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Jun. 24, 2014

10 reasons to register for NAPT's 2014 Summit

Looking for reasons to attend NAPT's 40th Annual Summit: Driving Innovation in Kansas City, Missouri this Nov. 8-11? Here are 10!

10. Connect with your peers from around the nation
9. Meet industry leaders during special events
8. Navigate your way through the industry's largest One-Day Trade Show
7. Celebrate the industry and your peers' accomplishments
6. Experience NAPT's America's Best Skills Competition
5. Be the first to earn the industry's only Special Needs Transportation Certification
4. Hear from top-notch presenters addressing the latest industry trends
3. Get the latest information from NTSB Acting Chairman Chris Hart
2. Honor our nation's heroes on Veteran's Day with Air Force Captain (Ret.) Scott O'Grady
1. Be a part of history as NAPT celebrates 40 years!

Early-bird gets the worm
Register early and save $100! Our full conference rate is only $299 before Aug. 1. Take advantage of this great discount and register online today!

Prefer paper? Download the Delegate packet and fax your form to 518-218-0867.

Hotel Information
The Kansas City Marriott Downtown, approximately 20 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport (MCI) will serve as our headquarters hotel and a block of rooms has been set aside for Summit delegates. Reserve your room at the reduced NAPT rate of $134/night, plus tax (~$158.33/night), or call 800-228-9290. Individuals are encouraged to make reservations early. In order to secure the reduced rate, reservations must be made by Oct. 8, 2014.

So, mark your calendar and make plans to be in Kansas City, Missouri, Nov. 8-11 for NAPT's 40th Annual Summit: Driving Innovation. We look forward to seeing you there!More

Peter & Linda Lawrence create scholarship for driver trainers & front line supervisors

NAPT is pleased to announce that Peter Lawrence, Director of Transportation for the Fairport (NY) Public Schools, and his wife Linda have created a scholarship that will help four school bus driver trainers attend the NAPT Annual Summit this year.

This scholarship will cover the registration fee of NAPT's 2014 Annual Summit, which takes place Nov. 8 through Nov. 11, 2014 in Kansas City, Kansas.

"We have created this endowment to help give back to an industry that does noble work for students across our great nation," said Peter Lawrence. "We hope driver trainers take advantage of the opportunity and we look forward to reviewing the applications."

Peter and Linda Lawrence Training Scholarships will be awarded to school bus driver trainers or front line supervisors who work for a school district or private school bus company and train transportation staff either full or part-time. Candidates must have held an industry position for at least three years. Please note: this award defrays the cost of registration only – winners are responsible for all other associated costs.

Applicants must submit a cover letter that contains a brief statement of financial need and two letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation must be from the applicant’s immediate supervisor and/or school district or company administrator. The letter should detail how the candidate's professional capabilities and personal integrity justify receiving the scholarship. A description of why s/he would like to receive the scholarship, what s/he hopes to achieve by attending, and how the training will further enhance the candidate’s effectiveness as a trainer, is also required.

Download the application today.

The deadline to submit an application for the NAPT conference is Sept. 12, 2014. A formal announcement declaring the winners will be made on Sept. 19, 2014.

About the Scholarship Partners:
Peter Lawrence is the Director of Transportation for the Fairport Central School District in Fairport, NY, and has served many roles during his tenure, including head mechanic and driver trainer. Lawrence is a Certified Director of Pupil Transportation (CDPT) through NAPT and holds a M.S. Degree in Management from Roberts Wesleyan College, a Certificate of Advanced Study in School Business Administration from SUNY Brockport, and Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of Rochester.

In addition, Lawrence serves as an NAPT Instructor, teaching training courses nationally and internationally. He has contributed several articles for School Bus Fleet, School Transportation News and the Association of School Business Officials International. Lawrence is a member of NAPT, NYAPT (New York Association for Pupil Transportation) and RATSA (Rochester Area Transportation Supervisors Association).

Linda Lawrence is an art teacher at Greece Central School District, North Greece, NY. She teaches grades K-5 at Paddy Hill School. Linda also owns a glass bead jewelry business called Linda's Bella Bead Jewelry. Every June, she donates 100 percent of the profits from special glass hearts to Joining Hearts and Hands, Ltd., a not for profit corporation. The proceeds from these hearts, called "Hearts for Hannah," are donated to Hannah's Hope Early Childhood Center – Katito in Nyanza Province, Kenya. Over the last four years, Linda has raised/donated over $5,000 to the cause. For more information visit

NAPT's 2014 LED program tackles project management

Join industry leaders from across the nation during NAPT’s 2014 Leading Every Day (LED) program! This year's comprehensive program will include three webinars (August, September & October) and a ½ day face-to-face workshop on Friday, Nov. 7 in Kansas City, Missouri. Our Guest Lecturer, George Pitagorsky, PMP, will cover project management and process improvement with an emphasis on behavioral skills. Register today!

Program objectives:

Space is limited - Act quickly
The registration deadline is Tuesday, July 15* and the program is only open to the first 40 registrants, so reserve your space today!

* In order for this program to be most effective, a minimum of 25 participants registered by Tuesday, July 15 is required. If we do not reach the minimum number of participants, the NAPT Board will reassess the 2014 LED program offering.More

NAPT member completes Special Needs Transportation program

Congratulations to Michelle Charbonneau (Jackson R-2 School District, MO)

By successfully completing this rigorous curriculum geared toward transportation personnel serving students with disabilities, Michelle Charbonneau demonstrated her commitment to the profession, district, and students. NAPT's Special Needs Transportation program consists of a series of traditional classroom and hands-on training specifically designed to test the skills and enhance the knowledge of those working with students with disabilities.

Originally started to provide access to tailored educational opportunities at both local and national conferences, the program currently includes a core curriculum consisting of special needs courses in a variety of different settings. The SNT syllabus is intended to increase an individual's specific knowledge about transporting students with disabilities.

Congratulations Michelle!More

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UAW leans heavily on neutrality agreements for organizing wins
Detroit Free Press
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the UAW tried twice and failed to organize more than 650 hourly workers who make school buses at an IC Bus factory. But in February 2013, after a new management team declared it would not resist a third organizing campaign, the union won. Over the next eight months, the UAW and Navistar, which owns IC Bus, negotiated a new contract covering the Tulsa workers. Neutrality agreements are not new. They've been around for decades in the labor movement. But they are rarely used in organizing campaigns today.More

iPads in special ed: What does the research say?
Recently, NPR Ed's Eric Westervelt in New York City where iPads are being used in a novel way. Students with a range of severe disabilities, including developmental, mental, physical and autism spectrum disorders, are using apps alongside traditional instruments to help express themselves through music. Teachers there saw improvements not only in students' musical knowledge and performance skills but also in their motivation, communication skills and the strength of their social bonds. The changes showed up in everything from little things, like saying hello to each other, to big things, like dreaming of a future as a touring musician. More

School improvement requires more than just a plan
By Thomas Van Soelen
As educational leaders, we spend considerable time building plans for a variety of stakeholders. After that first, often arduous writing of the initial draft, many leaders struggle with how to revise the plan in meaningful, engaging ways. Chuck Bell, a second-year superintendent in Elbert County, Georgia, created his system's first-ever improvement plan then ran his summer leadership retreat and was stumped with what to do next. He chose to model a process that school leaders could immediately lift and use in their schools.More

A closer look: How many Newtown-like school shootings since Sandy Hook?
After the recent shooting at an Oregon high school, many media outlets reported that there have been 74 school shootings in the past 18 months. That's the time period since the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were shot to death. The statistic came from a group called Everytown for Gun Safety, an umbrella group started by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a passionate and public advocate of gun control. Without a doubt, that number is startling.More

New law allows school districts to record student conversations on buses
The Republic
The days of hearsay "he said, she said" reports on school bus incidents might be over, at least in Pennsylvania. Gov. Tom Corbett signed legislation in February allowing the use of audio recording devices on school buses, and many districts are taking advantage of the law. The recordings can be used for "disciplinary and security purposes," the bill states. More

Seat belts just don't add up
The Columbus Dispatch
A proposal to require Ohio school districts to install seat belts on new and refurbished buses is well-intentioned but unnecessary. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declined in 2011 to mandate school-bus safety belts at the federal level, citing the high cost and the fact that large school buses already are one of the safest modes of transportation available. House Bill 578, co-sponsored by Reps. Tom Letson, D-Warren, and Roland Winburn, D-Dayton, is modeled after legislation introduced in the legislature several years ago. Such bills often are introduced in reaction to sad but rare incidents in which children are seriously injured or killed while riding on school buses.More

Budget proposal threatens school bus, driver's ed funding
Blue Ridge Times-News
As state Senate and House budget writers confer in Raleigh, North Carolina, school system transportation directors and driver's education instructors are worrying about future funding for their operations, which would be affected if the Senate's version of the budget is adopted. The Senate budget for next year cuts yellow bus funding by 6 percent, or $28 million, and calls for a one-time transfer of $26 million from the Highway Fund — which pays for driver's education courses across the state — to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction to cover the deficit. From there, the DPI would essentially have to choose between funding school buses or driver's education.More

Traffic Safety Facts 2012 / School Bus Highlights
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
NHTSA recently released its fatality and injury statistics for 2012 (the latest year available). Following is a summary of key points related to the pupil transportation industry.

National Snapshot

School Bus Statistics Note: "Six drivers and 8 passengers" equals 14 total occupant fatalities in school buses. These numbers are correct as reported by NHTSA and we will attempt to ascertain if a statistical anomaly or error."More

Evolving alt-fuel infrastructure
Green Fleet Magazine
Somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania sits what is considered "America's oldest drive-thru gas station," which has been in operation since 1909. When building the station, one can only imagine that the owner heard a number of the same questions and concerns that alternative-fuel infrastructure providers now hear when setting up natural gas, propane-autogas, hydrogen, and electric stations around the U.S. With more than a century under its belt, some might say that gasoline infrastructure has already gone through many of the hurdles now faced by its not-so-distant alt-fuel cousins. More

Seat belts in all Dubai school buses considered by RTA
Gulf News
School buses in Dubai are likely to have seat belts soon as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is looking at ways to improve safety standards for school transportation. According to current rules, seat belts are mandatory only on the front and back rows of school buses and RTA has launched a study that could lead to revision of the rules. "Right now, seat belts are mandatory only in front and back rows. The middle rows are considered safer. We have strict specifications for school buses to make sure students are transported safely and there are no injuries to students," said Dr. Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency.More

6 ways to make digital content universally accessible
eSchool News
As school districts move toward a digital transition and attempt to create content repositories, ensuring that the digital content is accessible for students of all abilities is especially important. A new policy brief from the State Education Technology Directors Association, "The Accessibility of Learning Content for All Students, Including Students with Disabilities," notes that "digital learning materials ... can improve the classroom experience for all students, and they may hold particular promise for students with disabilities."More

Charlotte school buses to run on natural gas
Charlotte County School board members in Florida have made a major investment in their bus fleet. They approved a contract to convert 30 of their buses to run on natural gas. Board members say the change will save them money in the long run. "The very first year we will spend less on fuel than we do now," said Charlotte County Schools superintendent Doug Whittaker. Whittaker and other school board members have been searching for the right compressed natural gas vendor for the past two years.More

Combating the education gap
By Archita Datta Majumdar
The 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress has been quite an eye-opener. While it showed great progress in regions where the authorities have worked hard to bring in change, the overall report is not encouraging when comparing U.S. education to our competitors. More

Child's death sparks nationwide anti-bullying campaign in Mexico
Digital Journal
When four students from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas attacked 12-year-old Hector Alejandro Mendez, they had no idea the ripples they would make throughout their country. However, the actions of these school bullies sparked a nationwide movement. Even in a country that's news is so riddled with tales of death, violence, and extortion, Mendez's death inspired thousands in the country including celebrities and the president himself to join a cause known as #ElBullyingNOEsUnJuego, or "Bullying is NOT a game."More

Manatee turns school bus into food bus to feed students
Many students from low-income families who eat breakfast and lunch at school might go hungry during the summer. While agencies offer meals to these children, parents either don't have transportation at all, or work during the day and can't get to the sites in time. Now, the Manatee County School District has found a way to bring the meals to them.More