NAPT MultiView News Brief
Apr. 2, 2013

NAPT Special Needs Transportation graduates

Congratulations to the following who have recently graduated from the SNT program: Darlene Marshall with Fauquier County Public Schools in Warrenton, Va., and Caryn Erickson with Adam Services in St. Louis Park, Minn.

The NAPT Special Needs Transportation Training Program provides numerous opportunities for transportation personnel serving students with disabilities to access educational opportunities at both local and national conferences and to gain national recognition for their efforts.

The program has a core curriculum that consists of six special needs courses in a variety of different settings, including a school bus roadeo and a trade show of school transportation products and services. The core curriculum is supplemented by two courses of elective instruction from the NAPT Professional Development Series Program. The syllabus for the core curriculum has been specifically designed to increase an individual's specific knowledge about transporting students with disabilities.

To access more information about the NAPT SNT program, including a detailed program description, application and SNT brochure, visit here.

To see the list of current graduates visit here. More

NAPT PDS and SNT courses available at many upcoming conferences

For NAPT members interested in pursuing career development, certification and recertification, and/or the NAPT Special Needs Endorsement, we will be announcing dates and locations of our course offerings throughout the year.

If you wish to receive NAPT credit for PDS or SNT course offerings at upcoming events, and an official course completion certificate from NAPT, please click on the specific location you are interested in (below). You'll be taken to a registration page that details all the information you need, including a link to the conference site.

OASBO (Ontario Association of School Business Officials): OASBO Course Web Link

TAA (Transportation Administrators of Arizona): TAA Course Web link

VAPT (Virginia Association for Pupil Transportation): VAPT Course Web link

OPTA (Oregon Pupil Transportation Assn): OPTA Course Web Link

ASTSBC (Association of School Transportation Services of British Columbia): ASTSBC Course Web link

MAPT (Missouri Association for Pupil Transportation): MAPT Course Web link

The NAPT Professional Development Series is the industry's only comprehensive training program designed exclusively for school transportation professionals; offering nearly 40 different courses for the classroom and many are now available online.

Visit our website: NAPT PDS page.

The NAPT Special Needs Transportation Training Program was created to encourage individuals involved in school transportation to enhance their knowledge about transporting students with disabilities and promote excellent leadership skills for the community of transportation personnel serving children of all ages with special needs.

For more information, click here: SNT Brochure.More

Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward
The Hill
President Barack Obama is quietly moving forward on gun control. The president has used his executive powers to bolster the national background check system, jumpstart government research on the causes of gun violence and create a million-dollar ad campaign aimed at safe gun ownership. Regional offices with the General Services Administration have begun to reach out to local schools, advising them about the agency's "Cooperative Purchasing" program, which gives discounted rates to schools on security equipment including: surveillance cameras, emergency communication systems, security design and support, and employee background check systems. More

Can books solve the bullying problem?
The Atlantic Wire
Last year, it was futuristic dystopias. This year, it's ... bullying. Recently, in the New York Times, Leslie Kaufman takes on the new proliferation of books about bullying in the Y.A. and children's categories, and beyond. She writes, "Publishing houses are flooding the market with titles that tackle bullying. The books are aimed at all age groups — from Bully, a picture book for elementary-grade students, to the The Bully Book, for middle school children, about an average kid who suddenly becomes everyone's favorite victim, to Sticks and Stones by Emily Bazelon, a recent release for adults that includes both stories and analysis." In fact, there's been an overall increase in English-language books tagged with the key word bullying over the past decade, Kaufman adds. This may in part be because bullying as the go-to phrase to indicate such behavior simply wasn't used in the same frequency back in, say, the 1980s or prior.More

Senator: School bus ads could bring in cash
The Register-Herald
Everyone is familiar with the huge, yellow vehicles with black lettering. Each day, they blanket the roads and streets of West Virginia, hauling children to and from school. If Senate Majority Leader John Unger, D-Berkeley, has his way, the buses might someday be carrying some extra cargo — advertising. By allowing commercial ads to appear on buses, Unger sees a means of generating some money for extra-curricular activities, child nutrition programs, and the like.More

Nearly half of adults admit to distracted driving
VideoBriefNearly half of commuters self-reported texting while driving in a recent poll1, and 43 percent of those who did called it a "habit." Commuters are texting and driving even more than teens — 49 percent, compared to 43 percent. And the problem has gotten worse. Six in 10 commuters say they never texted while driving three years ago. So while efforts to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving are working — 98 percent of commuters surveyed said they know sending a text or email while driving isn't safe — there's clearly more work to be done to change behaviors.More

Oregon school bus driver Veronica Mirehouse discusses her job
The Oregonian
VideoBriefVeronica Mirehouse, a veteran school bus driver with the Battle Ground School District in Oregon, discusses the joys and trials of a job that requires her to be part babysitter, part teacher and part chauffeurs for hundreds of students each day. More

Shane Koyczan: 'To This Day' ... for the bullied and beautiful
VideoBrief By turn hilarious and haunting, poet Shane Koyczan puts his finger on the pulse of what it's like to be young and ... different. "To This Day," his spoken-word poem about bullying, captivated millions as a viral video. In the following video, he gives a glorious, live reprise with backstory and violin accompaniment by Hannah Epperson. More

FMCSA begins enhanced training of Special Investigators to improve bus safety
U.S. Department of Transportation FastLane
Every day, millions of Americans wake up and travel by plane, train or bus to their destinations. Many will board that vehicle and not think about safety. That's because safety is DOT's job, and it is one that they take seriously. Recently, Deputy Secretary Porcari, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro, and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood met with over 50 special investigators from across the nation, each passionate about safety, who will lead the charge to step up FMCSA's oversight of bus operators.More

Could it be? Gas prices are around 25 cents cheaper than last year
The current national average per gallon of gas, $3.65, probably doesn't seem all that cheap. Not compared to the beginning of the year, when prices were 10 percent cheaper. And especially not compared to a few years ago, when gas sold for under $2. So some drivers are surprised — and a bit skeptical — to hear that prices are significantly less than a year ago at this time.More

Fleet tracking: How to reduce fuel costs
By Ryan Driscoll
Let's face it, the cost of fuel isn't something fleets can hide from any longer. We all know it's going to continue to rise, and there's nothing we can do about it. What you can do, however, is be proactive in keeping your fuel costs down. A GPS fleet-tracking solution is the ideal tool to keep your fuel costs under control. The following are a few real-life examples.More

Fleet tracking: Not Big Brother, just good business
By Ryan Driscoll
Some fleet managers are hesitant to implement a GPS fleet tracking solution for fear of employees thinking that "Big Brother is watching them." But employee perceptions are influenced greatly by how a GPS tracking initiative is presented internally. As such, this is an easy objection to overcome if management explains the benefits to the company and the employee. Here are a few specifics.More

BUS-ted: High-tech 'eyes' to monitor school bus traffic violators in Connecticut
Fairfield Citizen
Leon Walker has been a school bus driver for close to 16 years. Walker said dangerous situations when drivers ignore a school bus' red stop sign and flashing lights occur "more frequently than it should." He doesn't think it's a matter of motorists not knowing the law that requires them to stop, "They're just not paying attention," he said. But if the lights and stop signs don't catch drivers' attention, local officials now hope that a $450 ticket will. Under a partnership with REDFLEX Student Guardian, local school buses are being outfitted with video cameras that monitor and record drivers who ignore school bus "stop" signals.More

Looking to share your expertise?
In an effort to enhance the overall content of the NAPT MultiView News Brief, we'd like to include peer-written articles in future editions. As a member of NAPT, your knowledge and experience in the industry can be of great help to your fellow members. And we're hoping you'll share this expertise with your peers through well-written commentary. Because of the digital format, there's no word or graphical limit, and our group of talented editors can help with final edits. If you're interested in participating, please contact Ronnie Richard to discuss logistics.More

Texas anti-bullying program may be going national
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Students around the country could be wearing anti-bullying buttons, lanyards and wristbands with a motto familiar to Fort Worth school students: It's Not Okay. That's the name of an initiative to promote respect, integrity and civility created by Fort Worth school district administrators that's in place on Fort Worth campuses.More

Fleet operators urged to participate in distracted driving survey
Fleet Owner Magazine
April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Aegis Mobility said it's the ideal time to conduct its Third Annual Workplace Distracted Driving Survey. Aegis Mobility was founded in 2006 to address the distracted while driving problem of cellphone use in vehicles. The survey's goal is to gather feedback from commercial fleet operators, safety professionals and risk managers and to analyze corporate attitudes toward employee use of mobile devices while driving.More

Wyoming children speak up on school bus safety
The Riverton Ranger via Daily Herald
Motivated by a classmate's death, a group of Fremont County School District 6 students are lobbying the state Legislature to change laws about school bus safety. The children made a presentation to Fremont County Commission at its March 12 meeting, and the county board pledged its support. "After we had the death of a student in school, this group wanted to move forward and get some laws changed about bus safety," said Wind River Middle School principle Jeffrey Verosky.More

Anti-bullying lessons with the Bard
Some 400 years after the first recorded performance of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest," thousands of Colorado students are seeing an adaptation of the famous play created especially for them. Their version is relatively short, and has a very specific goal: reducing violence among teens and preteens.More