NAPT MultiView News Brief
March 23, 2010

Could school bus ads save school budgets?
ABC News
School districts have imposed all sorts of drastic cuts to save money during the down economy, canceling field trips and making parents pay for everything from tissues to sports transportation. And some have now resorted to placing advertisements on school buses. School districts say it's practically free money, and advertisers love the captive audience that school buses provide. That's the problem, say opponents.More

Pa. lawmaker wants review of school bus driver licensing regulations
KYW-News Radio
State lawmakers are taking a closer look at the licensing requirements for school bus drivers in Pennsylvania following a deadly crash in Montgomery County last month involving a bus driver who was involved in another fatal crash more than a decade ago.More

Senators pump gas fee into bill
Climate bill supporters are leaning toward exempting big oil companies from a broader cap on greenhouse gases as a way of winning critical support from industry players and key lawmakers.More

Safety coalition urges Congress to help cut highway deaths
PR Newswire
The State Highway Safety Alliance and the International Association of Chiefs of Police have joined forces to call for an aggressive plan to prevent hundreds of thousands of highway fatalities over the next twenty years through the upcoming surface transportation authorization bill.More

RTA offers Tri-C students discount after STEP voted down
The Voice
A new pilot program will offer Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) students a $100 discount to ride the RTA for a semester. Students will pay $240, a 30 percent discount over four monthly passes, but details about how students will be charged are still being worked out.More

After 23 F's, seat belt bill passes a test
The Connecticut Mirror
Rep. Antonio Guerrera, co-chairman of the legislature's Transportation Committee in Connecticut, set out to require installation of seat belts on all school buses now, but he's satisfied with a compromise that will have every child buckled up sometime around 2024.More

Students will lobby state, city for free MetroCards from MTA
New York Daily News
Student leaders pledged to lobby New York state and city to save their free MetroCards after meeting privately with the MTA chairman.More

Economy not helping bus driver recruitment
AZ Central
Recruiting school bus drivers is always tough, and the poor economy isn't necessarily making it any easier, according to Tim Siemon, transportation director for Arizona's Fountain Hills Unified School District, who presented a transportation report to the governing board.More

Gadgets in emergency vehicles seen as peril
The New York Times
They are the most wired vehicles on the road, with dashboard computers, sophisticated radios, navigation systems and cellphones. While such gadgets are widely seen as distractions to be avoided behind the wheel, there are hundreds of thousands of drivers — police officers and paramedics — who are required to use them, sometimes at high speeds, while weaving through traffic, sirens blaring.More

37Signals' 13 simple rules for success in business
Fast Company
The founders of 37Signals have a new book out, and it promises to rethink the traditional business plan with simpler solutions to creating a successful business. Stripped of all big words and fancy strategies, Rework's collection of short, inspiring essays advocates a "less is more" approach to starting your own business, handing out tips on increasing productivity and debunking myths in business. This slideshow offers the key points. More

Group tasked with boosting long-haul health of truck drivers
Knoxville Biz
Truck drivers' average life expectancy of 55-57 years is a startling statistic that Dr. John McElligott is trying to change by making physical examinations for America's 14 million commercial drivers more accessible, even taking to the satellite radio airwaves to get his message to truckers.More

Transparent leadership starts from within
Government Executive
Are you a transparent leader? Soon after taking office, President Obama issued an executive order calling for agencies to be transparent, participatory and collaborative as a means to strengthen democracy and make government more efficient and effective.More

Bus video raises many questions
Montgomery Media
The startling video that depicts a Pennsylvania Perkiomen Valley school bus driver allegedly blowing through 10 stop signs before being involved in a fatal crash raises questions about how often bus camera footage is reviewed.More

Airport security a worldwide problem
Business Week
The U.S. is working hard to forge agreements with other nations to improve airport security worldwide after a failed Christmas Day bombing attempt aboard a Detroit-bound airliner, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.More

Drivers: Bus bid process flawed
The Michigan Citizen
Robert Bobb, state-appointed emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, announced in February his intention to fully outsource school bus services. Now, drivers and mechanics, whose jobs are in jeopardy, are fighting back.More