, but how can they use this information to improve instruction? The answer to this question relies on changing the entire culture around school data use. "We need to change the conversation from data as a hammer to data as a flashlight," or a tool " in schools, says Aimee Guidera, executive director of the Data Quality Campaign, a national nonprofit advocacy group.More

Preventive maintenance then and now: What's different?
Automotive Fleet
Led by new technology, both vehicles and the means by which they're managed today would not be recognizable 30 years ago. One of the biggest changes: how preventive maintenance is handled today over yesterday.More

NAPT PDS and SNT courses available at upcoming events
For NAPT members interested in pursuing career development, certification and recertification, and/or the NAPT Special Needs Program, we will be announcing dates and locations of our course offerings throughout the year. More

Senator wants to remove mileage caps on school buses
The Tullahoma News
A trio of Tennessee legislators recently had an opportunity to hear about the issues weighing on the minds of city officials and board members when they attended the annual legislative dinner hosted by Mayor Lane Curlee.More

Preventing drowsy driving
Automotive Fleet
Of course, the most obvious way for anyone to prevent drowsy driving is to get a good night's sleep. But too many of us have developed poor sleeping habits. The following is some advice, culled from the National Sleep Foundation and the Snoring Center, on how to improve your sleep hygiene. You may want to pass these tips along to your drivers. More

State, schools looking closely at how to define and monitor bullying
The Herald News
"An Act Relative to Bullying," passed by the Massachusetts Legislature in 2010, has helped get a bead on school-based bullying issues for many, including parents, students and educators. The act provided a specific definition of bullying. It also compelled local school districts to draft bullying prevention and reporting policies and plans, including prohibiting bullying. With these new policies and plans, districts had a starting point for educating staff, students and parents on what bullying is. More

School district new green buses hit the road
VideoBriefParkway, Mo., School District's brand new school buses are getting quite a bit of attention on the roads. The new buses are being noticed partly for their green stripes and flat front ends. But the real difference lies in the healthier fuel. These 30 new buses are running on Compressed Natural Gas, which creates fewer air pollutants than diesel fuel. The fuel cost savings are estimated at $100,000 per year. More

Harm can continue even after bullying stops
USA Today
Intervening early to stop bullying is important because the health effects — including anxiety, depression and impaired self-worth — can persist even after bullying stops, a study shows. The study examines "how the effects of bullying can compound over time or snowball" by focusing on students' past and present bullying experiences, says Laura Bogart, a social psychologist at Boston Children's Hospital and lead author of the study. More

For bus drivers, it's safety first
Covington News
Recent snowstorms in Georgia have forced businesses, schools and other establishments to close their doors and people to nestle indoors for safety. And for one Newton County Schools bus driver, the recent storms were all about keeping children safe. "You know, its nerve-wracking when the snow is coming down and you’ve got to get the children at home and yourself as well. Get the bus parked, and get yourself home. But, we rely and trust our authority — our superintendent, our director, and so I mean, it was just a matter of safety. Safety is always first with our school system and with us," said Lisa Salers, who began her bus-driving career in DeKalb County but now drives for Newton.More